Freebie Spotlight: Space Day Part 02

The Adventures Continue...
The Adventures Continue…

Today’s list covers transportation, tech stuff, weapons, space, terrain, scenes, and scene props.


space_vehicles-crucero-space-army space_vehicles-Bad-Girl-Ship space_vehicles-shuttle-beaver space_vehicles-Class-II-Gallactic-Cruiser space_vehicles-Mil-Hawk space_vehicles-Deep-space-cargo-ship space_vehicles-distant-horizon-cargo-carrier space_vehicles-Federation-Interceptor-Battle-Cruiser space_vehicles-civilian-transport space_vehicles-future-1 space_vehicles-gx7-interceptor space_vehicles-Titan-ClassII-Cargo-Ship space_vehicles-invader-iv space_vehicles-invade- i space_vehicles-psy-ship space_vehicles-futuristic-human-transporter space_vehicles-Attack-Platform space_vehicles-hondo space_vehicles-hover-bike space_vehicles-dystopian-sky-traffic space_vehicles-greyling-ufo space_vehicles-rocket-50 space_vehicles-toon-saucer space_vehicles-toons-in-space-ship space_vehicles-ufo space_vehicles-barracuda space_vehicles-robonat space_vehicles-Rocket-Bike

Crucero Space Army || Bad Girl Scout Ship || Space Shuttle Beaver || Class II Galactic Cruiser || Mileniun Hawk || Deep Space Cargo Ship || Cargo Carrier || Federation Interceptor Battle Cruiser || Civilian Transport || Future 1 || GX7 Interceptor || Titan Class II Cargo Ship || Invader IV || Invader I || Psy Ship || Futuristic Human Transporter || Heavy Duty Attack Platform || Hondo || Hover Bike || Dystopian Sky Traffic * || Greyling UFO || Rocket 50 || Toon Space Saucer (comes with a crash morph!) || Space Ship from Easter 2012 || Retro UFO with Tractor Beam || Barracuda Attack Sub || Robo Nativity || Rocket Bike

Notes: There are more ships in some of the artist portfolios, but this is what I have installed. The Easter 2012 set includes lots of extra props.

* Click on “Downloads,” then navigate from there.

Terrains and Space Environments

space_enviro-solar-system space_enviro-the-planets space_enviro-Planet-Earth space_enviro-raven-moon space_enviro-space-dome space_enviro-multi-plane-space-tool space_enviro-Black-Hole space_enviro-martian-terrain space_enviro-terrain-lost-worlds-1 space_enviro-terrain-lost-worlds-2 space_enviro-morphing-terrain space_enviro-meteors  space_enviro-nature-psea-plants-1 space_enviro-psea-plants-2 space_enviro-toons-in-space-asteroids-etc space_enviro-Wacky-Planet

Solar System || The Planets || Planet Earth || Raven Moon || Space Dome || Multi-Plane Space Tool || Black Hole || Martian Terrain || Lost Worlds Terrain 01 / 03 || Morphing Terrain || Meteors || Psea Plants 01 / 02 || Meteors, Asteroids, Etc from Easter 2012 || Wacky Toon Planet

Notes: If I recall correctly, the black hole prop and both solar systems have incorrect file path issues, so please check these before installation.

Scenes and Scene Props

space_scene-scifi-wall space_scene-scifi-corridors-set space_scene-steampunk-corridor space_scene-dystopia-city-blocks-001-010 space_scene-dystopia-city-blocks-011-020 space_scene-holding-chamber space_scene-the-facility space_scene-bionic-repair space_scene-dune-house space_scene-hanyma-scenery space_scene-skr-scenery space_scene-landing-pad space_scene-landing-platform space_props-simple-scifi-base space_props-scifi-furniture space_props-dystopia-furniture space_props-egg-chair space_props-valetta-sofa space_props-psy-bed space_props-psychair space_props-SciFi-Crate space_props-pandora-2-box space_props-scifi-med-kit space_props-T-Virus space_props-dna space_props-Dystopian-Soda space_props-food-tray space_props-Toon-Atoms

