REC Gradient Satin Shaders

Gradient Silk Materials, for DS 3 +


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A set of eighteen satiny materials in gradient colors, for DS3/4. I rediscovered some really old gradients I’d made for Paint Shop Pro 7 and somehow ended up with these. Probably not too practical, but kinda fun for the right project. The materials affect diffuse, specular, ambient, reflection, and lighting model, and won’t change bump, displacement, or opacity settings.

They work best on large clothing/prop objects with few or simple material zones, and with a specular light. Also, depending on how the object is mapped, some results will look better than others. Here are a few more examples to show what I mean:

Aine and Squee (maybe a bit too well camouflaged, ha!)

Credits: Preview ImageBus Stop Vignette; London V4; Hr-082, and Veranil V4. ValentineBallgown V4; Minerva Hair; Ethnique Kerry-Ann; jewelry from Hadara Hair; freebie Heart Purse, and Old Fashioned Washstand backdrop with a distressed wood texture from the CoffeeShop. Aine & Squee – My Aine dial morph wearing Piper V4; Fawn Hair; Warrior Princess Grown, accessories from Thistledown; Squee the Little Fae Dragon; Light & Magic 3, and The Enchanted Forest.

Larger previews on the Warrior Princess Gown inside…

(You can also right-click and open in a new tab to view.)

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