More progress on tile resources

I’m having fun with these! The foodie tile, the one on M4’s shirt below, is my favorite so far. It comes in two styles, a simple one and a jumble (a nifty Filter Forge effect.) Also, a more traditional floral Hawaiian print in three styles and in aqua, pink, and purple. I just finished up a more masculine tiki tile, but I haven’t done any renders of that one yet.

Summer Junk Food, Jumble
Summer Junk Food, Simple
Hawaiian Floral Tile, Aqua

Credits: For M4, shirt from Stylin, shorts and flip flops from Summer Casual, Action Specs, Crazy Locks Male Hair, Alexandre, sky from To the Sky backgrounds, and the freebie DNA surfboard. For V4, Veranil, Innocent Hair, Sapphire, Fun in the Sun Beach Props, Landing Stage, Devil Duk, Bath Ducky, and Mini Angel Set. Ground prop here. Morphs are Vincent and June.


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