Freebie Spotlight: Valentine’s Day

Yeah, a little behind with this one. Valentine’s Day isn’t a big holiday for me, and yet I’ve somehow acquired a fair amount of (mostly) traditional hearts-n-flowers stuff.

Clothing and Accessories:

valday_v4cl-valentine-outfit-props valday_props-heart-purse valday_props-valentine-hangbag valday_eyeware-lolita-glasses valday_jewelry-valentine-heart valday_jewelry-heart-Xmas valday_jewelry-heart-pin-earrings valday_jewelry-Heart-N-Bones valday_jewelry-heart-hoops valday_jewelry-Heart-Bead-Necklace valday_jewelry-claddagh-ring

Valentine V4 2012 (includes lots of props) || Heart Purse || Valentine Handbags || Lolita Glasses V4 || Heart Pendant V4 || Heart Necklace + Earrings V4 ||Heart Earrings + Hair Pin V4 || Heart-N-Bones Necklace V4 || Heart Loops V4 || Heart Bead Necklace V4 || Claddagh Ring V4

Note: The Valentine V4 outfit comes with everything needed for pinup renders; I downloaded it mostly for the  rose bouquet. The Valentine Handbags need to be scaled down for use with figures.

Romantic Poses:

valday_poses-m4v4-valentines valday_poses-m4v4-secrets-3 valday_posesm4v4-secrets-2 valday_poses-m4v4-intimate valday_poses-m4v4-love-in-air valday_poses-m4v4-it-takes-2 valday_poses-m4v4 -overs valday_poses-M3V3-tendresse valday_poses-G3G4-intimate-couples valday_poses-best-friends valday_poses-clingy-couple valday_hands-Love-Is-All-Around

Valentine Poses M4V4 || Secrets 3 Poses M4V4 || Secrets 2 Poses M4V4 || Intimacy Poses M4V4 || Love is in the air Poses M4V4 || It Takes 2 Poses M4V4 || Lovers Poses M4V4 || La Tendressa M3V3 || Intimate Couples Poses A3/H3, A4/H4, M4/V4 || Best Friends V4 || Clingy Couple M4V4 || Love is all around hand pose for V4/V5/V6

Note: Structure and Most Digital Creations have lots of romantic poses, some more on the erotic side. I think MDC also has a few F/F poses; not sure about M/M. Suggestions for same sex couple romantic poses welcome!

Scenes and Scene Props:

valday_scene-soda-shoppe valday_scene-secret-garden valday_furniture-arbor-bench valday_furniture-heart-bed valday_furniture-sweetheart-chair valday_furniture-bag-chair-val valday_furniture-valentine-chair valday_furniture-valentine-sofa

Soda Shoppe (includes room, props, and poses) || Secret Garden || Arbor Bench || Heart Bed ||  Sweetheart Chair and Stool || Valentine’s Day textures for the Bag Chair || Valentine Chair (with poses and heart props) || Valentine Sofa

Note: If you’re looking for a free room, check out Richabri’s versatile Floors-N-Walls.

Flowers & Gift-Giving Props:

valday_props-rose valday_props-morphing-rose valday_props-toon-bouquet valday_props-heart-box valday_props-heart-box-pillow valday_props-Valentine-Boxes valday_food-chocolat-box valday_food-Plaisir-De-Chocolat

Rose || Morphing Rose || Toonish Flower Bouquet || Heart Box || Valentine Heart Box and Pillow || My Cranky Valentine Gift Boxes || Chocolate Box || Plaisir de Chocolat

Note: More gift related props are in this Christmas list, several of which work for Valentine’s Day too.

Heart/Love Props:

valday_figure-bad-valentine valday_props-small-things valday_props-morphing-heart valday_props-heart-arrow valday_props-give-heart valday_props-heart-springz valday_props--broken-stone-heart valday_props-angel-heart valday_props-heart2 valday_props-the-key valday_props-love valday_2d-heart-knits

Bad Valentine || Small Things || Morphing Heart || Heart and Arrow || I Give You My Heart || Heart Springs || Broken Heart Rocks || Angel Heart || Heart 2 || The Key || Love Text Prop || Heart Knit textures

Note: Heart 2 and The Key fit together, as show here.

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