Freebie Spotlight: Space Day Part 02

The Adventures Continue...
The Adventures Continue…

Today’s list covers transportation, tech stuff, weapons, space, terrain, scenes, and scene props.


space_vehicles-crucero-space-army space_vehicles-Bad-Girl-Ship space_vehicles-shuttle-beaver space_vehicles-Class-II-Gallactic-Cruiser space_vehicles-Mil-Hawk space_vehicles-Deep-space-cargo-ship space_vehicles-distant-horizon-cargo-carrier space_vehicles-Federation-Interceptor-Battle-Cruiser space_vehicles-civilian-transport space_vehicles-future-1 space_vehicles-gx7-interceptor space_vehicles-Titan-ClassII-Cargo-Ship space_vehicles-invader-iv space_vehicles-invade- i space_vehicles-psy-ship space_vehicles-futuristic-human-transporter space_vehicles-Attack-Platform space_vehicles-hondo space_vehicles-hover-bike space_vehicles-dystopian-sky-traffic space_vehicles-greyling-ufo space_vehicles-rocket-50 space_vehicles-toon-saucer space_vehicles-toons-in-space-ship space_vehicles-ufo space_vehicles-barracuda space_vehicles-robonat space_vehicles-Rocket-Bike

Crucero Space Army || Bad Girl Scout Ship || Space Shuttle Beaver || Class II Galactic Cruiser || Mileniun Hawk || Deep Space Cargo Ship || Cargo Carrier || Federation Interceptor Battle Cruiser || Civilian Transport || Future 1 || GX7 Interceptor || Titan Class II Cargo Ship || Invader IV || Invader I || Psy Ship || Futuristic Human Transporter || Heavy Duty Attack Platform || Hondo || Hover Bike || Dystopian Sky Traffic * || Greyling UFO || Rocket 50 || Toon Space Saucer (comes with a crash morph!) || Space Ship from Easter 2012 || Retro UFO with Tractor Beam || Barracuda Attack Sub || Robo Nativity || Rocket Bike

Notes: There are more ships in some of the artist portfolios, but this is what I have installed. The Easter 2012 set includes lots of extra props.

* Click on “Downloads,” then navigate from there.

Terrains and Space Environments

space_enviro-solar-system space_enviro-the-planets space_enviro-Planet-Earth space_enviro-raven-moon space_enviro-space-dome space_enviro-multi-plane-space-tool space_enviro-Black-Hole space_enviro-martian-terrain space_enviro-terrain-lost-worlds-1 space_enviro-terrain-lost-worlds-2 space_enviro-morphing-terrain space_enviro-meteors  space_enviro-nature-psea-plants-1 space_enviro-psea-plants-2 space_enviro-toons-in-space-asteroids-etc space_enviro-Wacky-Planet

Solar System || The Planets || Planet Earth || Raven Moon || Space Dome || Multi-Plane Space Tool || Black Hole || Martian Terrain || Lost Worlds Terrain 01 / 03 || Morphing Terrain || Meteors || Psea Plants 01 / 02 || Meteors, Asteroids, Etc from Easter 2012 || Wacky Toon Planet

Notes: If I recall correctly, the black hole prop and both solar systems have incorrect file path issues, so please check these before installation.

Scenes and Scene Props

space_scene-scifi-wall space_scene-scifi-corridors-set space_scene-steampunk-corridor space_scene-dystopia-city-blocks-001-010 space_scene-dystopia-city-blocks-011-020 space_scene-holding-chamber space_scene-the-facility space_scene-bionic-repair space_scene-dune-house space_scene-hanyma-scenery space_scene-skr-scenery space_scene-landing-pad space_scene-landing-platform space_props-simple-scifi-base space_props-scifi-furniture space_props-dystopia-furniture space_props-egg-chair space_props-valetta-sofa space_props-psy-bed space_props-psychair space_props-SciFi-Crate space_props-pandora-2-box space_props-scifi-med-kit space_props-T-Virus space_props-dna space_props-Dystopian-Soda space_props-food-tray space_props-Toon-Atoms

SciFi Wall *|| SciFi Corridors Part 1 || Steampunk Corridors || Dystopian City Blocks 01 / 02 || Holding Facility *|| The Facility || Bionic Repair || Dune House 02 || Hanyma Scenery || Skorpio Rising Scenery || P11 Landing Pad || Landing Platform || Simple SciFi Posing Base || Stylish Furniture || Dystopian Furniture * || Classic Egg Chair || Valetta Sofa/Chair || Psy Bed || Psy Chair || SciFi Crate || Pandora 2 Box || SciFi Med Kit || T-Virus || DNA Strand || Dystopian Soda Can (extra textures) || Food Tray || Toon Atoms

Notes: The corridor construction set has many parts; see 3-D-C’s portfolio for the links. Ditto for the steampunk sets at badfaerie’s portfolio. Style-wise, I included anything that looked futuristic, retro futuristic, or steampunk. Steampunk’s hard to classify, but it seems more science fiction than fantasy.

