Freebie Spotlight: DIY Zoo #01

At the Zoo
At the Zoo

When my son was in daycare, August was usually “Mom helps chaperone a horde of small children to the Milwaukee Zoo” month. I imagine most folks aren’t interested in making zoo renders, but for the small number who are, I’m happy to turn my nostalgia moment into a freebie listing. A lot of outdoor foods, food stands, and park-related props have already been listed in the Summer Solstice #02 links, and I’ll try to keep repeats to a minimum.

Props: Pathways

zoo_lgp-walkway zoo_props-road + sidewalk zoo_lgp-promenade

Promenade Walkway || Road || Promenade

Notes: Also, see the Greenhouse (below.) I remember lots and lots of walking…

Props: Fencing and Barricades

zoo_lgp-chain link fence 1 zoo_lgp-Railing 01 1 zoo_lgp-Railing 01 2 zoo_lgp-railing fence 1 zoo_lgp-railing fence 2 zoo_lgp-speedway props

Chain Link Set || Railing 01 || Morphing Railing 01 Add On || Railing Construction Kit  #01|| Railing/Fence || Speedway Props

Notes: Fences are good. Small children and large, possibly carnivorous creatures are not meant to mix. Mixing okay at the petting zoo, though. (My son was three when I first took him to the Vilas Zoo in Madison, and I’ll never forget the astonished look on his face when a little goat tried to eat his jacket.)

Environments: Exterior and Artificial Exhibit Props

zoo_lgp-japanese onsen zoo_nature-rock ambush zoo_props-trunk ruins zoo_nature-fairy cave zoo_nature-fairy pond zoo_nature-fairy waterfall zoo_nature-Hope Islands zoo_nature-simple sand prop zoo_nature-Grass Terrainzoo_nature-double hill zoo_nature-desert lake bed ground zoo_nature-rocky ground plane zoo_nature-cactus zoo_nature-maple tree zoo_nature-jacaranda treezoo_nature-tree-stump zoo_nature-rock collection zoo_nature-rock prop zoo_nature-morphing fantasy rock zoo_nature-rocks zoo_nature-morphing stone

Japanese Onsen || Rock Ambush (comes with obj file) || Trunk Ruins || Cave || Pond || Waterfall || Hope Island || Simple Sand Prop || Grass Terrain Prop || Double Hill || Ground Texture Props #01 / #02 || Cactus || Maple Tree  || Jacaranda Tree || Tree Stump || Rock Collection || The Rock Prop || Morphing Fantasy Rock || Rocks || Morphing Stone

Notes: Props from the first three rows can be used as artificial-looking environments for animals, which a lot of zoos have in addition to the more naturalistic outdoor environments. Texture with sand or dirt for a hippo watering hole or a place to roll about for rhinos and elephants. Lots of rocks, for lounging (big cats), hiding (small mammals), and jumping about (goats!) The grass in The Rock Prop is Poser dynamics and doesn’t work in DS.

Environments: Interior Exhibit Props

zoo_lgp-museum zoo_lgp-green house props zoo_lgp-art boxzoo_props-display stand zoo_props-display case zoo_lgp-chain fence

Museum || The Greenhouse || The Art Box || Display Stand Set || Display Case || Chain Fence

Notes: The Museum can be adapted for aquatic exhibits as well as smaller environments for reptiles, amphibians,  insects, and small mammals. The Greenhouse would work well for a bird or butterfly exhibit. Double up the Art Box for creating an indoor area for the animals. Indoor exhibits have educational displays, like visual charts, skeletons, etc.

Exhibit Props: Petting Zoo

zoo_props-cycle-shed zoo_props-barn zoo_props-garden-shed zoo_props-the-mystery-shed zoo_props-chicken-coop zoo_props-rabbit-hutch zoo_props-water-trough zoo_propso-japanese-bath-set zoo_props-hay-bale

Cycle Shed || Barn || Garden Shed || The Mystery Shed || Chicken Coop || Rabbit Hutch || Water Trough || Japanese Bath Set || Hay Bale

Notes: Small buildings and shelters for animals and visitors. The chicken coop also comes with a trough that could be used for other animals. Repurposing the Japanese bath set — pail can be resized and used as a feeder/watering trough and a stepping stool would be useful for those very small visitors.

