Summer Solstice Freebie Week!

The peaceful quiet of the afternoon was about to be brutally shattered...
Kiddie Pool Commandos: The peaceful quiet of the afternoon was about to be brutally shattered… (should be “heard” in overly-dramatic TV announcer voice)

After months of snowstorms and frigid temperatures, this inhabitant of the northern hemisphere is ready to celebrate the return of warmer weather. Hail to thee, Summer Solstice! (Which is, technically, June 21st this year.)

Credits: City Block 13; Maple Tree Pack; LoRez Crow; Picket Fence Kit; Grass One; Jayden M4; Goya Hair M4; Summer Casual M4; Connor M4; Emma K4; Bun Hair from Kaitey K4; K4 Swimmers (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”); Water Gun; Lexie V01 K4; Sammy K4 with one of the body presets from Rascals K4; Alicia Hair V3; Water Pistol (site now gone), shorts from Patrick’s Football Outfit K4; Claire V4; Tuned In Hair V4; Retro Bikini V4; Kelli V4; Smartphone & Tablet (with the bookshelf from my Nook app); water bottle from Every Day Groceries; Big Towel, Puffy Pillow (RDNA prop no longer in the store); Kiddie Pool; Stars-n-Stripes Beachball; rubber duck swim ring from Beach Props, and lawn hose from Private Beach.


4 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Freebie Week!

  1. So I put a plug in on the freebie contest to your blog Michele. Hope you don’t mind. This theme so fits Music’s contest challenge.

    • Oh, yeah…the summer thing!

      Nope, don’t mind at all. Hope some of the new folks will find the Solstice listings and freebies helpful.

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