WIP: Kit-Bashing, Take #03

And a little closer yet...
And a little closer yet…

What I really need is a peasant skirt and blouse, but I’ve turned up nothing like that (or the waist-length jacket worn by the men.) A few peasant skirt/blouse-like commercial products I’ve bought come close — Valea’s Keeper of Dreams and Val3dart’s Malaika — but the blouses from both are fitted to a corset and when you hide the corset, you get bare belly. No good.

The dress above looks more like a Spanish Flamenco outfit than a traditional Mexican Cindo de Mayo skirt, but it’s one of the better analogs I could find. I do like the movement of the skirt a lot, even if it means there’s a bit of texture stretching involved. The dress I’m using there is Rose’s Fantasy Dove, with most of the top hidden, and Fae Top V4. Also using the ribbon bow from Sanzi’s Ama Suit and Chris Cox’s V3V4 Vintage Mary Janes.

The Fae Top has no morphs or movement handles, so it takes a little extra work in order for it to play nice with the dress beneath it as well as poses. I’ve been using a small amount of scaling, and the up/down and front/back dials on the top’s right and left collar bones to pose it.

I’m still playing around with a few other free outfits, including Cho’s Crinolines #01 and #02, both of which have possibilities. I’ve looked at the tiered skirt from the Gothic Outfit for V4, but its UV map is a bit odd and, I think, beyond my limited texturing abilities. Using just solid colors with it might still work okay.

The two textures above are almost done, so those will be freebies for certain. I’ve got a texture pack of colorful cotton seamless tiles that I can offer up as well, for anyone who’s interested in texturing their own stuff. I mostly work on these things during the weekend, but I may have to kick up my pokey pace a bit! I want to try something for the men too.

Oh, and checkout those awesome hair bows! 😀

3 thoughts on “WIP: Kit-Bashing, Take #03

    • Thanks, off to check them out.

      (I just increased the # of links allowed in comments without the comment being sent to the approve queue. I didn’t think I’d set it so low.)

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