WIP: Kit-Bashing, Take #04

For once, the guys are easier…sort of

I was able to turn Adzan’s Still Life for Hiro 3 into a traditional Cinco de Mayo suit fairly easily, with Ode H3’s Sash, Lab108’s Bow Tie, and Jonne’s Steampunk Sombrero M4V4. Alas, there’s nothing for M4 that even comes close to this. At least, not any freebies.

Haniwa Horse Pinata!

Well, that’s…interesting. I’m going to try Luna next; the UV map looks simpler, which might give a more pinata-like silhouette. Still, Haniwa Pinata is kinda cute. He’s growing on me…

A couple more possibilities inside…

temp-cowboy urban

Pants, shirt, and boots from Cowboy M4, jacket from Urban Wear M4, and cummerbund from M3’s 3-Piece Suit (DAZ.)


Casablanca Suit M3, with the bow tie and cummerbund.

Still Life converts quite well to M4, but whereas I can simply hide the Hip bone on the Morning Coat to get a waist-length jacket, that doesn’t work on the converted coat. It would require a transparency map, I think. (Not too handy with those.)

Hiding the Hip bone on the Casablanca Suit results in pretty much the same waist-length jacket look. There’s a couple residual bits at the back, but they’re not too noticeable.

So, for a change, outfitting the male figures is easier than the females. There’s lots more content for the female characters, but it’s not as easily adaptable. Those fabulous skirts the women wear in the Cinco de Mayo parades must have yards and yards of fabric to them.

Anyway, back to work on this…


5 thoughts on “WIP: Kit-Bashing, Take #04

  1. Pretty good! Perhaps, if possible and if you have time, you can compose a list for Genesis as well? It might be easier to find items that look like the Cinco de Mayo shirt for Genesis (look at wilmap’s profile on sharecg.com in particular).

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    Luna, btw, was a total failure as a pinata. LOL! Maybe if I were more talented at texturing I could do better, but the one-piece skin doesn’t really lend itself well to striped patterns.

    Ermek, do you have any particular wilmap outfit in mind? If so, let me know.

    The listings are composed of items I already have installed and what is mostly both DS and Poser-friendly. I don’t use Genesis 1 very often and Genesis 2 pretty much never. I only have Dawn, David 5, Hiro 5, Justin/Julie Teens, Hitomi, and the Ball Joint Doll installed, along with whatever came in their particular bundle.

    So…I tend not to include Genesis stuff in the lists because I don’t have much, paid-for items or freebies.

    I DO have wilmap’s Genesis Pin Stripe Suit and Genesis Pioneer Dress installed. The Pioneer Dress (and its twin Cherokee Tear Dress) are pretty good candidates for the list, though I wish there was a way to make the skirt fuller.

    The Pin Stripe Suit would probably need a transparency map for a shorter jacket. I’ve never tried to make one, and I don’t think I’ll have time this month to give it a go, sorry!

    I don’t have anything against the Genesis figures, honest! It’s just that I’m still fine with using the Gen4 figures and I have a TON of content for them. I still use the Mil3 figures too. I have a bunch of X D licenses, and between those, and Morph Follower in DS3 and auto fit in DS4, I do okay. 🙂

    • Ah, I see! I agree that there’s more content for the Gen4 figures, although Gen4 clothes also fit Genesis (though not the way around, I’m afraid). These two items by Wilmap might work for the CdM suit, but maybe, like the Pin Stripe Suit, may be too long: http://www.sharecg.com/v/69763/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/Genesis-Victorian-Smoking-Jacket and http://www.sharecg.com/v/69763/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/Genesis-Victorian-Smoking-Jacket.

      Don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t include Genesis item listings! I was just curious and thought that Wilmap’s clothing might help with “kit-bashing.”

      • Yeah, I think that Smoking Jacket would need a transparency map too, but it has possibilities. I’ll link that one as an alternate suggestion. One of the advantages of listing Gen4 stuff is that pretty much anyone can use it in older versions of DS/Poser as well as newer ones.

        If there is Genesis1/2 or Dawn content that’ll fit a listing, I’d love to hear about it. I might already have it installed (and even remembered to list it), and if I don’t have it installed, I might want to go check it out!

        I’d like to do more for Dawn, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

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