Freebie Spotlight: Summer Solstice #02

Summer Sports and Recreation

Beaches, Pools, and Terrains

summer_props-simplesandprop summer_props-morphingsandprops summer_prop-backdrop-shoreline summer_scene-beachset1 summer_scene-beachset2 summer_scene-largebeach summer_scene-beaconbeachpier summer_scene-basicroom+pool summer_scene-gud-pool1 summer_scene-gud-pool2 summer_props-brpool1 summer_props-brpool2 summer_props-brpool3 summer_props-mdcpool1 summer_props-mdcpool2 summer_props-mdcpool3 summer_props-kiddiepool summer_props-privatebeach summer_scene-morphingterrain2 summer_scene-thehills summr_props-morphingsnowterrain summer_nature-posablepalmtree summer_nature-treepack

Simple Sand Prop || The Sea 2010 Morphing Sand Props || Shoreline Backdrop || AX Beach #01 / #02  || Beach Environment || Beacon Beach Pier || Basic Room and Pool || Guderun Pool #01 / #02 || BionicRooster Pool #01 / #02 / #03 || Most Digital Creations Pool #01 / #02 / #03 || Kiddie Pool || Private Beach || Morphing Ground Prop 2 || The Hills || Morphing Snow Terrain || Posable Palm Tree || Palm Trees from Tree Set ||

Notes: The Private Beach set comes with the pool and all accessories shown; it’s intended for use with the Sunny Backyard scene. The Morphing Ground Prop 2 set has river, pond, and shore presets. Add a sand textures to the morphing snow terrain for dunes, or to retexture any of the beach props — and sand castles to match.

Beach, Pool, Boardwalk, and Park Props

summer_props-beachhouse summer_props-beachstation summer_props-lifeguardtower summer_scene-promenade summer_props-promenade summer_props-seawall-dike summer_props-mikestikibar summer_props--beachbar summer_props-marketstandlg summer_props-marketstandsm summer_props-the-stand summer_props-coffeeshop summer_props-outdoor-cafe-furniture summer_props-gazebo summer_props-restoasis summer_props-concretebench summer_props-parkbench summer_props-publicbench summer_props-citytrashbin summer_props-publictrashbin2 summer_props-public-trash-bin-square summer_props-themeparkprops summer_props-signboard summer_props-simple-wood-sign summer_props-beachsigns summer_props-dunkingpool summer_props-beachhut summer_props-victorianbathinghut

Beach House || Lifeguard Station #01 || Lifeguard Station #02 || Walkway/Boardwalk || || Promenade || Seawall/Dike || Mike’s Tiki Bar || Beach Bar || Big Booth || Small Booth || The Stand || Coffee Shop || Set Pizzeria || Gazebo/Booth || Rest Oasis || Concrete Bench || Park Bench || Public Bench || Public Trash Bin #01 / #02 / #03 || Theme Park Props || Sign Board || Simple Wood Sign || Beach Signs || Dunking Pool || Beach Shack || Victorian Bathing Hut (DS4 only)

Notes: The Beach House would make a nice seaside/lakeside restaurant. The non-English Beach Bar signs look easy enough to retexture. I used the Tiki Bar in this post and have DS3 mats for it. The Victorian Bathing Hut is DS4 only, although the Beach Shack is similar. I bought Skip1871’s Summer Beaches awhile ago but it’s no longer for sale. It doesn’t hurt any to ask the vendor if they’d be willing to sell it privately; they are of course free to decline.

Fun-in-the-Sun Accessories

summer_scene-toonybeach+props summer_props-BeachGuard summer_props-beachumbrella summer_props-sunblock summer_props-bigtowel summer_props-summerbeachtowels summer_props-beachmat+towel summer_props-loungechair summer-props-cd-player summer_music-cdandcase summer_props-beachbag summer_props-cooler summer_props-toonpicnicbasket summer_props-beachtoysprops summer_props-4thjulybeachball summer_props-beachball summer_props-airmattress summer_props-poolcouch summer_props-watertube summer_props-swimrings summer_props-vilatiretubes  summer_props-bathducky summer_props-devilduk summer_props-RubberDuck summer_props-samsadieswim summer_props-airbubbles summer_props-sandcastle summer_props-sandpail+shovel

Beach Props || Lifeguard Float Prop || Beach Umbrella || Sunscreen || Big Towel || Summer Towels || Vila’s Mat and Towel || CD Player || CD and Case || Beach Bag || Cooler || Picnic Basket || Beach Toys and Props || Lounge Chair || Stars-n-Stripes Beachball || Beachball Prop || Air Mattress || Pool Couch || Watertube || Swimrings || Vila’s Tire Tubes || Bath Ducky || Devil Duk || Rubber Duck || Props from Sadie & Sam Swim || Air Bubbles || Sand Castle prop || Sand Pail and Shovel

Notes: Vila’s props work fine with other figures with scaling adjustments — I used one of the Tire Rings with M4 in this image. The props from Sadie/Sam Swim can be used with other figures, but best from a distance.

