A question

So…how do you make templates from DS4 outfits?? I was puttering around tonight with Hawaiian-style prints for seamless tiles, then I considered making textures for a couple of wilmap’s outfits — the Summer Dress for Dawn and the Open Shirt for Genesis. It’s just now occurred to me that I have NO IDEA how to go about making templates for texturing clothing.

I’m pretty sure I can’t use UV-Viewer to open up a DS4 file and do my usual template thing.

Can anybody point me toward a tutorial on how to do this?? :/ I feel so dumb, and I guess I suck at searching the DAZ forums.

Other than that little frustration, this weekend was nice and quiet — and rather productive, freebie-wise:

wip-summer-casual-03 wip-summer-casual-04 wip-summer-casual-05 wip-tiles-dawn

I’m nearly done with the Summer Casual M4 add-on; working on a few textures for the footwear.

wip-tiles-genesis wip-tiles-m4 wip-tiles-v4

More on-the-fly texturing with tiles, on Dawn, Genesis, M4, and V4.

I really want to know how to make templates for DS4 stuff. I suppose I could just t pull a few image maps from the texture directory and use them as guidelines, but that lacks a lot detail.

Question answered! I didn’t find any templates in those two downloads, but the export as obj works. Though I seem to have done something very wrong with this one:


?? Da heck is that big gray blob at the bottom ?? O.o



5 thoughts on “A question

  1. Well if you are using Wilmap’s work she provides you with templates in the zip file. One way is to export out the clothing item from DAZ as a wavefront object. DAZ will create the mtl at the same time. Once you have these files it is just like a Poser geometry file.

    • I should have prefaced the second sentence of my answer above as to how I would take an existing clothing item and create a template from the duf format.

    • Ah, I didn’t think of the export geometry thing.

      I was making this far more complicated than it needed to be.

      I probably deleted the templates when I downloaded Wilmap’s files because I didn’t think I’d need them. I do like the options that UV-Viewer provides, but I’ll go download those two files again and see what’s what.

      Thanks for the answer!

  2. generally either the creator has provided an obj or template. If not then yes, you need to export to get an obj and then go from there.
    The gray blob on your example is a mesh uv error – you should ask the maker about that. They may not know its doing something weird.

    • Thanks for responding. One extra step in the usual process isn’t such a big deal.

      I’ll see about contacting Wilmap about the shirt too. Maybe it’ll be an easy fix. If not, I can still work with it.

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