REC Concession Stand Textures

Mama June's Snack Shack
Mama June’s Snack Shack, textures for DAZ Studio and Poser

DOWNLOAD: Concession Stand and Sign Textures

DOWNLOAD: Concession Stand Square Signs (obj file)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.


Market Stand Large
Market Stand Small
True Blood Poster Prop
Billboard & Poster Board Props
Signboard Prop

Info: A set of textures for various props to kit-bash a concession stand or souvenir shop. Utility presets are included for positioning the signs.

I made a square sign out of a primitive plane to fit the lemonade and popcorn signs. It’s easy enough to do yourself, but those who want to skip all that can download the obj file and import it (DS users, select Poser when importing.) I don’t know how this works in Poser, but hopefully much the same. I included mat and utility presets to resize and position the signs to fit the large market booth.

(( If someone wants to make a Poser-friendly pp2 prop for the square sign, feel free to do so. Then again, it might not be worth the effort. 😛 FYI, the second download includes the square sign textures. ))

For the large market booth, I included a full version with only the stars hidden and one with most of the structure’s extra parts hidden. To unhide any of these, just change the Opacity values from 0% to 100%. A texture for the large market stand’s add-on is included, with the signs already applied to them. I didn’t include a plain version, but the add-on prop uses the same textures as the main market stand, so it’s easy enough to change the front and side textures.

Oh, and one more note for Poser users: In the second large market stand mat preset, I’ve doubled the tiling ratio on the horizontal axis. The Poser Format Exporter I use to convert the mats from dsa to pz2 does not save this setting, so you’ll need to manually adjust it. On a more general note, the wood textures are tiling, so you can fiddle around with tailing ratios elsewhere.

Any questions — or problems — please let me know!

Previews, credits listed inside. Additional links added 08/15/14.

The Stands

Large Market Stand, Preset 01
Large Market Stand, Preset 02
Large Market Stand Deco Add-On
Small Market Stand

The Signs

Billboard Sign Prop textures for Billboard from Billboard and Poster Board Props
Shirt Shop texture for True Blood Poster Prop (positioning preset included)
Menu Board texture for Poster Prop from Billboard and Poster Board Prop (positioning preset included)
Menu texture for Signboard Prop

prev_snacks-lemonade prev_snacks-popcorn
Signs for plane obj file

shirt-shop-with-billboard shirt-shop-with-poster

Small Market Stand using the Shirt Shop sign props


Character Textures: Nancy K4, Pan M4, Sapphire V4 with the face morph only, Derek M4London V4 with the Angelica V4 face morph, Amunet V4, Agatha V4, and Trey M4. Some of the face morphs are my own.

Hair: Hoshi V4, Zac M4, Isla V4, Cap only from Beautiful Black Hairstyles, Lin Hair (not in the DAZ store anymore), Georgina V4, and Hr-074.

Clothing and Accessories: Kenzi K4Summer Casual M4 (using these textures) with glasses, bracelet, and sandals from Veranil M4, Leisure Suit V4, Canvas Shoes V4, M4 Casual Wear with cap from Bad Boy M4 and Canvas Shoes M4, t-shirts from Leisure Suit V4 with shorts from Aussie Girl Outfit, Canvas Shoes V4, and the sandals from Veranil V4 (not that you can see any of the bottom clothing), SP3 Backpack, top from Aussie Girl Outfit with pants and shoes from Shadow Dancer V4 and textures from MORE Shadow Dancer, M4 Casual Wear with Canvas Shoes M4 and the sunglasses from Midnight Hunter M4. Jewelry from Bettine’s Sekrets.

Scenery Props: Promenade Walkway, fence from Carnival Entrance, Grass One, guide rail lines from the Museum, Trash Bin, picnic table from Carnival Picnic Tables, milk carton from Everyday Groceries (by the coffee urn), coffee urn and microwave from Snack Van, Water Bottle Props, Styro Cup, bar tray (parts hidden) from Art Deco Bar, refrigerator (resized) from Cozy Apartment, fruit basket from Exnem’s Fruits, Shelving Unit, Condiments Holder, Exnem’s Amazing Super Burger Pack, stack of soda cans from Snack Van, popcorn boxes from Popcorn Trailer (they kinda got lost behind the cash register), register from Late Night Poetry at the Cozy Cafe, ten dollar bill from Free Money, and a flower png filler created from Flink’s Weeds and Flink’s Flowers. Most of the poses started out from presets from EClark’s V4 Partial Pose Kit and M4 Partial Pose Kit, though the M4/K4 pose is from Caught in the Moment – Guardians V4M4K4. Lighting was a mix of Advanced DAZ Studio Light Bundle and another UE set up of my own — I actually rendered in both DS3 and DS4, ha! Sky background created using a landscape gradient and cloud brushes.

I think that’s everything… 😯

Edited to add links to a few free substitutes for the commercial products I used in the previews:

Additionally, there are picnic tables, umbrellas, and food stuff listed in the Summer Solstice #01 and Summer Solstice #02 posts. I probably should’ve mentioned that…


14 thoughts on “REC Concession Stand Textures

  1. I had fun going through your list of things you used Michele. Thank you very much. Went searching for substitutes for some of your items, that I did not have, and found a few. Really looking forward to visiting some of the sites you have listed and playing with my new toys. Love the main render.

  2. I have a list but I don’t think wordpress likes having so many links in one comment so here are the Poser links:
    Umbrella by Honey page 2 9th row first column
    Microwave by web_wizard
    Milk carton by Trekkiegrrrl
    Popcorn by mjc26250

  3. Oh, wait. I forgot to check the spam catcher thing and approve the comments.

    A bit WP-challenged, am I. 😛

    Looks like they went through now, so I’ll check them out. Thanks!

  4. FWIW, the coffee urn works pretty well, even if it’s really old:

    I textured it “full” on left, “empty” on right.

    The Turbosquid freebie microwave is pretty nice too:

  5. Urn looks great. Yes Creepy Clown has some wonderful old stuff. It just needs some tender loving care to move it into the DAZ and Poser world. There is an umbrella that would be fun to do a clown scene with. They have clowns at zoos sometimes, right?

  6. I had to go check out the umbrella; I have a few freebie umbrellas, but not that one. parrotdolphin has a nice umbrella:

    So does OnTarget3D:

    And there’s also a cute Gothic parasol here:

    I remember taking the kid to the zoo around Halloween one year when he was little and candy, balloons, and face painting were involved:

    I don’t remember any clowns — it’s been over 20 years! — but there might have been some around.

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