WIP: Concession Stand Textures

I’ve been trying to find concession stands, free or commercial, mobile-themed or stationary. Pickings are slim, and so I’ve been puttering around with texturing Guderun’s Big Market Booth (the smaller one has possibilites too.). So far, this is what I’ve got:

The market booth base
Market booth base with the decoration add-on prop

I love its rustic look! There’s an exterior counter for customers and also inner counter/cabinet to hold various foodie props. I considered making a bait and tackle stand, but I don’t have enough fishing props to carry that off. Food props I have aplenty, though. 🙂

The Stand, Concession Stand, and Refreshment Stand look useful as well:

86447 63406 62434

Re: mobile food carts, I’ve been using the Papus3d Ice Cream Tricycle a lot, but I’d also download a similar one a while ago, which might work better for other snack foods. It was called something like Old Trike or Delivery Trike. I can’t find the download now. The texture file folder is called “MYSTICSTRIKE,” and I’m assuming that’s the creator. If anyone has run across this bike or knows if it’s still downloadable, please let me know:

(not the original textures)
(not the original texture, which was black and had a butcher’s sign)

This is the only freebie popcorn machine/cart I’ve been able to find. I like it, except for the lack of popcorn. I tried to remedy this, but met with mixed success (needs to be much lumpier):

popcorn tile applied to a primitive cylinder

More rambling inside, including what commercial products (reasonably priced) I could find — and a few thoughts on kit-bashing a zoo!

LukeA’s Cirque Macabre has a great concession stand, but the set is no longer for sale. So maybe not worth a texturing effort. Still, a cleaner and non-creepy clown version would be nice…


Anyway, re: what is for sale, here’s what I’ve bought or bookmarked/wishlisted:

corn-dog-cart hotdog-cart-ts popcorn-cart exnem-food-carts dystopian-kiosk-base-drinks dystopian-kiosk-expansion-food kissing-booth Full88510 teardrop-camper food_sim3d-snack van food-stand-pack icecream-stand-pack-ts

Corn Dog Cart || Hot Dog Cart || Popcorn Cart || Hotdog and Hamburger Cart || Dystopian Kiosk Base and Expansion || Kissing Booth || Popcorn Trailer || Teardrop Camper || Snack Van Trailer || Food Stand Pack || Ice Cream Stand Pack

Those last two sets are a bit pricey, but considering what’s included, it’s a pretty good deal. Both the Kissing Booth and Teardrop Camper could be repurposed as concession stands; the bows and heart banner on the kissing booth can be hidden. Also, I downloaded V6 when she was free and did a quick test render using the Exnem Hotdog Cart (and the only outfit I have for the G2 Female, ha!) It’s a static prop, but it looks nice.

I’d love to have other suggestions for props that could be utilized as a concession stand or food cart of some sort. Commercial products too.

And, finally, I’ve been mulling over kit-bashing a zoo. A pretty good start with Uwe’s Promenade Walkway Richabri’s Greenhouse Set,  Tentman’s Promenade, and Mausel’s Museum, which covers setting up both outside and inside exhibits:

scene-walkway 84734 200811302

122652 122651

Mausel’s Museum would also work great for an aquatic exhibit — big fishtanks! Over at DAZ, there are display props in AntFarm’s Museum of Un-Natural History and FirstBasion’s Gallerie Simple Essentials:

gallerie-simple-display-props un-natural-museum-props

Landscapes need to fit critter-specific environments. Water and fake cliffs for polar bears and penguins. Savannahs and large lounging rocks for big cats. Deserts for lizards. Trees and vines for primates and other tree-dwellers. More flat grasslands for elephants and giraffes. Big water holes for hippos and gators. Little microcosms for insects, etc., etc.

What else? Benches. Garbage cans. Signs. Posters and sign-boards. Ticket booths and crowd handling props like rope barriers or chain link fences. Walkways and bridges. Outdoor info kiosks, souvenir shops, public restrooms, and food shops. Drinking fountains. Picnic tables. Wagons to haul tired toddlers. Lots of botanicals.

Oh, and animals!

Probably the easiest part, although large chunks of the animal kingdom are missing in 3D-Land. Adam Thwaites at Most Digital Creations has a wide-ranging collection of animals, but many of them static props. Lyne’s Creations also has a nice collection of animals, especially for populating a children’s petting zoo.

Hmmm…a listing project in the works here, I think. Any suggestions, freebie and commercial, are welcome (some likely candidates already listed in the Summer Solstice link posts.) There probably isn’t a lot available for zoo kit-bashing, but I could be wrong about that!


2 thoughts on “WIP: Concession Stand Textures

  1. Michele, just want to mention that Tjeb from the Daz3D forums has transformed the ice cream cart by Papus3D into a similar look as the one you are looking for (picture above) after a request by myself to him. Try and contact him if he will be willing to share it with the community. Some of these modelers are so talented!

    • Ha, so I’m not the only one hunting down concession stands and food carts! I just bought one today at Rendo’s crazy new sale. Kit-bashing is fun and all, but I’m more than happy to buy a ready-made prop if there’s one knocking about a store and the price is right. 🙂

      It’s nice of Tjeb to help you out, but wouldn’t permission from Papus3D be required to distribute a re-tooled prop to the general community?

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