Freebie Spotlight: Spring and Easter

Sun-Hee vs the Easter Bunny

Spring has officially sprung and iconic seasonal imagery requires I offer up free bunnies and tulips. I have lots of free bunnies — even disreputable-looking ones — but no free tulips.

Edited to add: Just noticed RDNA has released free Marshmallow Animals (Peeps, yay!) and Rotten Eggs (also now here), which look bizarrely adorable.

Posable (Mostly) Figures:

easter_figures-Rabbits easter_figures-stuffed-bunny easter_figures-Plush-Toys easter_figures-dead-bunny easter_figures-Trippy easter_figures-Toon-Generations-Rabbit easter_figures-syarakunn easter_figure-usagi easter_figures-Zombunnie easter_figures-doku easter_clothes-syarakunn-salopette easter_textures-trippy

Lyne’s Rabbits || Stuffed Bunny || Plush Toys || Dead Bunny || Trippy || Toon Rabbit for Toon Generations || Syarakunn || Usagi || Zombunnie (includes egg and carrot figures) || Doku || Salopette for Syarakunn || Trippy MATs and Poses

Note: Pretty much covers everything from realistic to cute to scary. The Toon Rabbit can’t be posed.

Wearables, Clothing:

easter_clothes-m3-bunny-tan easter_clothes-m4-kireta-2 easter_clothing-onep05 easter_clothes-v4-april-dress easter_clothes-k4-easter-outfit easter_clothes-k4-pink-nightmare easter_clothes-mil-baby-bunny easter_clothes-pippin-bunny-suit easter_clothes-Abata-Usagi easter_clothes-tb-easter-bunny easter_clothes-toon-gen-bunny-girl easter_textures-pippin-rabbit-suit

Bunny Tan M3 || Kireta 2 M4 (site includes adult content) || OneP05 Dress for V4A4 || April Dress V4 || Easter Outfit K4 || Pink Nightmare K4 || Bunny Romper Mil Baby 3 || Pippin Rabbit Suit (or here) || Usagi for Abata || Bunny Suit for Toon Baby || Bunny Girl for Toon Generations || Rabbit Texture for Pippin’s Rabbit Suit

Note: The Mil Baby 3 romper requires RTEncoder. Bunny Girl was listed at the old DAZ forum, which is unreliable, and so I included a direct link to the zip file. The April Dress is available for other figures at the EI site. MamoMamo has other pretty dresses that would be suitable for an Easter Sunday church service.

Also, I have DS mats (and poses) for Abata/Usagi here.

Wearables, Headwear:

easter_hair-easter-hair-hat-k4 easter_headware-baby-bunny-cap easter_headware-cat+bunny-ears easter_headware-k4-bunny-ears easter_headware-Night-N-Day-Hat easter_headware-rabbit-mask easter_headware-toon-alien-bunny-ears

K4 Sunday Hair and Hat || Bunny Cap for Mil Baby 3 || Rabbit & Cat Ears || Bunny Ears K4 || Night N Day Hat V4 || Rabbit Mask (texture not included, but it is UV mapped) || Bunny Ears Hat for Toon Alien (includes piercing props)

Note: Most headwear can be refitted to other figures without too much trouble.

Wearables, Misc:

easter_jewelry-cookie-bunny-earrings easter_props-bunny-props easter_props-spring-parade easter_textures-my-vest-funny-bunny

Bunny Earrings for Cookie || Bunny Props (carrot, ears, and tail) || Spring Parade || Funny Bunny textures for My Vest V4

Note: Spring Parade includes dynamic outfits for V4 and K4, which do NOT work in DS, but the hat, purse, Easter Basket, and Mother/Daughter poses will. Earrings can be refitted to other figures.

Easter Basket Fixings:

easter_props-easter-basket-01 easter_props-easter-basket-02 easter_props-easter-basket-03 easter_props-easter-eggs-01easter_props-easter-eggs-02 easter_props-easter-eggs-03 easter_props-choco-egg-mystery easter_food-egg easter_props-egg-heads easter_figures-toon-egg-heads easter_props-toony-eggs easter_props-pippin-egg easter_props-morphing-basket easter-props-grass easter_textures-easter-basket-rdna

Easter Basket #01 || Easter Basket #02 || Easter Basket #03 (click on downloads)|| Easter Eggs #01 || Easter Eggs #02 || Easter Eggs #03 || Chocolate Egg Surprise || The Egg || Egg Heads || Cracked Egg Heads || Toon Eggs || Pippin Egg (or here) || Morphing Basket || Grass Props || Pretty Eggs textures for Easter Basket #01

Note: Lots of eggs, baskets, and candy to mix-n-match. The first Easter basket also comes with grass. Reduce eggs in size and add a shader for jelly beans. The round grass prop can be recolored to look like plastic pastel grass for Easter baskets.

