Freebie Spotlight: St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St.Patrick’s Day: Irish Ginger V4, resized hat from St. Pat’s Day Props, Long Hair Evo with Windy Styles, Shamrock Earrings, St. Pat’s Day Charms, Pook Ale, Lucky For You textures, Bossy Boots, LD Stockings St. Pat’s Day textures, Floors-N-Walls, and Folkard font.

Ah, St. Paddy’s Day! I did the green beer thing a couple of times. I may also have worn something green at work. St. Patrick’s Day is mostly an excuse to have a party. For example nearby Chicago, where locals dye the Chicago River green.

Clothing and Shoes:

stpat_textures-cupcake-stpats stpat_v4cl-LDS-stpat stpat_m4cl-18th-suit stpat_shoes-mh-shoes stpat_textures-leprechaun stpat_textures-18thCSuit01 stpat_textures-18thCSuit02 stpat_textures-mh-shoes

Lucky For You textures for the Cupcake Dress V4 || St Patrick’s Day textures for LD Stockings || 18th Century Suit M4 || Shoes for Mad Hatter M4 || Leprechaun for 18th C. Suit || Other 18th C. Suit green textures #01 / #02 || Textures for MH Shoes

Note: Textures for the Cupcake Dress also work on other figure versions. These didn’t come with any mat presets so I made some for DS and Poser (please see the readme for more info.) The LD Stockings and textures are all on the same page.


stpat_jewelry-celtic-heart stpat_jewelry-Clover-Leaf-Earrings stpat_jewelry-shamrock-earrings stpat_jewelry-st-patricks-day-charms

Celtic Heart Necklace V4 || Clover Leaf Earrings V4 || Shamrock Earrings V4 || St Patrick’s Day Charms V4 (shamrock, pot of gold)

Character Creation:

stpat_utility-182-morphs-v4 stpat_peoplebits-M4-ElfEarsstpat_character-m4-dwarf stpat_character-curtism4 stpat_character-ginger-v4 stpat_character-halfling-m4 stpat_hair-hero-hair-m4 stpat_hair-beads-mil3

182 Morphs for V4 || Elf Ears for M4/V4 || M4 Dwarf Morph || M4 Curtis || Irish Ginger V4 || Halfling Morph M4 || Hero Hair M4|| Beard for Mil3 Males

Note: The 182 Morphs set can be injected into M4 (and K4), though some results are a little funky. The beards are prop files and can be fitted to other figures. Hero Hair lies close to the head, making it more hat-friendly. The Irish Ginger texture didn’t come with mat presets and, again, I made some for DS/Poser (please look over the readme file for additional info.)

Costume Props:

stpat_headware--morphing-st-pats-hat stpat_headware-leprechaun-hat stpat_props-clay-pipe stpat_props-smoking-pipe stpat_eyeware-M3-monocle stpats_eyeware-monocle-m4 stpat_food-holiday-pook-beer stpat_food-pilsners stpat_food-steins stpat_props-dr-pitterbill-cane stpat_props-wizard-staff stpat_textures-green-kitty

Morphing St Patrick’s Day Hat || Leprechaun Hat || Clay Pipe || Smoking Pipe || Monocle M3 || Monocle M4 || Pook’s Holiday Ale || Pilsners || Steins and Tankards || Dr Pitterbill Cane || Wizard Staff  || Green Kitty for MilCat

Note: The clay pipe will need to be scaled down for use with figures. I’ve never seen a leprechaun with a green cat, but eh…why not?

Pots of Gold, Rainbows, and Good Luck Charms:

stpat_props-st-pats-props stpat_props-pot-of-gold-01 stpat_props-pot-of-gold-02 stpat_props--morphing-rainbow stpat_props-rainbow stpat_props-shamrock-prop stpat_props-4-leaf-clover stpat_props-horseshoe

St Patrick’s Day Props (includes rainbow, hat, pot of gold, and shamrock) || Pot of Gold #01 || Pot of Gold #02 || Morphing Rainbow || Rainbow prop || Shamrock prop || Four Leaf Clover and Shamrock props || Horseshoe

Note: For untextured props, DS users can try my Festive Shaders or Primary Colors, and the metallic surfaces from Weaponry or Beads-n-Baubles. The horseshoe uses Poser procedural shaders, so DS users will need to adjust for that. The morphing rainbow once again loads huge, so it’ll need to be scaled down for smaller scenes.

Scenes and Scene Props:

stpat_props--pedestal-gate stpat_props-psill stpat_scene-ground-plane stpat_scene-Corner-Ruin stpat_props-forget-me-not stpat_props-solitary-trunk stpat_props-morphing-mushroom stpat_props-morphing-stone stpat_props-Rock-Pack stpat_props-rocks stpat_props-Rock-Throne stpat_animals-sheep

Pedestal and Gate (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Psill (includes ground, grass, mushrooms, rocks) || Vikkie’s Ground 01 || Corner Ruin (includes ground prop) || Forget Me Not || Solitary Tree Trunk (includes ground plane) || Morphing Mushrooms || Morphing Stone || Rock Pack || Transpond Rocks || Rock Throne || Sheep

Note: A bucolic setting with rocks — or even ruins from the Days of Yore — is traditional for leprechauns, pots of gold, and rainbows. Leprechauns being Irish, sheep might also be appropriate for those bucolic settings. And anyway, sheep are cute.

Backgrounds and Misc Stuff:

stpat_2d-stpatricks-day-card stpat_2d-Rainbow-Skies-BGs stpat_textures-st-bongtrick

St Patrick’s Day Cards || Rainbow Skies || St. Bongtrick for Bong

Note: Backgrounds, with the first including a few extra embellishments in png format. Bong’s textures work on Bonga as well.

Have suggestions to add? Please leave a comment here or use the contact form to email me. Thanks!

Commercial products inside…

St. Patrick’s Day Themed:

2d_stpat-mini-bg character_charmed-k4 clothes_shamus-oshaughnessy-k4 clothes_trefoil-v4  clothes_Full92069 clothes_leprechaun-gosha clothes_sexy-leprechaun-mavka stpay_props-shamrock-storm

St. Patrick’s Day Mini Pack backgrounds || Charmed K4 character (includes beard) || Shamus O’Shaughnessy Outfit for K4 (includes props) || Trefoil Outfit for V4 || Hein Leprechaun Clothing || Leprechaun for Gosha || Sexy Leprechaun for Mavka || Shamrock Storm textures (free) for Petal/Holly/Confetti Storm

I only have Shamrock Storm. The two K4 sets are cute; might buy them eventually.

Redheads for Generation 4/Genesis:

redheads_beck-m4 redheads_ethnique-nathen-m4 redheads_caleb-m4m5 stpat_character-edinburgh redheads_bell-a4v4 redheads_dublin-v4 redheads_juniper-v4 stpat_character-isla

Beck M4 || Ethnique Nathen M4 || Caleb M4M5 || Edinburgh M4 || Bell A4V4 (also includes a texture for V4 Male morph) || Dublin V4 || Juniper V4 || Isla V4/V5 (includes hair)

But I’ve bought all of these! Except for Dublin; I have London, though, so close enough. 🙂

Well, anyway…that’s a wrap!

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