Is it just me?

Or is the Fantasies Attic Freebies page broken? When I try to access it, I get this:

145 Table './dsaat0_free/whos_online' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
[delete from whos_online where time_last_click < '1406820183']

The rest of the site works, though.

Yay! They’re back — and with a contact form too.

Also, the page index has been changed from “freebies” to “freezone.” Broke all my links. 😥 I think I have them all changed over in the lists, but please let me know if I’ve missed one.


4 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Okay, the page loads but if you try to download anything, you get the “crashed” message. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

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