Word Block PNGs

I first made these ages ago when I was on LiveJournal and doing 100×100 icons. Since the originals are too small now for my projects, I updated them. To download, click on the images below to view full-sized and then save-as.

wordart-man  wordart-woman

A few examples using stock photos from stock.xchng, istockphoto, and shutterstock — adding a little variety beyond the usual rendered images — with various overlays, textures, and several PS/PSP filters (Topaz, Filter Forge, Luce, etc):

Best utilized as a brush in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, etc. (I’m assuming most people know how to make brushes in their image editor of choice.) Mostly I use the word blocks on a new layer set to soft light, and then duplicated a couple times for legibility. Any questions about what ever else I did on the images above, please feel free to ask.


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