Freebie Spotlight: Quick Antique Image FX

A Soldier’s Sweetheart: Used a Sepia preset from Filter Forge’s Photo Effects with a Noise and Dust Through the Viewfinder frame

Resources for antiquing renders and photos, from one-click presets to a more DIY approach requiring only a basic knowledge of working with layers in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Stand-Alone Image Effects Apps:

I most often use the FF Freepacks within PS and PSP, but they can be installed independent of an image editor. Both of these applications allow users to alter included presets and save the results.

Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro Plugins:

Photoshop Actions:


The Noise and Dust Through the Viewfinder textures work best as a Multiply layer at 100% opacity. The Old Film II overlays usually work best as a Soft Light layer, and the rest of the textures can be used as either a Screen or Soft Light layer — experiment with opacity settings for the desired effect.

PSD/PNG Frames:




You can also right-click and open in a new tab to view.

6 thoughts on “Freebie Spotlight: Quick Antique Image FX

  1. I love fun stuff like this! Maybe not always practical, but who knows when you may need to antique-ify your images?

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