Beach, Pool, and Boardwalk Food

summer_food-waterbottleprops summer_food-WaterBottle summer_food-16ozcans summer_food-cola summer_food-sodacans summer_food-plasticcup summer_food-pepsivending summer_food-vendingmachine summer_food-popcorncart summer_food-popcorn summer_props-icecreambike summer_food-icecream summer_food-softserve1 summer_food-softserve2 summer_food-softserve3 summer_food-icecreamcones summer_food-frozentreats summer_food-sundae summer_food-shakes+ices summer_food-pizza-box

Water Bottle Props || Water Bottle || Large Soda Cans || Soda Can #01 || Soda Can #02 ||Plastic Cup || Pepsi Vending Machine || Vending Machine || Popcorn Machine || Popcorn || Ice Cream Tricycle (also at ShareCG) || Soft Serve #01 || Soft Serve #02 (CAUTION: Zip file reported to contain malware) || Soft Serve #03 || Soft Serve #04 || Ice Cream Cones || Frozen Treats || Sundae || Shakes & Ices || Pizza and Box

Notes: As noted on the download pages, the vending machine props are strictly non-commercial usage. Edited to add: The Ice Cream Tricycle has conflicting TOU depending on where you download it from. If you plan on using it for commercial purposes, it’s probably a good idea to check with Papus3d about this.

Beach/Summer Sports and Activities

summer_props-surfboard summer_props-Surfboard2 summer_textures-surfsup summer_prop-surfboard+ mount summer_props-rowboat summer_props-little-boat summer_props-barrel-raft summer_props-pontoon summer_props-jetty summer_props-pier summer_props-landing-stage summer_props-gonefishing summer_props-fishingreel summer_props-flyreel summer_props-fishinglures summer_props-volleyball summer_props-frisbee summer_props-Kite summer_props-hang-glider summer_props-Basketball summer_props-bballhoop summer_props-soccerball summer_props-soccer-football summer_props-tenniscourt1 summer_props-tenniscourt2 summer_scene-skaterbahn summer_props-skateboard summer_props-toon-boy-sam-skateboard

Surfboard #01 || Surfboard #02 || Surfboard #02 textures || Surfboard with car top mount || Rowboat || Little Boat || Barrel Pontoon || Pontoon Raft || Jetty || Pier || Landing Stage || Fishing Props #01 / #02 / #03 / #04 || Volleyball || Frisbee || Kite || Hang Glider || Basketball || Basketball Hoop || Soccer Ball #01 || Soccer Ball #02 || Tennis Court #01 || Tennis Court #02 || Skater Park || Skateboard || Toon Boy Sam Skateboard

Notes: The Surfboard #02 prop is also at Content Paradise. Its add-on textures are mc6 files, which don’t work in DS and will have to be added manually. The Pontoon Raft is an old obj prop; it has material zones but isn’t really suited for closeups. No free beach volleyball sets — DAZ sells one here and Rendo has a more elaborate one — but it might be possible to adapt the TC Tennis Court net. There’s a net in BionicRooster’s Pool Set, as well as a basketball backboard and net that could be adapted for non-pool use. The Skaterbahn comes with a skateboard prop. Sam’s skateboard can be scaled to use for other figures.

Critters to Put In/On the Water

summer_animals-greatwhite summer_animals-IraKanji summer_animals-bigfishtail summer_animals-conch summer_animals-beachcreatures summer_animals-fish summer_animals-Flamingos summer_animals-waterbirds

Great White || Ira Kanji Jelly Fish || Large Fishtail || Conch Shell || Beach Creatures || Fish || Flamingos || Water Birds

Notes: As it says at the download page, the Beach Creatures aren’t intended for closeups. The fishtail and fish are static props; the shark, ira kanji, and birds have movement morphs. I couldn’t find much in the way of fish, though your Poser/DAZ people can always catch the DAZ Bass.

Misc Stuff and Poses

summer_2d-sandmaterials summer_props-wakes summer_poses-v4beach summer_poses-familybeach summer_poses-v4wimbledon summer_poses-v4extreme summer_poses-v4running summer_poses-m4completerunner

HoBobo’s Materials Portfolio || Wake props || V4 Beach Poses || V4M4K4 Family at the Beach Poses || V4 Tennis Poses || V4 Extreme Poses || V4 Complete Runner Poses || M4 Complete Runner Poses

Notes: Hobobob has many, many sand materials (I also have a couple freebie Filter Forge sand textures here.) The V4 Extreme poses could be adapted for surfboard use, but there are also a lot of inexpensive surfing pose sets for sale at DAZ, Renderosity, and RDNA. Check Skylab’s Gallery for several M4 basketball poses.

Next Up: Summer clothing and accessories…


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