SciFi Wall *|| SciFi Corridors Part 1 || Steampunk Corridors || Dystopian City Blocks 01 / 02 || Holding Facility *|| The Facility || Bionic Repair || Dune House 02 || Hanyma Scenery || Skorpio Rising Scenery || P11 Landing Pad || Landing Platform || Simple SciFi Posing Base || Stylish Furniture || Dystopian Furniture * || Classic Egg Chair || Valetta Sofa/Chair || Psy Bed || Psy Chair || SciFi Crate || Pandora 2 Box || SciFi Med Kit || T-Virus || DNA Strand || Dystopian Soda Can (extra textures) || Food Tray || Toon Atoms

Notes: The corridor construction set has many parts; see 3-D-C’s portfolio for the links. Ditto for the steampunk sets at badfaerie’s portfolio. Style-wise, I included anything that looked futuristic, retro futuristic, or steampunk. Steampunk’s hard to classify, but it seems more science fiction than fantasy.

* Click on “Downloads,” then navigate from there.


space_weapons-the beast space_weapons-gun01 space_weapons-heavy-blaster space_weapons-hi-tech-gun space_weapons-Kruger space_weapons-sf-weapons-pack space_weapons-U4S-Thunder-Strike space_weapons-X-BOW space_weapons-sci fi-rifle space_weapons-futuristic-mp space_weapons-ray-gun space_weapons-trucker-beam-sucker

The Beast || Gun 01 || Heavy Blaster || Hi-Tech Gun || Dystopian Kruger || SciFi Gun Pack || Thunder Strike Gun || SciFi XBow || SciFi Rifle || Futuristic MP || Retro Ray Gun || Tractor Beam Sucker from Easter 2012

Notes: There are other cartoon-ish weapons in the Easter 2012 set. Some props use only diffuse texturing; REC Weaponry materials offers a few other options for DS users.


space_props-Dystopian-Console-(new) space_props-Dystopian-Console-(old) space_props-The-Tactic-Table-Set space_props-70s-tech space_props-old-computer space_props-steam-computer space_props-scifi-tablet space_props-mini-pc-v4 space_props-phlox-scanner space_props-robot-guardian space_props-vmail space_props-floater-bot space_props-spybot space_props-zobot space_props-scifi-container space_props-scifi-prop space_props-scifi-heavy-cable space_props-The-Screen space_props-The-Scope space_props-space-lamp

Dystopian Console (New) || Dystoptian Console (Old) || Tactic Table || 70s Tech || The Big One || Steampunk Computer || SciFi Tablet || Mini PC || Phlox Scanner || Robot Guardian || V-Mail || Floater Bot * || Spy Bot || ZoBot || SciFi Container * || SciFi Prop * || Heavy Cable * || DistoConflagulator || Star Scope || SciFi Lamp

Notes: The old link for the Dystopian Console is broken and the new one is at DAZ is no longer free. I used both 70s Tech and The Big One in this post.

* Click on “Downloads,” then navigate from there.

Eyeware and Headware

space_headware-Holo-Emitter-V4M4 space_headware-Headset-V4 space_headware-sf-headset space_headware-scifi-helmet-m4 space_headware-Headset-V4 space_headware-Krystal-HUD-set space_headware-a4-tech-props space_headware-simple-headset space_headware-headphones-a4 space_eyeware-GMC-Neo-Noir-Shades space_eyeware-sf-eyewear space_eyeware-action-specs-v4 space_headware-dive-tank-helmet space_headware-helmet-sf01 space_headware-phantasy-helmet-v3 space_headware-psy-dream-6 space_headware-casque2-v3 space_props-GMC-Collar2 space_props-GMC-Collar-Bracelets space_props-GMC-Earring

Holo Emitter M4V4 || Headset V4 || SciFi Headset V3 || SciFi Helmet M4 || SciFi Headset V4 || Krystal Headset || Anime Tech Props A4 || Simple Headset A4 || Headphones A4 || GMC Neo Noir Shades || SciFi Eyewear || Action Specs V4 || Dive Tank Helmet || SciFi Helmet 01 || Phantasy Helmet V3 || PsyDream Headpieces 06 || Casque 2 V3 || GMC Collar 02 || GMC Bracelets and Collar 01 || GMC Earrings

Notes: Props like this can be fitted to multiple figures without too much trouble. There used to be a great Victorian Diving Bell on ShareCG — a nice compliment to the dive helmet — but it’s gone now. However, there’s a free PNG of it here. Better than nothing, maybe? Also, I used the Halo Emitter in this post.

