Freebie Spotlight: Summer Solstice #01

Backyards, Decks, and Block Parties

The Neighborhood

summer_scene-backyardgrass summer_scene-backyardlot summer_props-redwooddeck summer_scene-streetconst01 summer_scene-streetconst02 summer_props-3dcstreets1 summer_props-3dcstreets2 summer_props-3dcstreets3 summer_props-wooden-house summer_scene-summercottage summer_scene-bighouse summer_scene-owlhouses

Sunny Backyard || Redwood Deck || Street Construction #01 / #02 || 3-D-C The Streets #01 / #02 / #03 || Wooden House || Summer Cottage || Big Family House || Foreclosed Houses

Notes: The Sunny Backyard set has two ground texture options: have a party in the backyard or in a parking lot. 3-D-C’s set includes roads and dummy buildings to build either a lawn ground plane with a wall or a more urban-looking block party scene. The Wooden House is an obj that needs to be imported. Foreclosed Houses also has billboard houses and trees for background filler.

Things To Put In the Yard

summer_props-greenhouse summer_nature-solitary-trunk summer_nature-mapletree summer_nature-floweringtree summer_props-flowerbarrel summer_props-violets summer_props-pottyplant summer_props-barrelplanters summer_props-planters2 summer_props-terracottaplanters summer_props-arborbench summer_props-swingbench summer_props-swing-chair summer_props-morphinghammock summer_props-patioset summer_props-gardenfurniture summer_props-patio-set-pz3 summer_props-plasticchair summer_props-lawnchair summer_props-retrolawnchair summer_props-patioparasol summer_props-tentcanopy summer_props-picnictable1 summer_props-picnictable2 summer_props-bamboobench summer_props-rusticbench1 summer_props-rusticbench2 summer_props-rustic-park-bench summer_props-wroughtironbench summer_props-gardenbench summer_props--vinylfence summer_props-gardengate summer_props-fence01 summer_props-fence02 summer_props-mailbox1 summer_props-mailbox2

Greenhouse || Solitary Trunk || Maple Tree || Flowering Tree || Flower Barrel || Potted Violet || Potty Plant || Barrel Planters || Planters || Terracotta Planters || Arbor Bench || Swing Bench || Chair Swing || Morphing Hammock || Garden Patio Set || Garden Patio Chair and Table || Garden Set PZ3 || Plastic Chair || Lawn Chair || 50s Deck Chair || Patio Parasol || Tent Canopy || Picnic Table #01 || Picnic Table #02 || Bamboo Bench || Rustic Bench #01 / #02 || Park Bench Natural || Wrought Iron Bench || Garden Bench || Vinyl Fence || Garden Fence || Fence #01 and #02 || Mailbox #01 || Mailbox #02

Notes: The Greenhouse Set comes with lots of extras — I was going to put this in the next post because the greenhouse seemed more park-like, but I ended up listing it here because of the additional props. The Solitary Trunk includes a grass ground prop, the Violets use some Poser procedural mats, so DS folks will need to adjust for that, and the Potty Plant’s pot has a no-face morph. The Garden Set PZ3 works fine for me in DAZ Studio, after much file path fixing. The Bamboo Bench includes a fan and a mosquito coil (alas, I couldn’t find any freebie mosquitoes.)

Backyard Food Fixings

summer_food-bbqgrill summer_props-charcoalbag summer_food-steak summer_food-hamburgers summer_food-bigburger summer_food-toonfoodburger summer_food-hotdog summer_food-hotdog2 summer_food-toonfoodhotdog summer_food-pickle summer_food-ketchup summer_food-mustard summer_food-a1steaksauce summer_food-saltpepper summer_food-morphbeercan stpat_food-holiday-pook-beer pilsner-foam summer_food-simplebeerprop summer_food-beerkeg summer_food-tonneaubar summer_food-baraddons summer_food-watermelon summer_food-fruits summer_poses-v4eating

BBQ Grill and Utensils || Charcoal Bag + Briquettes || Steak || Hamburgers, cooked and uncooked || Big Burger || Toon Food Burger || Hot Dog #01 || Hot Dog #02 || Toon Food Hot Dog || Pickle || Ketchup || Mustard || A1 Steak Sauce || Salt & Pepper Shakers || Morphing Beer Can || Pook’s Holiday Ale || Pilsners || Simple Beer Prop || Beer Keg || Tonneau Bar || Bar Add-Ons || Watermelon || Fruits || V4 Eat and Drink Poses

Notes: Several of these props will need to be scaled down. The brand name food bottles should be non-commercial use unless retextured. The beer keg is an old prop — an untextured obj import — but it can be made to look a bit nicer. Most poses for V4 can work for M4 with a few tweaks. (I have DS3 mats for the Pook Ale here.)

