Oh, my budget

This Deep Freeze / Spring Sale at RDNA is killing all my good, fiscally responsible intentions this month. I keep buying stuff…and then more stuff!  😯

The Melody/Micah Bundle for A3/H3.

These two are ridiculously cute! Bought the outfits too — Harmony and Jungle Beat — both come with the toon hair, which can be refitted to other figures.

Egg Hunt: Run, Trippy, RUN!

I’d always had my eye on the Plushies, but didn’t figure I’d use them enough to justify buying them. Well…this sale changed that, starting with Quinn the Bunny.

(( M4 Lepus is probably thinking, “Sheesh…kids. Why’d I have so many of ’em? Oh, right. Rabbit.” ))

If one has any money left over from DAZ’s March Madness Sales (I went a little wild with the Plat Club priced items for non-members…and we won’t talk about the recent 50% Off Hair Sale at Renderosity), it’s worth checking out.

Edited to add: These being mostly old products, many blessing upon RSR Converter!

Edited yet again: Because I forgot to add credits. Whoops! Both pictures use Grassy Grounds Megapack and Landscape PS Gradients, the latter imported to PSP (oh, wait…I forgot they come in PSP format too.) Top also has Toon Tiger; Lisa’s Botanicals: Asiatic Lilies; Manga By Shira, and Speech Bubble PNGs. Bottom includes Lepus M4; M4 Creature Creator Bundle; Mad Hatter M4 (free textures from the old Plat Club forum and I don’t know if that’s still available); Easter BasketPippin Egg; Arbor Bench; Trippy (textures/faces/poses); Lisa’s Botanicals: Day Lilies; robin from Lyne’s Little Birds; Sky and Water Brushes, and Rustic Fence. (The Lisa’s Botanicals are at HiveWire, which is down at the moment.)


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