Backgrounds, Textures, and Misc Stuff

space_2d-in-the-year-2525 space_2d-starfields space_2d-fantasy-backgrounds space_2d-scfi-bgs space_2d-SF-PSD-kit space_2d-evo-space-kit space_2d-spacekit space_2d-scifi-metal-textures space_2d-SciFi-Building-brushes space_misc-gumdrops-space space_misc-engine-thrust-effect space_poses-v4-running space_2d-Mars-Rock-and-Sand-textures-1 space_2d-Mars-Rock-and-Sand-textures-2

In the Year 2525 Backgrounds || Starfields || 9 Fantasy Backgrounds || SciFi Backgrounds || Space Construction PSDs || Evoluzione’s Space Kit || Space Resource Set || SciFi Metal Textures || SciFi Building Brushes || Gumdrops Space Suit || Engine Thrust Effect || Running Poses for A3 & V4 || Mars Rock and Sand Textures #01 \ #02

Notes: The 9 Fantasy Backgrounds set has a separate download for each image.

That’s the end of the Space Day freebies! As always, hope readers of the blog — even those who’ve been collecting freebies for a while — will find the listings useful. If you have any favorites not mentioned here, please leave a comment or send me a note.

Credits (and a few more images) inside…

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REC Uniform Fabrics

18 seamless fabric tiles for military uniforms


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Seamless tiles made in Filter Forge, namely for retexturing outfits for a military/uniform purpose. Can be used for regular suits too. Matching bump maps included. All the tiles are 1024 x 1024 in png format.

Edited to add: A few examples of the tiles in use; ratio is 4:4.

temp-uniform fabric 01 temp-uniform fabric 02 temp-uniform fabric 03
Space Defenders: Commander M4

temp-uniform fabric 04 temp-uniform fabric 05 temp-uniform fabric 06
The New Adventure Continues M4

temp-uniform fabric 07 temp-uniform fabric 08 temp-uniform fabric 09
Combat Air Crew M4 and Tool Boi – Winter Collection M4

Other Credits: Alexandre M4 texture (was at DAZ); Guillaume Hair, and Gear Headset M4.

Freebie Spotlight: Space Day Part 01


Yes, Space Day is a thing! It’s observed on the first Friday of May: “Originally started to get America’s youth interested in math and science, Space Day focuses upon creating an interest and awareness of all kinds of topics and issues related to space. […] On this day all kinds of space relate organizations, groups and agencies hold celebrations, demonstrations, and educational programs.”

In the spirit of supporting such a worthy goal, this freebie list offers up resources to create your very own Space Opera. First up, figure-related freebies:

Stand-Alone Figures: Cyborgs, Robots, Aliens, Etc

space_figures-bco-ver2 space_figures-android-body space_figures-CYB-HER space_figures-em-eaa-mecha-suitspace_figures-cute-drossel space_figures-Momo-Bot space_figures-mausbot space_figures-tin-robot space_figures-the-eye space_figures-gray-alien-queen space_figures-greyling space_figures-sluggians space_figures-sam-anime space_figures-toony-alien space_figures-fairy-alien space_figures-the-brain space_figures-Gruggle-Monk space_figures-Monster-SCargo space_figures-waffling-shruggle space_figures-reipus space_figures-Lil-Martian space_figures-gruggle-tshirt space_figures-andromeda-exp space_figures-evo-girl-party-dress

Humanoid BCO-Ver 2 || Android Body || Cyb-H.E.R. || EM-EAA Mech Suit || Cute Drossel || Momo Bot || Mausbot || Tin Toy Robot || The Eye || Grey Alien Queen || Greyling (extra texture) || Sluggians || Sam-Anime || Toony Alien || Fairy Alien || Universal Brain Squid || Gruggle Monk  || S. Cargo || Waffling Shruggle || Reipus (click on “free stuff”) || Lil’ Martian (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Gruggle T-Shirt || Free expansion for Andromeda || Party Dress and Props for Evo Girl

Notes: All with posable parts! Andromeda and Evo Girl are not free (well, I got Evo Girl free ages ago at DAZ), but if you already have them, these add-ons are worth picking up. Also, the props from Evo Girl Party Dress can be used on other robot figures. Sam-Anime comes with the ray gun.

