So this weekend…

…I played with a hat. One hat. All weekend. 😛




It is a rather nifty hat…

1. Cat V4, Strapped Suit V4, MORE Textures for Strapped Suit, Eastern Dragon, Eastern Jewels textures for Eastern Dragon, patterned background from BittBox, and a canvas texture from HG Designs. Font is Aphrodite Text.

2. Samil’s B&W for V3, converted to V4, with a crackle overlay from HG Designs. I also used the displacement map from A Long Time Ago’s A4 Ami to add cracks to her face and body. Background is from a freebie set called Asian Backgrounds. (I think it was by someone named Jean, but there was no readme file and now I can’t remember where I found it.) Font is Janda Swirly Twirly.

3. Samil’s 26 Black & White V4, though the eyes are from Samil’s Ina V4. Font is Jane Austen. The frame effect on this one is from a really old plugin called AAA Foto Frame. Still works like a charm, though!

Oh, and the hat is from Oskarsson’s Epifani Outfit. I just textured it with the black and red presets from REC Festive, added a noise texture I made in Filter Forge (view/download here), and also used an ice preset from Calida’s Ice and Snow Shaders for the beads. Postworked with Filter Forge, Topaz Clean, and Topaz Simplify.

Character is REC Aine for V4.

Edited to add: The hat does come with an outfit. I don’t usually do much with skimpwear stuff, but I took the whole package for a test drive shortly before I began playing with the headpiece:

Aine and a much larger friend
Aine and a much larger friend. This one uses MRL Sirena Fantasy (the only scaly V4 texture I have) and DAZ’s Fork Horn Dragon (which I totally forgot I’d bought!) and this texture (which I forgot to add, so editing yet again…)



2 thoughts on “So this weekend…

  1. Oskarsson does some pretty unusual stuff as well as more practical items — like the Modern Muslim Girl set. Most of the time the lack of DS support/materials isn’t much of an issue for me.

    I am very fond of the Hellhorse!

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