Simple Postwork Tricks #01: Warp / Liquify Tools

Tutorial Links

Useful For…

  • Walls – Add mortar dents for a more realistic profile.
  • Terrain – Add dips and rises to a flat horizon, path, or road.
  • People – Smooth out bends. Modify expressions. Perform “plastic surgery” on face/bodies.
  • Clothing – Fix bend problems. Simulate folds or tucks. Add a more natural look to “tube” clothes. Improve fabric stretching issues. Fix clothing conversion deformations.


I use PSP more than PS, though the Liquify Tool has a wider variety of options. (I started with PSP; just more comfortable with it.) I use the Warp Brush at lower hardness values, even if it means going over some areas afterward with the Sharpening or Pen tools. If I’m denting mortar, which requires a smaller brush size, I’ll raise the values. Because PSP doesn’t have PS’s masking layer options, using the Warp Brush can be tricky re: background details. Usually it’s enough to use a smaller brush size to push the details back into place, or to use a combination of the Cloning Tool and Eraser Brush on a new layer.


sitting-pretty-before sitting-pretty-after
Before (L) and After, with wall dents and small dip by her thigh to simulate stone pressing into her leg.

wall-before wall-after
Before (L) and after, showing the wall profile with mortar dents (mixed up my arrows, ha!)

erich-before erich-after
Before (L) and After, with adjustments to his butt area and the blanket beneath his thigh.

poe-before poe-after
Before (L) and After, adding facial asymmetry, slightly higher and wider temples, and a bushier mustache.

teens-before teens-after
Before (L) and After, showing adjustments to her pants and hair as well as the front of his shirt and right shoulder (chest looked too lumpy.) His hat has a few dents, but it’s hard to see that in the thumb. Also gave him an Adam’s Apple and both more elbow.

allie-top-before allie-top-after
Before (L) and After, showing added wrinkles and indents to simulate flesh beneath the cloth. (No non-postworked examples for this one and the one below; I didn’t save the original images.)

armitage-vest-before armitage-vest-after
Before (L) and After, showing adjustments to the vest’s armhole and torso dents to simulate where the vest’s fabric would be pulling at the buttons.

dress-before dress-after
Before (L) and After, showing adjustments to the chest and shoulder lace (not perfect, but better … that’s often a problem area re: pulling with this kind of pose.) I also gave her a more defined sneer, an expression that’s harder to achieve with a small mouth morph.

police-before police-after
Before (L) and After, showing quickie adjustments to an outfit for the Poser G2 Males that was converted to M4. The outfit converted very well, except for the shirt pockets (and belt; I probably should’ve just refit it using scaling and translation dials.)


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