WIP: Last Cinco de Mayo Update

Because everything’s on track for me to post the listing and its freebies a day or so after Easter Sunday. The family is gathering for the usual ham feast at my parents’ house on Sunday, so I don’t think I’ll get much work done that day. Mostly I’m done; just have to make Poser versions of the materials and then some “Hide” utilities.

More Cinco de Mayo progress…

I’ve been experimenting with a second top for V4, which comes from the One Piece part of redviper2012’s Magical Girl A4 outfit with the Hip Bone hidden. Added the sleeves from Rose2000’s Fantasy Dove Gown (same as the dress) and the scarf from redviper’s Traditional Sailor Uniform A4 (I use the V4 refit for both redviper outfits.)

This kit-bash only works if there’s a sash or wide belt to cover the gap between the hidden part of the skirt and the bottom of the shirt. The sash I’m using comes from V4 Courageous, although in a pinch parrotdolphin’s free Morphing Wide Belt also works. The sleeves aren’t a perfect fit, but minor postwork takes care of that. The sash also takes a bit of fiddling, so I parent it to V4 instead of fitting it to her.

I made two sets for the male figures — Adzan’s Still Life H3 and the Cowboy/Urban Wear combo for M4 — one black and the other charcoal gray. For Jonnte’s sombrero prop, I took one of the textures into PSP and gray-scaled it so it would better match the black and gray outfits.

After hiding the mane on Sanzi’s Haniwa Horse, it looks more pinata-like. It’ll do. 🙂 Also, I made a few Mexican flag textures for Most Digital Creation’s free Morphing Flag and Mab’s US Flag prop.

In addition to three textures for the Fantasy Dove Gown, I’ve also a made a couple textures each for two skirts from Jan’s Crinolines I and II. I also made a few textures for Maria’s Fae Top and the Sailor Uni scarf. I probably could’ve done more, but I’m slow at this sort of thing. 😕

cinco-crin01-red cinco-crin02-yellow cinco-m4-gray-version


2 thoughts on “WIP: Last Cinco de Mayo Update

    • Thanks! We’re also picking up Girl Scout cookies from my niece, so it will be a very yummy day all around. I’m sure the “starving grad student” son will have his eyes on those cookies…

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