Dial Morph Character: Diana V4

Diana V4, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: An African-American dial morph inspired by…a hair prop! Usually I’m inspired by a face or a particularly striking facial feature, and then dial a character around that. This time, I wanted a character to “fit” the Miki Chelle Updo Style hair I bought a few years back.

It has a kind of retro look, reminding me of the 1960s and female singers. In particular, Diana Ross and the Supremes. They were mostly before my time — I was a child of the 80s — but I liked a lot of their songs. Anyway, the end result is Diana. Despite her name and inspiration, though, she’s not modeled on Diana Ross or any of the Supremes.

Diana comes in two versions, which are pretty close to each other. The first uses a few expression morphs, which is something I usually try to avoid. The second version removes the expression morphs, tweaks a few others to make up for that, and is a little softer. The second body option is also a bit more voluptuous. (I forgot to make a preview of the second version, sorry.)

Required: Victoria 4′s Morphs ++ and Elite Ethnic Faces.

I ❤ Teachers
Test render with the Kerry-Ann texture and Minerva Hair

Credits for Preview: Diana is wearing the Marie Elite texture, the aforementioned Miki Chelle Updo Style, and earrings from Bettine’s Sekrets.

Credits for I ❤ Teachers: Room from West Park with an East Park texture; sky from To the Sky backgrounds; Skool Daze for Parkside High Recess (I retextured the chairs); Garbage Cans; Office Desk Supplies; File It Away; mug from Art of Fiona; Hr-117; V4 In Style Bundle; Ballerina Assembly Kit; Inception8’s Cat Pendant for Bettine’s Sekrets (can’t recall where I found it); Glasses for M4V4; Watches 4 Girls; ring from Prestige Vol 2; Fishtail Braids; Sapphire V4; Fashion V4; Clogs and Socks; Eirene Hair; Claire V4; top from Fashion V4; jeans from Tres Chic, Canvas Shoes V4; Goya Hair; Derek M4; shirt from Veteran War Dog M4; pants from Cyberpunk M4 with Post Apocalyptic for Cyberpunk textures; shoes from Real Jeans M4. A couple poses from Parkside High Poses, another from Disconsolation Poses, and Diana makes use of V4 Partial Pose Kit.


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