Freebie Spotlight: Cinco de Mayo

“The Fifth of May” — Cinco de Mayo — is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. After perusing Google images, I came away with an impression of brilliant colors, swirling dresses, long black hair in braids and buns with lots of flowers and ribbons, men in sombreros and decorated pants, piñatas, acoustic guitars and maracas, and the red/white/green colors of the Mexican flag.

Aside of a couple sombreros, I didn’t find much in my runtime for a traditional Cinco de Mayo festival, but there were a few possibilities. Some assembly — and retexturing — required.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories – Females

cinco_clothes-v4-fae-top cinco_clothes-v4-magical-dress cinco_clothes-v4-fantasy-dove cinco_clothes-v4-chos-crinolines cinco_clothes-v4-chos-crinolines-02 cinco_clothes-v4-gothic-outfit cinco_clothes-v4-fantasy-romance cinco_clothes-v4-gypsy-leah cinco_clothes-v4v3-vintage-bobby-soxer cinco_clothes-k4-party-princess cinco_shoes-Mary-Jane-Pumps-V4V3 cinco_shoes-v3-mary-janes cinco_shoes-a3-school-shoes cinco_clothes-v4-ama-suit cinco_props-red-bow cinco_clothes-v4cl-egyptian-collar cinco_clothes-a4-trad-sailor-uni cinco_clothes-v4-fits-magical-dress cinco_clothes-v4-fits-sailor-uni cinco_clothes-genesis-cherokee-tear-dress

Fae Top V4 || Bodice from Magical Dress Platinum A4 (also the hair ribbons) || Rose’s Fantasy Dove V4 || Cho’s Crinolines 01 || Cho’s Crinolines 02 || Gothic Outfit V4 Pt 1/Pt 2 || Fantasy Romance V4 || Gypsy Leah V4 || Vintage Bobby Soxer V3V4 || Party Princess K4 || Vintage Mary Jane Pumps V4V3 || V3 Mary Janes || A3 School Shoes || Bow from Ama Suit V4 || Red Bow || Egypt Collar V4 || Scarf from Traditional Sailor Uniform A4 || V4 Refit for Magical Dress Platinum || V4 Refit for Traditional Sailor Uniform || Genesis 1 Cherokee Tear Dress

Notes: Most of the women in the photos I looked at wore peasant-style blouses and long skirts with Mary Jane-style shoes, though a few had ankle boots. These are the closest analogs. The Vintage Bobby Soxer skirt isn’t quite long enough for a traditional Cinco de Mayo outfit, but it could also be doubled up with another, longer skirt.

Clothing and Shoes – Males

cinco_clothes-h3-Still-Life cinco_clothes-m3-casablanca cinco_clothes-h3-rockabilly cinco_clothes-h3-ode cinco_clothes-genesis-smoking-jacket cinco_clothes-genesis-suit

Still Life H3 || Casablanca Suit M3 ||  Neo Rockabilly H3 (or here) || Sash from Ode H3 || Genesis 1 Victorian Smoking Jacket || Genesis 1 Pinstripe Suit

Notes: Most of the men in the photos wore floppy ties, white shirts, and dark pants with short jackets. I couldn’t find a waist-length jacket, but Still Life and Casablanca coats come closest after hiding the hip bones. This leads to a slight oddness in the Casablanca coat, but it’s not too noticeable (a transparency map would probably be a better idea.) The tie from Casablanca’s shirt piece needs to be hidden too. The Genesis coats definitely need a transparency map to make them shorter.

I found no analogous freebies for M4. Something workable can be done with the pants, shirt, and boots from M4 Cowboy, the jacket from Urban Wear M4 (zippers, buttons, and waistband hidden), the cummerbund from M3’s 3-Piece Suit, and Lab108’s red bow (above.)

