Freebie Spotlight: Summer Solstice #03

The Ubiquitous Skimpy Clothing Post

Victoria 4/Aiko 4

summer_clothes-v4-cavedwellerbikini summer_clothes-v4-bikiniset summer_clothes-v4-tubetopbikini summer_clothes-v4-retrobikini summer_clothes-v4-swimsuit summer_clothes-v4-schoolswimsuit1 summer_clothes-v4-schoolswimsuit2 summer_clothes-v4-retroswimsuit summer_clothes-v4-bikiniaddon summer_clothes-v4-tennis1 summer_clothes-v4-tennis2 summer_clothes-v4-tropicbreezes summer_clothes-v4-floralsundress summer_clothes-v4-casualshirtset summer_clothes-v4-s242hipjeans1 summer_clothes-v4-s242hipjeans2 summer_clothes-v4-frilltop1 summer_clothes-v4-ldtanktop1 summer_clothes-v4-myvest summer_clothes-v4-singlet

Cave Dweller Bikini || MM Bikini Set 02 (includes sandals) || Tube Top Bikini || Retro Bikini || One Piece Swimsuit || School Swimsuit A4 (includes goggles) || V4 Fit for School Swimsuit || 50’s Swimsuit || Bikini Add-On || Sleeveless Tennis Set A4 || V4 Fit for Sleeveless Tennis Set || Tropical Breeze Dress (or here) || Floral Sundress || RC Shirt Set (top and shorts) || S242 Hip Jeans || Shorts for S242 Hip Jeans || Frill Top || LD Tank Top || My Vest || Singlet (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) with V4 Male fit

Notes: The Bikini Add-on set includes a skirt, sunhat, and sandals — the skirt is intended to fit a particular bikini, but can work on others with some fiddling. The tennis set includes the outfit, shoes, socks, visor, tennis racket, and tennis ball. The Tropical Breeze has coordinating shoes and jewelry.

The Guys – M4, M3, and H3

summer_clothes-m4-summercasual summer_clothes-m4-exercise1 summer_clothes-m4-exercise2summer_clothes-m3-shortstyle summer_clothes-h3 malikcollision summer_clothes-h3-surfdude1 summer_clothes-h3-surfdude2

Summer Casual M4 || Excerise M4: Part 1 / Part 2 || Short Style M3 || Malik V and Collision H3 || Surf Dude H3 (textures on the same page)

Notes: Summer Casual M4 includes the flip flops. The Exercise shorts, tank top, and towel work okay for summer outfits and swim trunks. I have also used the Mach 01 Bodysuit M4 to make swim trunks and a wetsuit. The Short Style M3 includes the shoes, watch, and glasses.

The Gen4 Kids

summer_clothes-k4-swimmers summer_clothes-K4-scswimsuit1 summer_clothes-K4- footballoutfit summer_clothes-k4-overalls summer_clothes-k4-timeforplay summer_clothes-k4-snowdropdress summer_clothes-k4-gatheredskirt summer_clothes-k4-dayout

K4 Swimmers (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || K4 School Swimsuit || Patrick’s Football Outfit || K4 Overalls || Time to Play set (top and shorts) || Snowdrop Dress || Gathered Skirt and Shirt (includes sandals) || Day Out set (includes hat and sandals)

Notes: The pants for the football outfit can be used as a pair of boy’s swim trunks.

A3, V3, and the Mil3 Kids

summer_clothes-a3-volleyballsuit summer_clothes-a3-swimwear summer_clothes-a3-hawaiibikini summer_clothes-a3-jyunebikini summer_clothes-a3-floralsundress summer_clothes-a3-haltertopdress summer_clothes-a3-tanktopset summer_clothes-a3-tanktop summer_clothes-muffintopa3 summer_clothes-v3-floralsundress summer_clothes-v3-myshirt summer_clothes-muffintopv3 summer_clothes-laura-bikini summer_clothes-muffintoplaura summer_clothes-maddie-swimmers summer_clothes-mmbutterbrumbles

Beach Volleyball Swimsuit A3 || MM Bikini A3 ||Hawaiian Style Bikini A3 || Jyune Bikini A3 || Floral Sundress A3 || Halter Dress A3 || Summer Casual Set A3 || LD Tank Top A3 || Muffin Top A3 || Floral Sundress V3 || My Shirt 2 V3 || Muffin Top V3 ||  Laura Bikini || Muffin Top Laura || Swimmers for Maddie || Butter Brumbles for Matt and Maddie

Notes: If you have V3, you probably already have her Basic Wear Bikini and there are still lots of free texture add-ons available for it. (And of course there’s a Muffin Top V4 and a Laura Floral Sundress as well.)

