REC Cinco de Mayo Freebies

And, finally, some downloads! I wasn’t sure how to pack these up, but eventually decided it would be easier to make a bunch of little zips than several large ones with everything lumped together. This way folks can download only what they want and install things where they’d prefer. The links to all the outfits and props are in the readme files as well as the main Cinco de Mayo Freebies post.

All presets for DS3 + and Poser 5 + — with the usual caveat that Poser users will probably need to tweak the surface material settings because I do everything in DS3 and then use a materials converter to make the pz2 files.

Click on the mini-thumbs to view larger previews. Also, this was a lot of zips to package up in a few days. I tested them, but please let me know if there are any errors.

prev_cinco-skirt-01 prev_cinco-skirt-02 prev_cinco-skirt-03
Download textures: Fantasy Dove || Crinolines I Dress 02 || Crinolines II Tiered Skirt

prev_cinco-tops prev_magical-girl-op-top prev_cinco-tsu-scarves
Download textures: Fae Top || Magical Girl One Piece || Trad Sailor Uniform Scarf

prev_cinco-still-life-h3 prev_cinco-m4cowboy prev_cinco-urban-wear-m4
Download textures: Still Life H3 || M4 Cowboy || Urban Wear M4

prev_haniwa-pinata prev_mexican-flag-morphing prev_mexican-flag-prop
Download textures: Haniwa Pinata || Mexican Flag MDC || Mexican Flag MAB

prev_cinco-de-mayo-seamless-cottons prev_cinco-de-mayo-ribbons
Download Cinco de Mayo Seamless Tiles and Ribbons

Inside, a few additional notes…

The Fantasy Dove Gown needs to have several bones hidden. There are Hide utilities included for use with the Fae Top (abdomen not hidden) and the One Piece top (abdomen hidden.)

Cho’s Crinolines I uses the skirt only from the second dress and Cho’s Crinolines II uses the tired skirt. The movement morphs are limited, but still offer a lot of “swing.” The dress from the first set requires some hidden parts and Hide utilities are included for use with both the Fae Top (abdomen not hidden) and One Piece Top (abdomen hidden.)

The Fae Top has no movement or body morphs. To fit it over the skirts and Fantasy Dove dress, slightly increase the X and Z scaling parameters for the hip and abdomen. To fit the collar over the sleeves, use the Bend and Front/Back dial movements for each collar bone. A little scaling tweaks might also help.

The Magical Girl One Piece requires the Hip Bone to be hidden; a Hide utility is included. The top can be used with the Fantasy Dove and Crinoline skirts, but a small gap between the waist of the gown/skirts and the bottom of the shirt will need to be covered. I suggest using the sash from V4 Courageous. Don’t fit it to V4, though. Instead, adjust the sash to cover the gap using tweaks to the Scaling parameters and also the Translation/Rotation dials as needed. Once the sash is fitted to V4, parent it to her abdomen.

Lacking Courageous, parrotdolphin’s Morphing Wide Belt pretty much accomplishes the same thing and also has a lot of fit and tapering morphs. It’s not as traditional a “look,” but it works.

The Sailor Uniform Scarf fits over the Magical Girl top “as is,” though I decrease the X scaling a bit.

Still Life H3 is pretty straightforward. The coat needs the Hip Bone hidden and a Hide utility is included. The sash for Ode H3 fits H3’s waist with a few quick tweaks of the translation and scaling dials, and then it can be parented to his abdomen.

The M4 Cowboy outfit also works pretty much as is, although the sleeves need to be hidden for wearing under the coat. The coat from Urban Wear has the waistband, zipper, zipper pull, and buttons hidden by default.

The cummerbund from M3’s 3-Piece Suit can be fitted to both H3 and M4 after a lot of fiddling with the scale and translation dials, but it doesn’t play well with most poses.

The Haniwa Horse texture has the Mane is hidden by default, although it is textured to match the rest of the horse. The horse will need to be scaled down if it’s being used as a pinata in a scene with other figures. I’ve been scaling it down to 40%.

The Morphing Flag textures and US Flag Prop textures are simple material presets. The texture for Mab’s US Flag Prop can be used with any other flag pole that might be cluttering up one’s runtime.

The seamless tiles are the ones I used to create the outfits — except for the male sets, but check back in a week or so about that — and they can be used for adding to or altering the other downloads. All tiles were made in Filter Forge; feel free to use them for your own projects. Also, I’d earlier posted the Seamless pinata texture here.

Credits: Trims used on the dresses and male outfits are from Yvonne’s freebie Black & White (it was a DAZ PA Christmas freebie at one time), Ric-Rac by the CoffeeShopBlog, and Trims Collection 2D (no longer available for sale.) The Mexican Flag texture is from Wikimedia’s Commons.

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