Freebie Spotlight: Quick Antique Image FX

A Soldier’s Sweetheart: Used a Sepia preset from Filter Forge’s Photo Effects with a Noise and Dust Through the Viewfinder frame

Resources for antiquing renders and photos, from one-click presets to a more DIY approach requiring only a basic knowledge of working with layers in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Stand-Alone Image Effects Apps:

I most often use the FF Freepacks within PS and PSP, but they can be installed independent of an image editor. Both of these applications allow users to alter included presets and save the results.

Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro Plugins:

Photoshop Actions:


The Noise and Dust Through the Viewfinder textures work best as a Multiply layer at 100% opacity. The Old Film II overlays usually work best as a Soft Light layer, and the rest of the textures can be used as either a Screen or Soft Light layer — experiment with opacity settings for the desired effect.

PSD/PNG Frames:




You can also right-click and open in a new tab to view.

More progress on tile resources

I’m having fun with these! The foodie tile, the one on M4’s shirt below, is my favorite so far. It comes in two styles, a simple one and a jumble (a nifty Filter Forge effect.) Also, a more traditional floral Hawaiian print in three styles and in aqua, pink, and purple. I just finished up a more masculine tiki tile, but I haven’t done any renders of that one yet.

Summer Junk Food, Jumble
Summer Junk Food, Simple
Hawaiian Floral Tile, Aqua

Credits: For M4, shirt from Stylin, shorts and flip flops from Summer Casual, Action Specs, Crazy Locks Male Hair, Alexandre, sky from To the Sky backgrounds, and the freebie DNA surfboard. For V4, Veranil, Innocent Hair, Sapphire, Fun in the Sun Beach Props, Landing Stage, Devil Duk, Bath Ducky, and Mini Angel Set. Ground prop here. Morphs are Vincent and June.

A question

So…how do you make templates from DS4 outfits?? I was puttering around tonight with Hawaiian-style prints for seamless tiles, then I considered making textures for a couple of wilmap’s outfits — the Summer Dress for Dawn and the Open Shirt for Genesis. It’s just now occurred to me that I have NO IDEA how to go about making templates for texturing clothing.

I’m pretty sure I can’t use UV-Viewer to open up a DS4 file and do my usual template thing.

Can anybody point me toward a tutorial on how to do this?? :/ I feel so dumb, and I guess I suck at searching the DAZ forums.

Other than that little frustration, this weekend was nice and quiet — and rather productive, freebie-wise:

wip-summer-casual-03 wip-summer-casual-04 wip-summer-casual-05 wip-tiles-dawn

I’m nearly done with the Summer Casual M4 add-on; working on a few textures for the footwear.

wip-tiles-genesis wip-tiles-m4 wip-tiles-v4

More on-the-fly texturing with tiles, on Dawn, Genesis, M4, and V4.

I really want to know how to make templates for DS4 stuff. I suppose I could just t pull a few image maps from the texture directory and use them as guidelines, but that lacks a lot detail.

Question answered! I didn’t find any templates in those two downloads, but the export as obj works. Though I seem to have done something very wrong with this one:


?? Da heck is that big gray blob at the bottom ?? O.o


Some WIP Stuff

Been busy, busy…but a few projects are beginning to percolate. I’m working on a texture add-on for ellque’s Summer Casual M4 set. Mostly all I’ve accomplished thus far has been to pull together the kind of resources I’m looking for (or make them myself), but I did get one texture finished:



I’m also planning on making some seamless tiles of Hawaiian-style fabrics. My boys’ runtime could definitely use more loud Hawaiian shirts. My girls too.

Also been working on a companion for Snarky Balderdash (here and here.) As with Snarky, I’m using A4 and V4 Morphs++ and wandering well in caricature territory. I’m aiming for sharp and pointy and evil. First attempt is indeed sharp and pointy…a little too much, I think, so I’m going back to soften some of those pointier bits. I’m calling her Femina LeFatale because obvious name is obvious! 😛


Admittedly, getting clothes to fit her can be a bit tricky, but once the perfect slinky little black dress is found, that’s pretty much all she needs. Ironically, the dress she’s wearing — Provocative — is one of the first outfits I bought for V4 and this is the first time I’ve actually used it. The hair was a Renderosity newsletter freebie (no longer available for download) by PropsChick called Louise Hair. I wish it was still available because it’s perfect evil villainess hair.