REC Uniform Fabrics

18 seamless fabric tiles for military uniforms


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Seamless tiles made in Filter Forge, namely for retexturing outfits for a military/uniform purpose. Can be used for regular suits too. Matching bump maps included. All the tiles are 1024 x 1024 in png format.

Edited to add: A few examples of the tiles in use; ratio is 4:4.

temp-uniform fabric 01 temp-uniform fabric 02 temp-uniform fabric 03
Space Defenders: Commander M4

temp-uniform fabric 04 temp-uniform fabric 05 temp-uniform fabric 06
The New Adventure Continues M4

temp-uniform fabric 07 temp-uniform fabric 08 temp-uniform fabric 09
Combat Air Crew M4 and Tool Boi – Winter Collection M4

Other Credits: Alexandre M4 texture (was at DAZ); Guillaume Hair, and Gear Headset M4.

2 thoughts on “REC Uniform Fabrics

  1. You’re welcome! Resources like this are a big help when kit-bashing anything, and for a bunch of uniforms that need the same look it can really make a difference. I started this project mainly for use with EvilInnocence’s Space Defenders: Commander outfits for M4 and V4. Then found other uses for it, like Cinco de May suits. 😛

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