* Click on “Downloads,” then navigate from there.


space_weapons-the beast space_weapons-gun01 space_weapons-heavy-blaster space_weapons-hi-tech-gun space_weapons-Kruger space_weapons-sf-weapons-pack space_weapons-U4S-Thunder-Strike space_weapons-X-BOW space_weapons-sci fi-rifle space_weapons-futuristic-mp space_weapons-ray-gun space_weapons-trucker-beam-sucker

The Beast || Gun 01 || Heavy Blaster || Hi-Tech Gun || Dystopian Kruger || SciFi Gun Pack || Thunder Strike Gun || SciFi XBow || SciFi Rifle || Futuristic MP || Retro Ray Gun || Tractor Beam Sucker from Easter 2012

Notes: There are other cartoon-ish weapons in the Easter 2012 set. Some props use only diffuse texturing; REC Weaponry materials offers a few other options for DS users.


space_props-Dystopian-Console-(new) space_props-Dystopian-Console-(old) space_props-The-Tactic-Table-Set space_props-70s-tech space_props-old-computer space_props-steam-computer space_props-scifi-tablet space_props-mini-pc-v4 space_props-phlox-scanner space_props-robot-guardian space_props-vmail space_props-floater-bot space_props-spybot space_props-zobot space_props-scifi-container space_props-scifi-prop space_props-scifi-heavy-cable space_props-The-Screen space_props-The-Scope space_props-space-lamp

Dystopian Console (New) || Dystoptian Console (Old) || Tactic Table || 70s Tech || The Big One || Steampunk Computer || SciFi Tablet || Mini PC || Phlox Scanner || Robot Guardian || V-Mail || Floater Bot * || Spy Bot || ZoBot || SciFi Container * || SciFi Prop * || Heavy Cable * || DistoConflagulator || Star Scope || SciFi Lamp

Notes: The old link for the Dystopian Console is broken and the new one is at DAZ is no longer free. I used both 70s Tech and The Big One in this post.

* Click on “Downloads,” then navigate from there.

Eyeware and Headware

space_headware-Holo-Emitter-V4M4 space_headware-Headset-V4 space_headware-sf-headset space_headware-scifi-helmet-m4 space_headware-Headset-V4 space_headware-Krystal-HUD-set space_headware-a4-tech-props space_headware-simple-headset space_headware-headphones-a4 space_eyeware-GMC-Neo-Noir-Shades space_eyeware-sf-eyewear space_eyeware-action-specs-v4 space_headware-dive-tank-helmet space_headware-helmet-sf01 space_headware-phantasy-helmet-v3 space_headware-psy-dream-6 space_headware-casque2-v3 space_props-GMC-Collar2 space_props-GMC-Collar-Bracelets space_props-GMC-Earring

Holo Emitter M4V4 || Headset V4 || SciFi Headset V3 || SciFi Helmet M4 || SciFi Headset V4 || Krystal Headset || Anime Tech Props A4 || Simple Headset A4 || Headphones A4 || GMC Neo Noir Shades || SciFi Eyewear || Action Specs V4 || Dive Tank Helmet || SciFi Helmet 01 || Phantasy Helmet V3 || PsyDream Headpieces 06 || Casque 2 V3 || GMC Collar 02 || GMC Bracelets and Collar 01 || GMC Earrings

Notes: Props like this can be fitted to multiple figures without too much trouble. There used to be a great Victorian Diving Bell on ShareCG — a nice compliment to the dive helmet — but it’s gone now. However, there’s a free PNG of it here. Better than nothing, maybe? Also, I used the Halo Emitter in this post.

Backgrounds, Textures, and Misc Stuff

space_2d-in-the-year-2525 space_2d-starfields space_2d-fantasy-backgrounds space_2d-scfi-bgs space_2d-SF-PSD-kit space_2d-evo-space-kit space_2d-spacekit space_2d-scifi-metal-textures space_2d-SciFi-Building-brushes space_misc-gumdrops-space space_misc-engine-thrust-effect space_poses-v4-running space_2d-Mars-Rock-and-Sand-textures-1 space_2d-Mars-Rock-and-Sand-textures-2

In the Year 2525 Backgrounds || Starfields || 9 Fantasy Backgrounds || SciFi Backgrounds || Space Construction PSDs || Evoluzione’s Space Kit || Space Resource Set || SciFi Metal Textures || SciFi Building Brushes || Gumdrops Space Suit || Engine Thrust Effect || Running Poses for A3 & V4 || Mars Rock and Sand Textures #01 \ #02

Notes: The 9 Fantasy Backgrounds set has a separate download for each image.

That’s the end of the Space Day freebies! As always, hope readers of the blog — even those who’ve been collecting freebies for a while — will find the listings useful. If you have any favorites not mentioned here, please leave a comment or send me a note.

Credits (and a few more images) inside…

My's full of stars!
My God…it’s full of stars!
The Captain
The Pilot
The Co-Pilot
The Co-Pilot


SWAT TeamFloating Islands (can’t recall if it’s #1 or #2), Flyswatter, Toon Space Saucer, Space Ship and Tractor Beam Sucker from Easter 2012 set, Hover Bike, Engine Thrust Effect, Space Dome, Toony Alien, Fairy Alien, Ron’s Smoke, helmet from A3H3 Space Suit, Mach 1 Bodysuit M4, and M4 SciFi Armor. Font is Captain Narrow. Floating Island, M4 SciFi Armor, and Hover Bike textured with Filter Forge tiles and REC Festive Shaders. The crater and crystal tiles (used on the space suit belt and helmet) are here.

Full of Stars – Gumdrops Space Helmet and Toonimal Kitty. Font is Dubbing Star.

The Pilot – Freebies are the SciFi Backgrounds and Headset V4. Also used All Time Hair, Air Crew V4, Maturing V4 Morph Pack, V3 Natural Skin #5 (converted to V4), and V4 Morphs ++.

The Co-Pilot – Background from SciFi Backgrounds (again.) Also Beach Hair, M4 Air Crew, Falcon M4, M4 Elite Ethnic Faces, M4 Morphs ++.

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