Dial Morph Character: Inez V4

Inez V4, for DS and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A Latina morph for V4 inspired by a video game poster. 😛 I was aiming for a character who’s cute, not pinup-girl perfect, and also looks like she’s not taking any crap from whomever/whatever.

Inez is scaled down, her head’s scaled up, her legs are a bit shorter, and her chest a tad wider than the default V4. Morph Follower balks some re: the chest scaling, so you’ll probably need to do manual adjustments for that area of her body. Edited to add that there’s extra shaping to her forehead area, so a few tweaks to hair props will likely be necessary, especially with fitted CR2 hairs. All that said: Separate presets are included for Body+Head and just the head.

Dial morph character only; textures, hair, clothing, props, poses, expressions, etc. not included.

Required: V4 Morphs ++, Stephanie Petite 4, and CDI’s Faerime.

Credits: Elite Ariana, Twin Fair Hair, Aussie Girl, and the sword from Lady of the Lake. The example expressions are all from Just A Girl S4 (though one might be from Oh That Look V4.) Below, there’s Eirene Hair, Slide3D V4 Bodysuit, the overlay from Sisterhood Skin on Ariana, and a background from 2012.

Once upon a time...
Once upon a time…

A few more examples, including an untextured one, inside…

Inez is also wearing Hoodlums V4 and Leandro Hair
untextured view

4 thoughts on “Dial Morph Character: Inez V4

    • Thanks!

      I wish I could’ve come up with a close approximation for her using only Morphs ++ — I know the Faerime set is expensive — but it didn’t work out this time.

      Hopefully by now V4 users have accumulated most of her morph sets, and CDI’s products do go on sale fairly often.

      I can’t recommend these sets highly enough. I was put off initially by the toony promo images, but then I picked up Hitoro H3 when it was $2.99, realized how useful all the individual morphs were, and started picking up the various other sets. Mil2, Mil3, Gen4, Cookie and Chip, Sadie, Koshini2…the list goes on and on.

      The ones I’ve yet to pick up are for Aiko 3, the Mil3 Baby, and Melody/Micah. I really wish Hivewire’s Dawn had a set of CDI-like morphs; she’d be so much more useful with one.

  1. More people have probably bought Morphia, but that one isn’t set up like the other Gen4 sets (Morphus, Morphlet, Faerime, and Boopsie.) Not on the Power Loader, and I’ve never been able to inject anything but V4’s Morphs ++ into Morphia’s base.

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