Free Diamond and Sir Guy expansion sets

A couple hard-to-find freebies for the Diamond and Sir Guy toon animal figures, both of which have been part of the Budget Wrecking (TM) deep freeze sales at RDNA. I found the links buried in a post at the old RDNA forum, which is now archived. Since freebies on archived forums — DAZ, sigh — can abruptly disappear, I thought I’d do a kind of PSA post:

Sir Guy Expansion – Turn Sir Guy into a raccoon, dog (a couple versions), lion, cat, skunk, and wolf. Textures included. Very cute, Disney-like set. And Sir Guy is attractively priced right now for $2.24.

Diamond Unicorn – Transforms Diamond into a unicorn, with cloven hooves, tufted tail, horn, and textures. Diamond is also attractively priced (at the moment) at $2.99.

While in the throes of a Plushies buying binge again this weekend, I noticed a bunch of Plushies-related products are now gone from the RDNA store. Wish I’d known so many of them were going to be deleted. Boo.

Looking for info in preparation for Halloween freebies

The plan is to make poses for V4/M4, Genesis, and Sadie/Sam based on the pictures from this very amusing post. So, a couple things:

First, I’d like to do a “Build-Your-Own-Haunted-House” freebie listing theme. I have some stuff that works for this, but suggestions are most welcome. Commercial suggestions OK too (like this Fun House Mirror prop set, which is sadly no longer available for purchase.)

I’ve made poses for Gen4 and Sadie/Sam before, but not Genesis. I’m hoping I can do the M4/V4 poses first and then convert them to Genesis. I found this utility, which looks quite handy. If any veteran pose makers have additional advice to share, I’d be very grateful.

I have something in mind for Pippin too, and maybe I’ll have time to do a few general trick-or-treat poses.

Halloween at REC Freebies this year will be all about poses because 1) I need to improve my posing skills and 2) posing characters for stuff like this is — for me anyway — the most time-consuming part of setting up a render scene (along with making all those Poser-only mats DS-friendly.)

K4 School Poses

Trouble in the Back Row


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

RequiredSchool Daze prop set

Info: A set of 12 poses for DAZ Studio and Poser, with mirrored versions, 12 facial expressions, and utility presets to move the chair and desk around as needed. Poses based on the default K4 and the School Daze chair and desk. Scaling K4 up or down will require some adjustments. Minor adjustments may also be necessary due to clothing.

All poses load at default center. Apply a K4 pose, the Move Desk Base preset (moves the desk forward for all poses), and then any relevant chair or secondary desk position presets. Parent desk, chair, and K4 to a null and then position them wherever you want in your classroom.

The facial expressions are simple ones and not matched to any particular pose.

K4 School Poses, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Mirrored poses too!

Presets previews inside…

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Another Tile Lallapalooza

To help in repurposing various room props, a set of office and school-themed seamless tiles. All are 1024 x 1024, with bump maps. The previews are not full-sized; the tiles were resized to 200 x 200.


prev_floor-tilesDOWNLOAD FLOOR TILES

prev_walls-ceilingsDOWNLOAD WALLS & CEILINGS

prev_tiles01DOWNLOAD WALL TILES 01

prev_tiles02DOWNLOAD WALL TILES 02


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Info: Some of the more subtle textures in the Walls & Ceilings and Misc. Textures sets don’t show up well in the small previews, sorry! There are a lot of neutral colors so it’s easier to colorize them in the diffuse channel settings or in PS/PSP/GIMP etc., but I also did a little color-coordinating across the various sets.

The Misc. Textures set is mostly for finishing details. Public schools use fire-resistant building materials these days, but I included a couple wood tiles anyway. The privacy glass is the sort of thick glass that’s sometimes used in office doors…add “Jane Doe Private Investigator” or “Principal’s Office” text for a little more ambiance.

The mosaic tile sets also have a couple extra matching plain white tiles that weren’t included in the previews.

A few examples inside…

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Freebie Spotlight: Back to School

September is “Back to School” month, so here’s a school/college-themed listing.

