March is Women’s History Month

The King is dead…long live the Queen

I wanted to do a post of historical(ish) items for the female figures, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have time for it this month after all. ‘Tis true that historical-themed stuff is scarce, freebies or otherwise, but there is a fair amount of extra bits that work great with paid-for items. A few freebies are even designed for kit-bashing; Chohole has a few sets like that (including some for the My Princess Gown; toward the bottom of the page.)

Freebies in Long Live the Queen are ones I use frequently: Queen Elizabeth I Necklace, Crystally Earrings, and Long Gloves. Non-freebies include the Crimson Throne Room, Jade Hair, Headpieces Vol 1, Wicked Collar, My Princess Gown with Belle of the Ball textures, Katie Elite texture, and a morph making use of Distinctive Features V4, SP4, Elite Ethnic Faces V4, Faerime, and Morphs ++. (I love my Kitchen Sink morphs!) Font is Warhorse BB.

The Long Gloves set is useful because women in historical times often covered their arms, yet most of the historical-themed gowns for V4 are short-sleeved. Very long gloves are a quick and easy workaround.

This is still a freebie theme I want to do, but currently I’m working on Easter/Spring and Cinco de Mayo freebies (the latter being a wee bit of a challenge.)

And just for the heck of it, another Kitchen Sink morph, this one for M4 — I was playing around with one of the overlays from AS’s Sisterhood Skin V4 texture, to see how it looked on M4:

Test render, Geraint

He’s the character from the knight in this post. Geraint uses Distinctive Features M4, H4, Elite Ethnic Faces M4, Morphus, and Morphs ++. He’s wearing one of Morris’ boys — probably Alexandre; but maybe Angelo  — along with Spartacos Short Hair and the Achaius Shirt.

Anyway, if you’re reading this post and have some favorite historical-related freebies, please let me know about them! Any figure is fine.

4 thoughts on “March is Women’s History Month

  1. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I already have most of those installed, including a lot of Rosemaryr’s head gear and much of Jane B/Baglet’s stuff. The only link I hadn’t seen before was the drindl expansion, probably because I haven’t bought it. Now I might have to, just for the expansion. I like how it looks.

    I’m wondering if the dynamic skirt will work OK in DS if V4’s just in a basic standing pose?

    I know Wilmap at ShareCG has a series of 20s flapper outfits for Genesis, and I have an Old West Pioneer outfit for V4 too. There’s also the Rococo Dress for V4/V3/A3/Laura, and a texture challenge outfit by Sanbie that looks a bit Victorian. I should wander over to the Optitex freebie page and see if there’s anything historical-ish over there.

    I have more accessory/kit-bashing bits and pieces than actual outfits, and most of what I have is medieval/renaissance. Not surprising, I guess, since those styles work well for a lot of fantasy-style clothing too.

  2. Oh, and I have some traditional kimono clothing installed, for both V4 and A3. I’m not familiar enough with Japanese fashion to know how far back that style goes, but I think it qualifies as “historical.”

    I’m thinking of including anything earlier than 1965 too.

    BTW, I used Rosemaryr’s ruff in the previews for the Send in the Clowns K4 thing I did for Halloween. It made a pretty good clown ruff. And Lyrra, I used your Draped Hood for V4 in the Halloween listing of Masks, Cowls, Hoods and Veils, and also on Hivewire’s Dawn. 🙂

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