Props: Ticket Booths, Stands, Signs, and Misc Stuff

zoo_lgp-theme park props zoo_lgp-market stand 1 zoo_lgp-market stand 2 zoo_proops-the-stand-2 zoo_props-Concession-Stand zoo_props-refreshment-stand zoo_lgp-porta potties zoo_lgp-Signpost zoo_lgp-signs 1 zoo_lgp-simple wood sign zoo_props-sign boards zoo_props-simple signzoo_props-sign board 2d-logs bgs 2d-tree trunk bgs 1 2d-tree trunk bgs 2 zoo_props-Balloon Animals

Theme Park Props || Market Stand Small / Large || The Stand || Concession Stand || Refreshment Stand || Portapotty (bottom of page) || Signpost (bottom) || Signs (toward bottom, right) || Simple Wood Sign || Billboard & Poster Board Props || Simple Sign || Sign Board || Log Backgrounds || Tree Trunk Backgrounds #01 / #02 || Balloon Dog (click ‘gratis downloads,’ scroll down)

Notes: Again, more booths, benches, and public environment props in the Summer Solstice #02 links. The Concession Stand and Refreshment Stand rely on Poser procedural materials and are mostly not UV-mapped; DS users will need to adjust for that. Lots of signs at zoos. The log and tree trunk backgrounds could be used in diorama-like scenes. I included the toy balloon because it’s something a child might be given at a petting/kid’s zoo.

Next Up: Animals!

Credits inside…

Credits: The freebies used are the Road, Ground Texture Prop #02, Chain Link Set, Barn, and the Easy Pose Giraffe (scaled up.) Edited because I forgot Fisty’s Bridal Jewelry for the couple’s wedding rings.

Non-freebies are the Maple Tree Pack 1, Loretta LoRez, Lorenzo LoRez, Grassy Ground Mega Pack, JeanZ, V4 Trainers (Faerie Dreams store closed), hijab from Modern Muslim Girl, shirt from Urban Shabby Chic, Bambini Boys K4 with socks from Skateboarder K4, Duke Hair, Jordan Hair, Bad Guy shirt and shoes, pants from Cyberpunk M4 with the these textures, and the skin textures are Ethnique Nicole, Sammy K4, and Alexandre M4 (he seems to be missing from the DAZ store — as is the M4K4 pose from Brothers & Sisters M4V4K4!) The V4 in Sam’s Shirt Shop is wearing London V4, Minnie Bow Hair, and Mamota’s Shirt Set V4 with these textures (not that you can really see it, but there’s a better view below!) Character morphs are all mine; the only one I’ve uploaded at the moment is Evelyn.

Sam's Shirt Shop
Sam’s Shirt Shop

Most of the free props are already listed in the Christmas and Summer Solstice freebie posts, but feel free to ask what I’ve used.


7 thoughts on “Freebie Spotlight: DIY Zoo #01

  1. Oh my now this theme is just the best. Will be taking some time and going through your links. Looking forward to seeing your animal list, too.

  2. I didn’t think zoos would be a popular list, but who knows?

    If you guys make any zoo renders, I would LOVE to see them! 🙂

    I’m hoping to do a second zoo-themed render — with fishies — but I’m not sure I’ll have time before the animal list goes up tomorrow morning. I suppose I could always add it later.

    Summer is so, so busy…

  3. Did you notice the glass canister on the same page as the Japanese signs ( It is the third from the top on the left. It comes with crackers and Jelly Bean textures for the contents, but I’ve been experimenting with rice and dried bean images from the internet and they work very well. I don’t know if that might have a use in the concession stand or shop set ups, but you might like to look at it.

    • I didn’t realize that prop was a canister. Yes, that certainly would come in handy, especially if you can retexture the contents part. Gonna download it now!


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