Environments: Rooms, Halls, and Hangouts

bts_furniture-Office Room bts_scene-bloody hospital rm 1 bts_backdrop-floors n walls bts_scene-lecture-hall bts_scene-gym bts_scene-gymnasium bts_props-gym-scoreboards bts_scene-wresting-set bts_scene-school rooftop

Office Room || Bloody Hospital Room || Floors-n-Walls || Lecture Hall || Gym, with props || Gymnasium || Scoreboards || Wrestling Set || School Rooftop

Notes: The Office Room has a matching window shade prop. The Bloody Hospital Room can be textured to look like a classroom (unless of course you want Zombie High/University.) Floors-n-Walls can also be textured to look like a generic classroom. Chris Cox has a free basketball court for the gymnasium; download it here. A few athletic-related props are also listed in the Summer Solstice #02 list.

Props: Classroom Basics

bts_furniture-school daze bts_furniture-classroom-chair bts_furniture-lab-table-chair bts_furniture-school-desk bts_furniture-school kid set 1 bts_furniture-school kid set 2 bts_furniture-desk-and-chair-meeting bts_scene-cafeteria bts_furniture-Desk Chair bts_furniture-office-desk2 bts_furniture-office-desk3 bts_furniture-office-chair bts_furniture-Office Cabinet Lt bts_furniture-Office Cabinet Full bts_props-dimension3d-shelving-unit

School Daze || Classroom Chair || UniLab Table and Chairs || Classroom Desk and Chair (DS4 only) || Kindergarten Table and Chairs || Kindergarten Shelves || Desk and Chair Meeting Room || Cafeteria Props || Office Desk #01 || Office Desk #02 || Office Desk #03 || Office Chair || Office Cabinet #01 / #02 || Shelving Unit

Notes: The desk and chairs from School Daze are K4-sized; I scale them up to ~150% for teens and young adults. The lab table and chair set is for DS4, but comes with an object file for Poser users. There’s also a desk/chair included with a V4 pose set listed below. The cafeteria props include the food counters as well as the room environment (adjust tiling ratios in DS.)

Props: Classroom, Hall, Library, Office

bts_props-Labware Props bts_props-science equipment 1 bts_props-microscope bts_props-hospital cart bts_props-whiteboard bts_furniture-office clock bts_furniture-bookshelf bts_furniture-bookcase bts_furniture-Office Partition bts_furniture-lockers bts_furniture-Lockers 2 bts_furniture-locker-room-props bts_props-stapler bts_props-office-doc-set bts_props-pen-set bts_props-moi-mug bts_props-photo-mug bts_electronics-copier bts_furniture-pictures bts_furniture-poster-prop bts_furniture-lighting-props

Labware || Science Equipment || Microscope and Petri Dish || Hospital Cart || Whiteboard || Office Clock || Bookshelf || Library Bookcase (about halfway down page) || Office Partition || Lockers #01 || Lockers #02 (toward top of page) || Locker Room Set || Stapler || Office Documents || Pen Holder || Photo Mug || M.O.I Mug || Copier || Wall Art || Poster Prop || Lighting Props

Notes: The Science Equipment props are separate; delete what’s not needed, unparent, and move around to suit your needs. Ditto for the Office Documents and Pen Holder props. The Library Bookcase is UV-mapped and can be textured. Classrooms and offices need stuff on the walls; these props are easy to texture. Playground equipment is covered in the Summer Solstice #01 list.

Props: Backpacks, Books, and School Supplies

bts_props-SP3 BackPack bts_props-book bag bts_props-bratpack k4 bts_books-school book bts_props-morphing notebook 1 bts_props-morphing notebook 2 bts_props-pen and note book bts_props-Pencil bts_props-ballpoint pen  bts_props-crayons bts_props-stationery 1 bts_props-stationery 2

SP3 Backpack || Backpack || Brat Pack K4 || Geometry Book || Binder Notebook || Notebook Textures || Notepad & Pencil || Pencil (page 9) || Ballpoint Pen || Crayons || Colorful Stationary #01 / #02 (also here and here)

Notes: With a little work, the SP3 backpack can be fitted to other figures. The Notepad and Pencil are obj files and the notepad comes with a clean paper texture. The crayons and box are all separate props.

