Stylin Wild Shirts for M4

Summer Squall on the Boardwalk: Textures for the Stylin shirt, DS and Poser
Summer Squall on the Boardwalk: Textures for the Stylin M4 shirt, DS and Poser


Required: Stylin M4

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Info: No freebie open shirts for M4, but Stylin was one of the first outfits released with M4 way back when, so I figure most people who bought M4 probably bought this outfit as well. And if not…well, DAZ Originals go on sale a lot. There are 10 textures for the shirt, so M4 can strut down the boardwalk (with or without a cranky K4 in tow) in wild summery plumage.

Optimized for DAZ Studio; Poser users will probably need to tweak the surface materials a bit.

Credits: Action Specs, Crazy Locks Male Hair M4, Alexandre M4, pants and flip flops from Veranil M4 (pants shins hidden), Eliza K4, AntsPants2 K4 with Playtime Fun textures, Eternal Kyra Hair + Expansion, Hiro 4 Realistic Textures, NYC Hair, shorts from Bad Boy M4 with Tag Skater textures, shirt from Dark Thorn M4 with GRaver textures, Canvas Shoes M4, Ice Cream Tricycle, Walkway, Ice Cream Cone, puddle prop from Fisty’s Liquid Shaders, Public Trash Can, robin from Little Birds, and To the Sky background. Poses for M4 from M4 Partial Pose Kit. Morphs are Lexie V01 K4, Vincent V02 M4, and Connor M4.

Presets preview inside…


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