Some WIP Stuff

Been busy, busy…but a few projects are beginning to percolate. I’m working on a texture add-on for ellque’s Summer Casual M4 set. Mostly all I’ve accomplished thus far has been to pull together the kind of resources I’m looking for (or make them myself), but I did get one texture finished:



I’m also planning on making some seamless tiles of Hawaiian-style fabrics. My boys’ runtime could definitely use more loud Hawaiian shirts. My girls too.

Also been working on a companion for Snarky Balderdash (here and here.) As with Snarky, I’m using A4 and V4 Morphs++ and wandering well in caricature territory. I’m aiming for sharp and pointy and evil. First attempt is indeed sharp and pointy…a little too much, I think, so I’m going back to soften some of those pointier bits. I’m calling her Femina LeFatale because obvious name is obvious! 😛


Admittedly, getting clothes to fit her can be a bit tricky, but once the perfect slinky little black dress is found, that’s pretty much all she needs. Ironically, the dress she’s wearing — Provocative — is one of the first outfits I bought for V4 and this is the first time I’ve actually used it. The hair was a Renderosity newsletter freebie (no longer available for download) by PropsChick called Louise Hair. I wish it was still available because it’s perfect evil villainess hair.


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