Props: Electronics

bts_electronics-laptop pc bts_electronics-laptop x  bts_electronics-smart tablet bts_electronics-ipad bts_electronics-smart phone bts_electronics-ipud

Notebook PC || Laptop || Smart Tablet || Tablet || Smartphone || iPud

Notes: Standard stuff for high school and college students.


bts_poses-m4-basketball bts_poses-k4-at-school bts_poses-m4-always-a-man bts_poses-v4-just-a-girl-vi bts_poses-v4-desk-set bts_poses-v4-the-office bts_poses-m4v4-coffee-break bts_poses-v4-coffee-mug bts_poses-v4-typing

M4 Dribble Poses || Kids at School K4 || Always A Man M4 || V4 Just A Girl VI || V4 Desk Pose Set (desk and chair included) || V4 The Office || M4V4 Coffee Break Standing Poses || Coffee Mug and Poses for V4 || Typing V4

Notes: More M4 basketball poses here, here, and here. The V4 Desk Pose Set includes the desk and chair. In general, JLK/Structure/Portrait Studio’s poses are helpful, as are EClark’s sets — especially the V4 Partial Pose Kit and M4 Partial Pose Kit — and i13’s FreePosesDOTNet (which is now gone, darn it!)

Misc Textures, Fonts, Etc.

bts_2d-chalboard-kit bts_2d-chalkboard-textures bts_font-eraser bts_font-homemade-apple bts_font-chalkboard bts_2d-stapled-constr-paper-alpha bts_2d-construction-paper-layer-style bts_2d-crayon-layer-style bts_2d-seamless-paper-textures bts_2d-notebook-textures bts_2d-vector-notebook-papers bts_2d-seamless-notebook-textures bts_2d-vector-postit-pins bts_2d-vector-rulers bts_2d-pencil-image-textures bts_2d-manila-folder-textures bts_2d-vector-corkboard bts_2d-corkboard-texture

Chalkboard Kit || Chalkboard Textures || Eraser Font || Homemade Apple Font || Chalkboard Font || Stapled Construction Paper Alphabet || Construction Paper Layer Styles || Crayon Layer Styles || Seamless Paper Textures || Notebook Textures || Vector Notebook Papers || Seamless Notebook Textures || Vector Post-It Notes & Pins || Vector Rulers || Pencil Image Textures || Manila Folder Textures || Vector Corkboard || Corkboard Texture

Notes: The chalkboard textures are kind of small, but they should still work okay for props. All the fonts can be used for commercial purposes. The paper alphabet would be useful classroom decor for the youngest students, and although the layer styles are for Photoshop, they come with a base texture non-PS users could tinker with. Everything else listed is pretty much texturing-related.

Oh, and here’s an online Embossed Label Generator for all your faux labeling needs:


Commercial Products

scene_gp-school room scene_mac-the classroom scene_mac-the playschool scene_pc-east park high halls scene_pc-east park high lobby scene_pc-park side high 4 nerd-and-preppie scene_mac-corridors vehicles_gp-school bus

School Classroom || The Classroom || The Playschool || East Park High Hallways || East Park High Lobby || Skool Daze for Parkside High Recess || Nerd & Preppie || Corridors || School Bus

Notes: I own School Classroom, Nerd & Preppie, East Park Hall, East Park Lobby, Skool Daze, and Corridors. The School Classroom comes with props like backpacks, school books, notebooks, etc. The Nerd & Preppie product is an outfit for V4/A4, but it also has the school hallway and book props. I’m sure there are more out there, but this is what I’ve either bought or wishlisted. Edited to add: And now I own the School Bus; lots of greenpots school stuff on sale for 70% at Renderosity through Aug. 25!