Giuliano de’ Medici

For years, I’ve been trying to dial up a Giuliano de’ Medici morph for M4. Each attempt is a little better than the last, but I never get it quite right. There isn’t a lot to work with re: references, only a few paintings and a statue. Giuliano doesn’t have his more famous brother’s fabulous skewed, drain pipe nose, but it’s still one of those noses that’s hard to recreate with just dials. Anyway, here’s attempt #5:


There are just not enough nostril and nose tip morphs, even using Morphus. 😐


I’m thinking I should borrow some of Lorenzo’s facial characteristics and make Giuliano’s mouth wider and the middle nose part wider as well. Maybe if I play with the nose slope morphs enough I can get a bit more definition on the nose tip. Could be the eyes need to be smaller. It’s hard to tell because in all the portraits he’s looking down (probably because most of the paintings are based off of the posthumous one; he was murdered during mass when he 24/25 years old.)

I have fun doing this stuff — I love dialing faces — and he’s an interesting looking character regardless. For the curious, here’s what I used as references. They’re all different from each other, and there’s always the issue of stylistic exaggeration, artistic flattery, etc., but a few characteristics are pretty consistent in all of his portraits:

Giuliano01 Giuliano05 Giuliano03 Giuliano04Giuliano02

Credits: Danyel Hair, Angelo M4, and Dancar Clothes with Jane B’s Renaissance for Dancar #01 / #02. Used Morphs ++ and Morphus.


6 thoughts on “Giuliano de’ Medici

  1. He looks pretty good. The nose is close but try bringing the eyes just a tiny bit closer together to narrow the bridge and also narrowing the jaw very slightly. I am no expert at faces so this is just guess-work suggestions. It is a great morph if you stop right here.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I’ll give both those suggestions a try, along with some tinkering using Lorenzo’s death mask for guidance. In some of those portraits Giuliano’s face looks more rounded than in others, but with mostly profile shots it’s hard for me to tell the shape of his jawline. The shape and height of his chin and mouth differs a bit too.

    Supposedly Giuliano was the model for Botticelli’s Mars in the Venus and Mars painting, but that’s not particularly helpful either because of the angle of his face.

    As for the body, I know he was the athletic one of the two brothers and fought in ceremonial tourneys. He was rich and had plenty to eat, so I suppose he could’ve looked muscular. Mars looks a little soft, though.

    Not that being muscular was much use when he took a sword to the head and was then stabbed a couple dozen times. Ouchies. 😯

  3. He needs a bigger ski jump on his nose. Should be able to do that with a deformer and then turn it into a morph. This version is pretty cool might want to keep him around. Oh Romeo!

  4. I’ve never tried deformers for face shaping. I have no idea how that would work. I’ve used magnets on clothing before for better fitting, but that’s about it. I haven’t investigated DS4.6 much; maybe the deformers work a bit differently in that one.

    I’ll give it a try! Giuliano’s on the backburner this week as I finish up a few other projects, but I’ll get back to him soon.

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