DAZ Platinum Club hair props…pretty nice, actually

DAZ is currently running a 80% off sale for selected V4 and M4 products, including Platinum Club and DAZ Original items. I left the Platinum Club a couple years ago for various reasons, but I still keep an eye out for the hair props because they’re very nice and the sale prices, if you wait for them, are fantastic. Right now, a bunch of them are only $2.00. It’s easy enough to refit hair props to other figures, like Dawn or Genesis 1/2, which makes this a very tempting deal!

Since the base PC hair props have been coming with only brown, blond, and auburn materials and, as it happens, I use black hair a lot, my weekend project was to make black hair maps from the already included texture maps.

(( I can’t justify spending $7 or $10 for only a black hair map. I’m probably the worst nightmare customer for hair texture add-on vendors, because I only need a few hair colors — black, brown, blond, auburn, and gray — and I can colorize anything else I might need in PS/PSP. ))

Anyway, in the process of making the maps, I was reminded all over again that these are great hair props. Here’s what’s I’ve collected so far:

More guy hair would be nice, but I noticed the most recent one was Genesis-only. I suppose that’s the way it’s going to be from here on out. I’ve been converting Genesis hair props to use with G4 in DS3 — I know, I know, but I like Gen4! — and some of the conversions have been a little wonky. I wanted to convert Hitomi’s ring tail hair to use on Aiko4 Toon, Cookie, and/or Sadie, but it failed as a cr2 conversion. Guess I’ll just have fire up DS4 for that one!

I don’t know how much longer this sale will last, but if you’re looking to add more hair to your runtime and you’re not in the Platinum Club, you might want to check out those $2.00 hair sets. Looks like the newest ones aren’t included in the sale, but there are plenty of older ones.

Edited to add that the morphs are mine, but the textures I used are Amunet V4 (she was one of those grab bag freebies and I use her a lot…great mid-brown skin tone), Alexandre M4, and Azrael M4.

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