More St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

Leprechaun M4: 182 Morphs for V4, Morphing St. Pat Hat, Leprechaun texture for 18th C Suit, Pot of Gold from St. Pat’s Day Props, Morphing Rainbow, Forget Me Not, Vikkie’s Ground 01, Clay Pipe, Hero Hair, Mil3 Males Beard, Curtis M4 texture, and the Wizard Staff

DOWNLOAD Leprechaun M4 (requires free 182 Morphs for V4)

DS materials for Pook Ale

DOWNLOAD DS MATs (requires Pook Ale)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: I made the M4 morph because I wanted to see what I could do without my usual battery of morph packages from DAZ. He turned out okay. I didn’t have much trouble fitting clothes to him with morph follower, but I’m not sure how he’ll work in Poser; I seem to remember some issues about scale?

The mats for the Pook Ale…well, I tried. I’m not all that great at glass materials, but at least these will allow the props to be used in DS. Plus, there are options for dark ale (root beer?) and green beer. The original materials called for a reflection map that wasn’t included in the zip file, and so I included one in the download file. The beer/foam/bubbles are just diffuse color values, so adjust as needed for lighter or darker looks.

A few more details for Leprechaun M4 inside…

Leprechaun M4, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Another detail (green velvet from Winter Holidays set)
Comparison to default M4

Credits: Texture from Ethnique Nathen M4; Historical Curls Hair (has a morph that makes it a little easier to use with hats); M4 Beard; Lockwood M4; ToolBoi Winter M4; Timeless Male Hair, and texture from  Pan M4.

5 thoughts on “More St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

  1. Poser 9 & 10 deal with scaling in conforming clothing much better, so that shouldn’t be an issue for people with those versions. Users with earlier Poser should apply the scaling (body scale, bodypart scale) manually to the clothing items and that should fix most issues.
    Lyrra Madril

  2. So I used your character morph in the current freebie contest. I want to thank you very much for all of your wonderful work. You are one of my go to artists.

    • Thanks for letting me know — and for the kind words about my freebies over the years!

      I’ll have to pop over to the DAZ freebies forum and check out your entry. 🙂

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