Build-Your-Own Humanoids, Aliens, and Cyborgs

space_byo-headless-cyborg space_byo-neural-implant space_byo-Cyber-hands space_byo-cyber-eye-v4 space_byo-Electric-Eyes space_byo-Antennae space_byo-plane-legs-a3 space_byo-alien-force-omni space_byo-m4-faces-of-fantasy space_byo-m4-Ecstacy space_byo-m4-atlantis space_byo-m4-comic-hero space_byo-m4-moon-whisperer space_byo-m4-makeup space_byo-m3-borg space_byo-v3-Borg space_byo-v3-duniyalis space_byo-v3-insectilia space_byo-v3-antimony space_byo-v3-neon-blue space_byo-v3-neon-geisha space_byo-v3-sekusu space_byo-v3-lusyidia space_byo-v4-antimony space_byo-v4-atlantis space_byo-v4-lucida space_byo-v4-moreen-the-dryad

Headless Cyborg || Neural Implant || Cyber Hands || Cyber Eye || Electric Eyes || Posable Antennae || Plane Legs A3 || Alien Force Omnibus || Faces of Fantasy M4 || Antimony and Lucida M4 || Atlantis M4 || Comic Hero M4 || Rythen Moonwhisper M4 (two-part download) || Makeup PSDs M4 || Vorg M3 || Vorg V3 || Duniyalis V3 || Insectilia V3 || Antimony V3 || Neon Blue V3, Neon Geisha V3, Sekusu V3, and  Lusyydia V3 are all here (zips no longer download) || Antimony V4 || Atlantis V4 || Lucida V4 || Moreen V4

Notes: The cyber props can be fitted to various characters. The Alien Force Omnibus includes all the M4 and K4 morphs, plus the Evil Overbrain and its outfit props. The V3 textures by Ecstasy, located on the web archive of the old AerySoul freebie page, are a little tricky to get to, but the zips were OK last time I checked (edited to add: looks like the zip files have been disabled; sorry.) Duniyalis and Insectilia come with props and Insectilia has a second skin as well. The Gen3 figures can all wear the same textures, although there can be some funky results with the breast and genital areas. Also, A3 and H3 have an extra leg surface, which requires adding in the texture manually.

Older Mil3 textures can be converted with TC2 to Gen4 and then used on any figure that takes V4 or M4 maps, including Genesis. For example, here’s Neon Blue Geisha on V4.

Put Clothes and Shoes on ‘Em!

space_clothes-m4-scifi-armor space_clothes-m4-t2 space_clothes-m4-alien-force-suit space_clothes-m4-Mach1-Bodysuit space_clothes-m4-golden-age-suit space_clothes-m4-kireta5 space_clothes-m4-Mountie space_clothes-m4-xwing-suit space_clothes-v4-scifi-armor space_clothes-v4-t2 space_clothes-v4-fantastic-bodysuit space_clothes-v4-x14 space_clothes-v4-existenzespace_clothes-v4-nhs-nurse-uniform  space_clothes-v4-captain-vic space_clothes-v4-metal-dress-iii space_clothes-v4-Metal-Pumps-II space_clothes-k4-alien-force-suit space_clothes-a3-Space-Suit space_clothes-a3-Space-Suit2 space-clothes-a3-solar-federation space_clothes-h3a3-space-suit space_clothes-h3-solar-federation space_clothes-h3-school-uniform space_clothes-m3-school-uniform space_clothes-m3-uniform-2 space_clothes-m3-jumpsuit space_clothes-v3-super-hero space_clothes-v3-military-coat space_clothes-bossy-boots space_clothes-h3a3-EG-boots space_clothes-m4-flame-bootz

M4 SciFi Armor (update) || T2 M4 || Alien Force Suit M4 || Mach 1 Bodysuit M4 || Golden Age Suit M4 || Kireta 5 M4  (site contains adult content) || Mountie M4 || X-Wing Suit M4 || V4 SciFi Armor || T2 V4 || Fantastic Bodysuit V4 || X-14 V4 || Existenze V4 || V4 NHS Nurse Uniform || Captain Vic V4 || Metal Dress III V4 || Metal Pumps II V4 || Alien Force Suit K4 (helmet) (removed) || A3 Space Suit || A3 Space Suit 2 || A3 Solar Federation || A3H3 Space Suit || H3 Solar Federation || H3 School Uniform || M3 School Uniform || M3 Uniform 2 || Jumpsuit M3 || V3 Super Hero Suit (site gone) || Military Coat V3 || Bossy Boots, multi-figure || A3H3 EG Boots || M4 Flame Bootz

