Ice Cream Trike Textures

Textures for Papus3d's Ice Cream Tricycle, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Textures for Papus3d’s Ice Cream Tricycle, DS and Poser


Info: An extra bike texture with options for a black or red frame, as well as textures for the waffle cone, ice cream/gelato, scoop, and balloon. I’ve also included a couple poses for M4 — they’re for the default M4 height, so scaling him up or down means adjustments. Load M4 and the prop(s), then apply the pose presets. To move the figure/props afterward, parent them to a null and then position the null.

Required: Ice Cream Tricycle, Renderosity Free Stuff or ShareCG

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use. (There are conflicting TOUs at Rendo and ShareCG for the prop; please clarify this with Papus3d before using commercially.)

A few more previews inside:

Black bike frame
Red bike frame
pose riding
Pose: Riding
Pose: Serving

Credits: City Courtyard, DIRECTORs CUT City Courtyard, Caleb, and Bad Boy with Adrenaline textures.


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