More adventures with concession stands

Still puttering away on the market stand texture project. It’s good to have lots of props, both free and commercial, though I’m missing the odd prop here and there. For instance, I had a hard time finding something that would work as a simple cafeteria tray.

Snack Stand on the Beach

Snack Stand on the Promenade

The coffee pot, cash register, fridge, and plate stacks are from several ironman13 products, the fruit bowl is from Exnem, and the background is from a set called Standing on the Edge (all at Renderosity.) The condiment holder was one of those Poser World limited time freebies thing. The rest are freebies.

Not sure yet what to do with the large poster-like prop (Inception8’s True Blood poster freebie at DeviantArt.) Probably should add a menu, tho with a different background. I’m also not sure about keeping the menu sign on the stand. I might try a sign board instead. Most Digital Creations has a free one.

Might do something with the small market stand too. Maybe a coffee shop. Or a kind of beach souvenir shop that sells t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses.


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