Notes: The school uniforms and/or Mountie outfit can be turned into space military uniforms. I’m avoiding fan-related stuff (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc), but some can function in a more generic setting, or parts of them can — for example, the props from the X-Wing flight suit. The NHS set is only the dress/tunic. The metal dress is kinda fun on V4 androids.

Clothing Extras

space_clothes-ty2-sp-sith space_clothes-MyVest-Aliens space_2d-cloth-text-vol6 space_2d-coffeeshop-ric-rac space_2d-coffeeshop-trim2 space_2d-haberdashery-1 space_2d-haberdashery-2 space_2d-fsbuttons

Steampunk Sith for T2 V4/M4 || Alien for My Vest V4 || Cloth Textures Vol 6 (has a military-ish gold braid border) || CoffeeShop’s Ric-Rack and Trim 1 || Haberdashery Piping Pack and Zai’s Piping Pack || FS Buttons

Notes: Military uniforms can always use a little bling.

And Some Hair Too!

space_hair-tight-high-m4 space_hair-BoyHair space_hair-hi pony-v4 space_hair-RQ-V4Hair002 space_hair-RQ-V4Hair003 space_hair-ufo-ellis-hair space_hair-Akashi space_hair-gab-v3

High and Tight Hair M4 || Boy Hair V4 (M4 fit here) || Hi Pony V4 || RQ Hair 002 V4 || RQ Hair 003 V4 || GS Hair 02 V4 || Akashi Hair V3A3 || Gab Hair V3

Notes: Mostly military-ish or a more retro look. High and Tight Hair is part of larger clothing package. Boy Hair and Gab Hair can work for males; the latter even has a heroic swoosh to the bangs. Akashi Hair could also work for male characters in a more anime/toony setting — the SWAM website’s either been deleted or it’s undergoing technical difficulties, but there’s a link at the waybackmachine (edited to add 8/15/14 that the site is back up and working, though I’ll leave the archive link up.)

Credits: Okay, not a lot of freebies in that image on the top, but I used Maturing V4 Morph Pack; Dystopian Soda Can; Star Fields, and a texture from Texture Pack 26. Non-freebies include Spaceship Cockpit; Razor Rider Universal Props: Akaste Hair; V3 Natural Skin #5 (converted to V4), Air Crew V4; Beach Hair; Falcon M4, Air Crew M4, Elite Ethnic Faces M4, and Morphs++ for M4 and V4.

Next up: Ships, terrains, weapons, service bots, electronics, etc.

Freebie Spotlight: Cinco de Mayo

“The Fifth of May” — Cinco de Mayo — is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. After perusing Google images, I came away with an impression of brilliant colors, swirling dresses, long black hair in braids and buns with lots of flowers and ribbons, men in sombreros and decorated pants, piñatas, acoustic guitars and maracas, and the red/white/green colors of the Mexican flag.

Aside of a couple sombreros, I didn’t find much in my runtime for a traditional Cinco de Mayo festival, but there were a few possibilities. Some assembly — and retexturing — required.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories – Females

cinco_clothes-v4-fae-top cinco_clothes-v4-magical-dress cinco_clothes-v4-fantasy-dove cinco_clothes-v4-chos-crinolines cinco_clothes-v4-chos-crinolines-02 cinco_clothes-v4-gothic-outfit cinco_clothes-v4-fantasy-romance cinco_clothes-v4-gypsy-leah cinco_clothes-v4v3-vintage-bobby-soxer cinco_clothes-k4-party-princess cinco_shoes-Mary-Jane-Pumps-V4V3 cinco_shoes-v3-mary-janes cinco_shoes-a3-school-shoes cinco_clothes-v4-ama-suit cinco_props-red-bow cinco_clothes-v4cl-egyptian-collar cinco_clothes-a4-trad-sailor-uni cinco_clothes-v4-fits-magical-dress cinco_clothes-v4-fits-sailor-uni cinco_clothes-genesis-cherokee-tear-dress