Little Entrepreneurs

summer_food-lemonadestand summer_props-diy-painting-set summer_props-sawhorse summer_props-plastic-crates summer_props-beer-crate summer_props-apple-crate summer_props-crate summer_props-pallet summer_props-sign summer_food-cookies+brownies summer_food-lemon summer_food-lemonade summer_food-lime summer_food-styrocups summer_props-money summer_prop-balloon1 summer_prop-balloon2 summer_prop-balloon3 summer_props-bunting summer_props-pennantsDYN

Lemonade Stand || DIY Painting Set || Sawhorse || Plastic Crate || Beercase || Apple Crate || Wooden Crate || Wooden Pallet || Sign Prop || Cookies and Brownies DS / Poser || Lemon (DS only) || Lemonade Set || Lime || Styro Cup || Money || Balloons #01 / #02 / #03 || Bunting || Dynamic Pennants (DS only)

Notes: The sign for the lemonade stand can be changed in PS/PSP if necessary; plain mat presets also available. I included a few “build your own lemonade stand” props, for a more homemade look. The apples in the Apple Crate are separate props and can be deleted in the event the little entrepreneur needs something to sit on. The brownies/cookies are separate props as well as grouped on plates. The Lemonade Set comes with lemons and lemon pieces.

A Reason To Have A Party

summer_holidays-4thfireworks summer_holidays-4thsparklers summer_holidays-4thromancandle summer_holidays-4thbottlerocket summer_holidays-4thlighter summer_holidays-4thlighter2 summer_holidays-4thhat summer_holidays-4thlashes summer_holidays-4thmorphingflag summer_food-birthday summer_holidays-4thamsweetheart summer-textures-sdpatriotic

Fireworks || Sparklers || Roman Candle || Bottle Rocket || Disposable Lighter Set || Lighter || Uncle Sam Hat || 4th July Lashes || Morphing Flag || Party Cake + Props || American Sweetheart textures for My Vest  || Patriotic for Floral Sundress

Notes: The Roman Candle and Bottle Rocket are old props and not really suited for closeups. The sparkler set comes with hand poses for V4, M4, and K4. The “happy birthday” deco on the cake can be hidden and it and the balloons recolored to a 4th of July theme.

Play The Whole Day Long

summer_props-bigbubbles summer_props-arcbubblemaker summer_props-blowingbubbles summer_props-bubbles2 summer_props-bubbletrouble summer_props-pinwheel summer_props-summertoys summer_props-watergun1 summer_props-watergun2 summer_props-swingset summer_poses-swingsetk4 summer_props-slide summer_props-remains-set-1 summer_props-playground-props summer_props-sandbox summer_props-treeswing summer_props-tireswing summer_props-bugcatcher

Big Bubbles (page 7) || Bubble Maker || Making Bubbles || Bubbles || Bubble Trouble || Pinwheel || Summertime Toys || Water Gun #01 || Water Gun #02 || Swing Set || Swing Set Poses K4 || Slide || Rusty Junk || Park Props: Merry-Go-Round / Slide / Seesaw / Little Swing || Sandbox || Tree Swing || Tire Swing || Bug Catching Set

Notes: The Water Gun #02 set comes with corresponding water props, though they load for me in DS with the opacity set to “0,” leading to invisible squirts and splats. 🙂 Retexture several of the props from the Rusty Junk set and they’ll be fine for a backyard or park. The sand texture for the sandbox isn’t included, but it’s part of Hobobo’s portfolio.

Getting Around the Neighborhood

summer_vehicles-BMXBike summer_vehicles-mamachari summer_vehicles-milbicycle summer_vehicles-thebigwheel summer_vehicles-tricycle summer_headware-bikehelmet summer_poses-m4v4bike summer_props-MorphingBandAid

BMX Bike || Mamachari Bicycle || Military Bicycle || The Big Wheel || Tricycle || Bike Helmet || M4V4 Bike Pose || Morphing Bandage

Notes: The tricycle obj is a static prop but it’s useful even its parts can’t be posed. I included a bandage because I remember what sometimes happens when you mix bikes and kids…

Neighborhood Critters & Their Props

summer_animals-hummingbird summer_animals-littlebirds2 summer_animals-BosTer2 summer_animals-cat1 summer_animals-cat2 summer_animals-westie summer_animals-fly summer_animals-ladybug summer_animals-butterfly summer_textures-butterfly summer_animals-scatter-dragonflies summer_animals-scatter-fireflies summer_props-hbirdfeeder summer_props-birdbath summer_props-dogcollar summer_props-mildogchain summer_props-flyswatter summer_props-flyswatter2 summer_props-bugspray

Hummingbird || Little Birds || Boston Terrier || Cat #01 / #02 || Westie || Fly || Cute Ladybug || Butterfly || Butterfly textures || Dragonfly Scatters || Firefly Scatters || Hummingbird Feeder || Cherub Bird Bath || Dog Collar || Dog Chain || Morphing Flyswatter || Flyswatter || Bug Spray

Notes: The Butterfly loads quite large (Mothra!!) The ladybug is toony, but ladybugs are kinda toony to begin with. The cats, Westie, fly, and scatters are static props, but the hummingbird, birds, terrier, and butterfly have movement options.

Textures for Paid-For Items

summer_texture-BDMEyard summer_textures-BBQGrills

Backyard and Fence for Backdrops Made Easy || Textures for the Summertime Grill

Reminder: Oftentimes there are file path errors for props and/or material files, so it’s always a good idea to check before installing.

Next Up: Beach, pool, boardwalk, and summer sports and activities stuff.

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