Dawn and Genesis 1/2

summer_clothes-dawn-swimsuit summer_clothes-dawn-shorts-tee summer_clothes-dawn-tc32 summer_clothes-dawn-summerdress summer_clothes-g1-jasminbikini summer_clothes-g1-swimsuits summer_clothes-g1-victorianswim summer_clothes-g1-openshirt summer_clothes-g1-shorts-top summer_clothes-g2-beachvball summer_clothes-g2f-rara-skirt-top

Dawn Suimtsuit (DS only) || Dawn Tee and Shorts (DS only; morph add-on here) || Dawn Texture Challenge 32 DS/Poser ||  Dawn Summer Dress (DS only) || Jasmine Bikini G1 || Swim Set for G1 || Victorian Swimsuits for G1 || Open Shirt for G1 Part 1 / Part 2 || G1 Shorts + Shirt (textures here) || Beach Volleyball Swimsuit G2 Female || Ra Ra Skirt/Top for G2 Female

Notes: If you have Dawn and the Genesis 2 starter kits, you will have Dawn’s string bikini, basic wear for the Gen2 Female, and the surfer set for the Gen2 Male. The Dawn texture challenge outfit is both DS and Poser, and links to texture add-ons are also listed in the download post.

Summer Cooks

summer_clothes-v4-dsdynchefapron summer_clothes-v4-apronchefhatposerdyn summer_headware-chefhatdynds summer_headware-chefhat

DS Dynamic Apron || Poser Dynamic April and Hat || DS Dynamic Chef Hat || Chef Hat

Notes: I have the Poser apron/hat set installed because the chef hat works okay in DS. The chef hat is an old prop and not really suited for closeups. Also, the chef hat from Toon Girl Sadie’s Good Cook Girl can be refitted to other characters too; I’ve used it on V4 and M4 a couple times.

Summer Footwear

summer-shoes-v4-flipflops1 summer_shoes-v4-flipflops2 summer_shoes-v4-studdedsandals summer_shoes-v4-platformslides summer_shoes-m4-flipflops summer_shoes-m3-sandalanklet summer_shoes-a3-rainbowsandals summer_shoes-g1-flipflops summer_shoes-k4-sneakers summer_shoes-gatheredskirtsandals

Flip Flops V4 #01 || Flip Flops V4 #02 || Studded Sandals V4 || Platform Slides V4 || Flip Flops M4 || Sandal and Anklet M3 || A3 Rainbow Sandals || Genesis 1 Flip Flops || K4 Sneakers || Textures for sandals from Gathered Skirt and Shirt K4 set

Notes: A number of the summer outfits come with footwear as well.

Summer Headwear

summer_headware-tuliphat1 summer_headware-tuliphat2 summer_headware-ballcap summer_headware-birdsnesthat

Tulip Hat V4 || Tulip Hat || Baseball Cap || Bird’s Nest Hat

Notes: Hats can usually be fitted to other figures without too much trouble.

Summer Eyewear

summer_eyeware-3dglasses summer_eyeware-sunglassesm4v4 summer_eyeware-actionspecs summer_eyeware-aviatorsunglasses summer_eyeware-v4sunglasses summer_eyeware-lolitasunglasses summer_eyeware-skyeglasses

3D Glasses V4M4 || Sunglasses V4M4 || Action Specs V4 || Aviator Sunglasses V4 || Fashion Sunglasses V4 || Lolita Sunglasses V4 || Skye Sunglasses

Notes: Again, eyeglasses are easily fitted to other figures. The obj file path for the Action Specs will need to be fixed.

Misc Stuff and Texture Add-Ons

summer_2d-tanlinetoolv4 summer_jewelry-bikini summer_clothes-v4-ldtanktop2 summer_clothes-v4-ldtanktop3 summer_clothes-v4-frilltop2 summer_textures-darkfrillssummer_textures-velvetcrushfrill summer_textures-floralsunddress summer_textures-flsundress summer_textures-flsundressspringfling summer_textures-tcsundress summer_textures-shabbychicmuffin summer_textures-urbanmuffintop summer_clothes-K4-scswimsuit2 summer_textures-icecreamgathered

V4 Tanlines Tool || Bikini Necklace || LD Tank Boutique || Patchwork for LD Tank|| Flor Textures for Frill Top || Dark Frills for Frill Top || Velvet Crush for Frill Top || Glitter Dresses for Floral Sundress || Floral Sundress Freebie Textures || TreasureChest’s Floral Sundress Freebie (bottom of page) || Spring Fling for Floral Sundress || Shabby Chic for Muffin Top || Urban for Muffin Top || Textures for K4 School Swimsuit || Ice Cream for Gathered Skirt/Shirt K4

Notes: The Tanlines Tool is a PSD file to be placed over any V4 skin texture. Instructions for use are included in the download file.

That’s a wrap for the summer-themed freebies, with plenty of lead-in time for summer solstice and 4th of July render projects.


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