Weekly Freebie Spotlight: Raggedy Paper Textures

raggedy paper textures for all your old-timey needs

Creator: Shadowhouse Creations

Download: Raggedy Paper Texture Set

A Favorite Because: It’s a texture that adds a bit of historical atmosphere to renders, photo manipulations, maps, letters, etc. Also, it just looks nice.

What I Did With It:

Richard III: Loyaulte me lie

A few more inside…

Tudor Tears
Women of Cahokia
Michael 3


Loyaulte me lie: Canvas texture overlay by cesstrelle; Vintage Wallpaper by Lost & Taken; Azrael M4, Danyel Hair M4, Alchemist M4; crown from Fairytale Prince M4, and necklace from Fairytale Prince M4 Expansion. Dial morph created with M4 Morphs++ and Morphus (and obviously inspired more by Aneurin Barnard than the real-life Richard III.)

Tudor Tears: Reine-Haru’s Tudor stock photo; sweetangel1’s tear psd, and The CoffeeShopBlog’s Painting Textures and Vintage Papers #3 set.

Women of Cahokia: Women of Cahokia V4; Sonia Hair V4; Dakotah V4, and Fashion V4.

Michael 3: M3 Rebirth; Brom; Ghost of Macbeth’s M3 Morphs; Michael 3 Head & Body Morphs; Duke Hair, tank from The Privateer M3, and cesstrelle’s Square Texture 7.

The first two images make use of Topaz Lab’s Clean filter for PS/PSP: the first as a layer at Normal mode set to about 80% (if I remember correctly) with some erasing and smudge brush tweaks. The second was a full-strength filter effect.

I’m also pretty sure there’s some sort of blue exclusion layer effect for Tudor Tears, but I can’t remember if it was a PS action, me using some random blue color exclusion layer in PSP, or if I just colorized it. That one was a basic stock photo manipulation, and I do remember using GML Matting to extract the image. PIA, that.

The fonts used are Witchfinder New and Warhorse BB.

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