Fae Top V4 || Bodice from Magical Dress Platinum A4 (also the hair ribbons) || Rose’s Fantasy Dove V4 || Cho’s Crinolines 01 || Cho’s Crinolines 02 || Gothic Outfit V4 Pt 1/Pt 2 || Fantasy Romance V4 || Gypsy Leah V4 || Vintage Bobby Soxer V3V4 || Party Princess K4 || Vintage Mary Jane Pumps V4V3 || V3 Mary Janes || A3 School Shoes || Bow from Ama Suit V4 || Red Bow || Egypt Collar V4 || Scarf from Traditional Sailor Uniform A4 || V4 Refit for Magical Dress Platinum || V4 Refit for Traditional Sailor Uniform || Genesis 1 Cherokee Tear Dress

Notes: Most of the women in the photos I looked at wore peasant-style blouses and long skirts with Mary Jane-style shoes, though a few had ankle boots. These are the closest analogs. The Vintage Bobby Soxer skirt isn’t quite long enough for a traditional Cinco de Mayo outfit, but it could also be doubled up with another, longer skirt.

Clothing and Shoes – Males

cinco_clothes-h3-Still-Life cinco_clothes-m3-casablanca cinco_clothes-h3-rockabilly cinco_clothes-h3-ode cinco_clothes-genesis-smoking-jacket cinco_clothes-genesis-suit

Still Life H3 || Casablanca Suit M3 ||  Neo Rockabilly H3 (or here) || Sash from Ode H3 || Genesis 1 Victorian Smoking Jacket || Genesis 1 Pinstripe Suit

Notes: Most of the men in the photos wore floppy ties, white shirts, and dark pants with short jackets. I couldn’t find a waist-length jacket, but Still Life and Casablanca coats come closest after hiding the hip bones. This leads to a slight oddness in the Casablanca coat, but it’s not too noticeable (a transparency map would probably be a better idea.) The tie from Casablanca’s shirt piece needs to be hidden too. The Genesis coats definitely need a transparency map to make them shorter.

I found no analogous freebies for M4. Something workable can be done with the pants, shirt, and boots from M4 Cowboy, the jacket from Urban Wear M4 (zippers, buttons, and waistband hidden), the cummerbund from M3’s 3-Piece Suit, and Lab108’s red bow (above.)

Jewelry and Accessories

cinco_jewelry-big-beads cinco_jewelry-mixed-beads cinco_jewelry-blocks-and-beads cinco_jewelry-simple-beads cinco_jewelry-crystal-necklace-v4 cinco_jewelry-pearl-necklace cinco_jewelry-kawaiinimals cinco_jewelry-hoopies cinco_jewelry-hoops-v4 cinco_jewelry-retro-hoops-v4 cinco_jewelry-flower-power cinco_clothes-v4-morphing-wide-belt

Dynamic Beads (all of them listed here) || Crystal Necklace V4 || Pearl Necklace V4 || Bangles from Kawaiinimals || Hoopies || V4 Hoops || Retro Hoops || Flower Power Earrings || Morphing Wide Belt

Notes: Lots of jewelry, and all very colorful! I’ve used the dynamic necklaces in DS, though the procedural shaders don’t work. A large, diverse selection of free earrings can be found at Stegy’s page. The belt hides a missing fabric gap and has a lot of useful fitting morphs, although the sash from Courageous V4 provides the more traditional-looking result.

Sombreros, Hair, and Hair Props

cinco_headware-SP-Sombrero cinco_headware-mexican-sombrero cinco_hair-hmhm-hair-2 cinco_hair-mitsuami-haircinco_hair-mitsuami cinco_hair-rapunzel cinco_hair-Audry cinco_hair-Kozs-Pony cinco_hair-sweetness cinco_hair-UpDo2 cinco_hair-roll-hair-2  cinco_hair-twin-chignon cinco_hair-hero-hair-m4 cinco_hair-sulu-hair cinco_hair-cinco-de-mayo-hair-props cinco_headware-flower-headband cinco_hair-wareshinobu cinco_nature-Cherry-Corsage cinco_nature-Gazania