Scenes and Scene Props:

easter_scene-toadstool-cottage stpat_props--pedestal-gate easter_props-4-Season-Stand easter_furniture-bunny-chair easter_furniture-bunny-rug easter_furniture-kids-bunny-chair easter_props-egg-chair-02 easter_furniture-egg-chair-display  easter_furniture-egg-deco easter_props-egg-art easter_props-snake-egg easter_nature-Gazania easter_nature-spring-bushes easter_nature-spring-flowers-01 easter_nature-spring-flowers-02 easter_nature-spring-flowers-03

Toadstool Cottage (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Pedestal and Gate (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || 4 Season Stand || Bunny Chair || Bunny Rug || Kids Bunny Chair || Egg Chair || Egg Chair/Stand || Decorative Egg || Egg Art || Snake Egg || Gazania Flowers || Spring Bushes || Spring Flowers #01 || Spring Flowers #02 || Spring Flowers #03

Note: For untextured props — and fuzzy/furry materials — please see my listing of DS shaders.

Misc Stuff:

easter_2d-easter-bgs easter_textures-bonga-pink easter_poses-milbaby-3-bunny

Easter Backgrounds || Pink for Bonga || Bunny Budges poses for Mil Baby 3

Note: The Mil Baby 3 poses are intended for use with A Rabbit’s Tale, but work with the Bunny Romper too.

Have suggestions to add? Please leave a comment here or use the contact form to email me. Thanks!

Commercial products inside…

Figures, Characters, and Character Add-Ons:

easter_figure-noggins-rabbit-and-hare easter_figures-toon-rabbit-bundle easter_figure-buggzzy easter_figure-Bunny-Girl easter_figure-furriest-micah-melody-a3h3 easter_figure-Peaches-Cookie easter_figure-Pickles-Chip easter_figure-quinn-plushie easter_figure-lovey-bear-re-energized easter_character-BunBun-Cookie easter_character-bunny-girl-a4v4-cat-girl easter_character-bunny-girl-a3-cat-girl easter_character-bunny-girl-genesis easter_character-Lepus-M4 easter_2d-k4-face-paint

Noggins Rabbit and Hare || Toon Rabbit || Buggzzy || Bunny Girl || Furries: Rabbits and Mice for Melody A3 and Micah H3 || Peaches || Pickles || Plushies: Quinn || Lovey Bear Re-Energized || BunBun for Cookie || Bunny Girl Add-On for Cat Girl A4V4 || Bunny Girl Add-On for Cat Girl A3 || Bunny Girl for Genesis || Lepus M4 || K4 Face Paint PSDs (includes a bunny face PSD)


easter_clothes-cuddles-k4 easter_clothes-a-rabbits-tale-milbaby3 easter_clothes-wonderland-white-rabbit-v4 easter_clothes-bunny-girl-v4-01 easter_clothes-Bunny-Girl-v4-03 easter_clothes-katbbit-v4 easter_clothes-le-bunbun-bunny-suit-v4 easter_clothes-bunny-time-v4

Cuddles K4 || A Rabbit’s Tale Mil Baby 3 || Wonderland White Rabbit V4 || Bunny Girl V4 #01 || Bunny Girl V4 #02 || Katbbit V4 || Le BunBun V4 || Bunny Time V4 (includes hair)

Props and Misc Stuff:

easter_props-20-easter-eggs easter_props-hoppy-easter easter_props-tulips  easter_props-bulbs-tulips

20 Easter Eggs || Hoppy Easter Props || Lisa’s Botanicals: Tulips || Spring Bulbs – Tulips

So far, I’ve bought Quinn, Lepus M4, K4 Face Paint, and the Spring Bulbs – Tulips. Lepus is creepy-cool. Playboy Bunny-type outfits don’t interest me much, but the kid outfits are cute and I do like the egg props too. After all those March sales, though, I’m kinda broke…

Credits for Sun-Hee vs. the Easter Bunny: Most of the freebies are listed above, but I also used Art Corner (re-textured), the sandals from T-Shirt Set 01 V4A4, V4 Feet/Hand Fix Morphs, and V4 Partial Pose Kit. Buyables are Beautiful Bends M4, V4 and M4 Morphs ++, Morphus, Faerime, Aiko 4, Zelene Hair, Angelo M4, and Aya V4. Font is Euphorigenic, which is free.

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