Jewelry and Accessories

cinco_jewelry-big-beads cinco_jewelry-mixed-beads cinco_jewelry-blocks-and-beads cinco_jewelry-simple-beads cinco_jewelry-crystal-necklace-v4 cinco_jewelry-pearl-necklace cinco_jewelry-kawaiinimals cinco_jewelry-hoopies cinco_jewelry-hoops-v4 cinco_jewelry-retro-hoops-v4 cinco_jewelry-flower-power cinco_clothes-v4-morphing-wide-belt

Dynamic Beads (all of them listed here) || Crystal Necklace V4 || Pearl Necklace V4 || Bangles from Kawaiinimals || Hoopies || V4 Hoops || Retro Hoops || Flower Power Earrings || Morphing Wide Belt

Notes: Lots of jewelry, and all very colorful! I’ve used the dynamic necklaces in DS, though the procedural shaders don’t work. A large, diverse selection of free earrings can be found at Stegy’s page. The belt hides a missing fabric gap and has a lot of useful fitting morphs, although the sash from Courageous V4 provides the more traditional-looking result.

Sombreros, Hair, and Hair Props

cinco_headware-SP-Sombrero cinco_headware-mexican-sombrero cinco_hair-hmhm-hair-2 cinco_hair-mitsuami-haircinco_hair-mitsuami cinco_hair-rapunzel cinco_hair-Audry cinco_hair-Kozs-Pony cinco_hair-sweetness cinco_hair-UpDo2 cinco_hair-roll-hair-2  cinco_hair-twin-chignon cinco_hair-hero-hair-m4 cinco_hair-sulu-hair cinco_hair-cinco-de-mayo-hair-props cinco_headware-flower-headband cinco_hair-wareshinobu cinco_nature-Cherry-Corsage cinco_nature-Gazania

Steampunk Sombrero M4V4 || Mexican Sombrero || HmHm Hair V4 || Mitsuami Hair V4  (site has adult content)|| Mitsuami Showa Hair || Rapunzel Hair V3 || Audrey Hair V4V3A3 || Koz’s Pony Tail V3 || Sweetness Hair V3 || Koz’s UpDo V3 || Roll Hair 2 || Twin Chignon || Hero Hair M4 || Sulu Hair M3M4 || Cinco de Mayo Hair Decorations (thanks again, Dollygirl!) || Flower Headband V4 || Flower decorations from Wareshinobu Hair || Cherry Corsage || Gazania Flowers

Notes: Hair styles involve lots of ribbons, bows, and flowers. A number of these hair props are quite old, but can be refitted to newer figures reasonably well. I included a couple sombrero-friendly male hair props. The hair ribbons from Magical Girl A4 also work.

Celebration Props:

cinco_music-folk guitar cinco_props-martin-acoustic-guitar cinco_props-Violin cinco_music-maracas cinco_props-tambourine2 cinco_props-tambourine1 cinco_music-trumpet cinco_music-accordion cinco_props-morphing-flag cinco_props-USFlag cinco_props-luna cinco_props-Haniwa-Horse cinco_props-blindfold cinco_props-blindfold-2 cinco_props-bundle-stick cinco_props-easy-pose-rope cinco_props-rope cinco_props-candies cinco_props-poser-pop-candy cinco_poses-v4 strings-n-things cinco_poses-violin-player-1 cinco_pose-violin-player-2 cinco-animals-El-Burro

Acoustic Folk Guitar || Martin D-45 Acoustin Guitar || Violin || Maracas || Tambourine #01 || Tambourine #02 || Trumpet || Accordion (also here) || Morphing Flag || US Flag || Luna || Haniwa Horse || Blind Fold – Karth || Blind Fold – MDC || Stick from Bundle On A Stick || Easy Pose Rope  || Rope || Candies || Pops Candy || Poses for the Acoustic Guitar V4 || Violin Pose Set #01 || Violin Pose Set #02 || El Burro

Notes: The texture file paths on the first guitar need to be fixed. I searched high and low for a free piñata, but no luck — I even had a hard time finding a stick with which to whack a piñata. The music poses are all for V4 but can be adjusted to M4. I have no idea why I included a burro…my only excuse is that burros are cute.

If looking for more candy, there’s also ironman13’s Halloween Candy set. It’s not free, but it’s a nice set to have on hand for any random candy needs.

That’s it! Not as an extensive a listing as a few others, but it should be enough to get one started on a Cindo de Mayo render.

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