Steampunk Sombrero M4V4 || Mexican Sombrero || HmHm Hair V4 || Mitsuami Hair V4  (site has adult content)|| Mitsuami Showa Hair || Rapunzel Hair V3 || Audrey Hair V4V3A3 || Koz’s Pony Tail V3 || Sweetness Hair V3 || Koz’s UpDo V3 || Roll Hair 2 || Twin Chignon || Hero Hair M4 || Sulu Hair M3M4 || Cinco de Mayo Hair Decorations (thanks again, Dollygirl!) || Flower Headband V4 || Flower decorations from Wareshinobu Hair || Cherry Corsage || Gazania Flowers

Notes: Hair styles involve lots of ribbons, bows, and flowers. A number of these hair props are quite old, but can be refitted to newer figures reasonably well. I included a couple sombrero-friendly male hair props. The hair ribbons from Magical Girl A4 also work.

Celebration Props:

cinco_music-folk guitar cinco_props-martin-acoustic-guitar cinco_props-Violin cinco_music-maracas cinco_props-tambourine2 cinco_props-tambourine1 cinco_music-trumpet cinco_music-accordion cinco_props-morphing-flag cinco_props-USFlag cinco_props-luna cinco_props-Haniwa-Horse cinco_props-blindfold cinco_props-blindfold-2 cinco_props-bundle-stick cinco_props-easy-pose-rope cinco_props-rope cinco_props-candies cinco_props-poser-pop-candy cinco_poses-v4 strings-n-things cinco_poses-violin-player-1 cinco_pose-violin-player-2 cinco-animals-El-Burro

Acoustic Folk Guitar || Martin D-45 Acoustin Guitar || Violin || Maracas || Tambourine #01 || Tambourine #02 || Trumpet || Accordion (also here) || Morphing Flag || US Flag || Luna || Haniwa Horse || Blind Fold – Karth || Blind Fold – MDC || Stick from Bundle On A Stick || Easy Pose Rope  || Rope || Candies || Pops Candy || Poses for the Acoustic Guitar V4 || Violin Pose Set #01 || Violin Pose Set #02 || El Burro

Notes: The texture file paths on the first guitar need to be fixed. I searched high and low for a free piñata, but no luck — I even had a hard time finding a stick with which to whack a piñata. The music poses are all for V4 but can be adjusted to M4. I have no idea why I included a burro…my only excuse is that burros are cute.

If looking for more candy, there’s also ironman13’s Halloween Candy set. It’s not free, but it’s a nice set to have on hand for any random candy needs.

That’s it! Not as an extensive a listing as a few others, but it should be enough to get one started on a Cindo de Mayo render.

REC Cinco de Mayo Freebies

And, finally, some downloads! I wasn’t sure how to pack these up, but eventually decided it would be easier to make a bunch of little zips than several large ones with everything lumped together. This way folks can download only what they want and install things where they’d prefer. The links to all the outfits and props are in the readme files as well as the main Cinco de Mayo Freebies post.

All presets for DS3 + and Poser 5 + — with the usual caveat that Poser users will probably need to tweak the surface material settings because I do everything in DS3 and then use a materials converter to make the pz2 files.

Click on the mini-thumbs to view larger previews. Also, this was a lot of zips to package up in a few days. I tested them, but please let me know if there are any errors.

prev_cinco-skirt-01 prev_cinco-skirt-02 prev_cinco-skirt-03
Download textures: Fantasy Dove || Crinolines I Dress 02 || Crinolines II Tiered Skirt

prev_cinco-tops prev_magical-girl-op-top prev_cinco-tsu-scarves
Download textures: Fae Top || Magical Girl One Piece || Trad Sailor Uniform Scarf

prev_cinco-still-life-h3 prev_cinco-m4cowboy prev_cinco-urban-wear-m4
Download textures: Still Life H3 || M4 Cowboy || Urban Wear M4

prev_haniwa-pinata prev_mexican-flag-morphing prev_mexican-flag-prop
Download textures: Haniwa Pinata || Mexican Flag MDC || Mexican Flag MAB

prev_cinco-de-mayo-seamless-cottons prev_cinco-de-mayo-ribbons
Download Cinco de Mayo Seamless Tiles and Ribbons

Inside, a few additional notes…

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