Contemplating Changes

I’ve been re-evaluating how I do favorite freebies spotlights. The mega-lists of themed holiday freebies were more popular than the single ones I’ve been posting on a weekly basis. Singles are easier for me to do, but the themed ones are probably more useful and interesting.

So instead of weekly freebies, I’ll be posting themed lists instead. Holiday themes are obvious options (though I missed Valentine’s Day), but I can think of quite a few others. Old West. Noir. Medieval/Renaissance. Older people. Mythology. Fairy tales. Japanese freebie creators. Etc etc etc.

Also, while I still want to focus on what I have installed and what is mostly workable in both DAZ Studio and Poser, I’d like to include a way for people to add their own suggestions. It’s not like I can install every freebie that ever existed, and Genesis or other weight-mapped figures shouldn’t be ignored. I’m not boycotting those figures; I sometimes use Genesis and Dawn, just not often because Gen4 continues to suit my needs.

I’m thinking too about what kinds of freebies I can continue to offer. I’m not the world’s greatest texture maker, but there are a few outfits I’d like to play around with, mainly because I’ve never been able to find any texture expansions for them (like Picaro for M4.)

I spend a lot of time making DS mats for stuff with Poser-only settings, freebies and commercial content alike, and I suppose I could be a little more diligent about sharing those mats. πŸ˜‰

Been considering how I might create pose presets for those large themed sets that don’t have any, like arranging the Plat Club’s Old West series, or RDNA’s older Western buildings, into various town configurations. Ditto for RDNA’s Baker Street/Country Cottage sets and the Plat Club’s GIS series. I don’t know how feasible this would be, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

(( I already did something like this for coflek-gnorg’s four Spaceship Segments sets, though I saved everything as .daz scene files rather than pz2 poses. ))

Maybe more on simple postwork subjects. Again, I’m not brilliant at this, but I know I’m not the only DS/Poser user who looks at renders as just another resource like a stock photo.

ANYway, RedEyeCat Freebies will be going through some changes. Just wanted to explain why.

Suggestions, of course, are always welcome.

8 thoughts on “Contemplating Changes

  1. I think your idea is great. You do wonderful work Michele. I look forward to coming to your blog just to see what you are up to. Thank you for that.

    • Thanks, DollyGirl. It’s always good to know that other DS/Poser users find the site useful.

      Do you have any thoughts on what you might like to see as themes or anything else? I’m open to ideas!

      • Sorry Michele about not answering you yesterday. I was a little under the weather but better today. As for ideas how about doing a period in time, like gone with the wind or bonnie and clyde or the great Gatsby or ben hur or something like that. Just thoughts. I know some would be very hard to do with there not being much out there.

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. So far this winter, I’ve managed to avoid catching a cold. ::knocking on wood::

    GWTW, Gatsby, or Bonnie/Clyde and more recent time periods — up to maybe the 60s — might not be too hard to do with lots of kit-bashing. I agree there’s not a lot of freebies like that. Still, sometimes all you need is just the one that pretty much nails it.

    Ancient time periods would be a lot harder. But it could be a fun kind of challenge, even if it results in only a handful of results. Anything ethnic is in much the same situation, although Japan looks pretty well represented in the freebies.

    I could also link to related commercial products; niche products can always use the extra exposure…and if it’s historical or ethnic(ish), chances are I’ve already bought it anyway. πŸ˜›

  3. Yea that would be good. I wish there was more American Indian stuff. I guess beadwork and feathers are hard to model. The idea of kit bashing might be fun to do. Like me taking oro_snake’s headdress and turning it into a Chinese headdress but what ever you do with your blog is going to be good. I love your what I did with it as well. You have a nice way with renders.

  4. Agree on the Native American stuff, but would like more choices than tipis and warbonnets. Too much of a niche, though. Overall, the DAZ/Poser market appears locked into its pinups and recreations of euro-centric game/tv/movie characters and props. Great for fan art, but if I need to illustrate something Aztec, 13th Century Mongolian, 15th Century England, or early Joseon Dynasty, I’m SOL more often than not.

    There are lots of nice products out there, though, and a number of my favorite vendors continue to produce quirky and imaginative products. I NEVER run out of things to buy. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the comment on the renders. Those often challenge me, and I try to do a decent job of showing off freebies. Especially in cases where the preview doesn’t do justice to its freebie.

    What did you do with oro_snake’s headdress? Did you post the image in a place where I might take a peek at it?

    • Wow, gorgeous! Good job on that one; it looks so different from the original.

      Confession: I love ornate, fussy headpieces. DS/Posers users should have more of them. πŸ˜€

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