Freebie Spotlight: DIY Zoo #02

Obviously, one needs animals for the zoo, and here’s a freebie listing dominated almost entirely by the generous Lyne of Lyne’s Creations and the equally generous Adam of Most Digital Creations (edited to add that Adam has added a lot more animals to his freebie catalog since this post was written.)

The Big Cats

zoo_animals-bob cat + jaguar zoo_animals-Caracal zoo_animals-Clouded Leopard zoo_animals-Cougar zoo_animals-Lynx zoo_animals-Ocelot zoo_animals-Lion zoo_animals-Tiger

Bobcat, Jaguar, Caracal, Clouded Leopard, Cougar, Lynx, and Ocelot || Lion || Tiger

Notes: The first six are morphs based on DAZ’s Millennium Cat, so you’ll need to own that for these to work. The Lion and the Tiger are static props; no movements.

Africa and Australia

zoo_animals-Elephant zoo_animals-Giraffes zoo_animals-kangaroos-wallabies zoo_animals-Okapi Family zoo_animals-Rhino zoo_animals-Zebra

Elephant || Giraffe || Kangaroos & Wallabies || Okapi || Rhino || Zebra

Notes: The Rhino and Zebra are static props. (I wish I had a Koala Bear!)

Asia/Europe/North and South America

zoo_animals-Badger zoo_animals-Bear zoo_animals-Bighorns zoo_animals-Bison zoo_animals-Elks zoo_animals-Ferret Poseble zoo_animals-Fox zoo_animals-Moose Family zoo_animals-Mountain Goats zoo_animals-Raccoon zoo_animals-Reindeer zoo_animals-Skunk zoo_animals-Wild Boar zoo_animals-Wild Pigs zoo_animals-wolf

Badger || Bear || Bighorn Sheep || Bison || Elk #01 || Ferret || Fox || Moose || Mountain Goats || Raccoon || Reindeer || Skunk || Wild Boar || Wild Pigs || Wolf

Notes: The Badger, Bear, Bison, Fox, Raccoon, Wild Boar, and Wolf are static props. (Sadly, no Sloths or Giant Pandas.)


zoo_animals-ducks zoo_animals-Eagle zoo_animals-Falcon zoo_animals-Flamingos zoo_animals-hawk zoo_animals-Humming-Bird zoo_animals-little-birds zoo_animals-Macaw zoo_animals-Parrot zoo_animals-Snowy Owl zoo_animals-swans-and-geese zoo_animals-Roadrunner

Ducks || Eagle || Falcon || Flamingos || Hawk || Hummingbird || Little Birds || Macaw || Parrot || Snow Owl || Swans and Geese || Roadrunner

Notes: The Falcon, Macaw, and Parrot are static props.

Fish and Sea Life

zoo_animals-bug-eye-goldfish zoo_animals-Goldfish zoo_animals-Gold Fish PLUS zoo_animals-great-white zoo_animals-koi

Bug Eye Goldfish || Goldfish #01 || Goldfish #02 (DAZ Studio) || Great White || Koi Figure

Notes: Goldfish #01 and #02 are static props. Check out carrie58’s gallery for lots of textures for the Bug Eye Goldfish and Koi Figure. After I did the Summer Solstice links, I came across a treasure trove of fish models (via carrie58.) They’re all in 3DS format. I’ve had pretty good luck using this online converter.

Reptiles, Amphibians, Arthropods, and Insects (except spiders ::shudders::)

zoo_animals-butterfly zoo_animals-Crocodile zoo_animals-HawkMoth zoo_animals-Lizard zoo_animals-Scorpion zoo_animals-toad

Butterfly || Crocodile || Hawk Moth || Lizard || Scorpion || Toad

Notes: All but the butterfly are static props. On the butterfly download page, there’s a link to extra textures for it.

Petting Zoo Animals

zoo_animals-bovines zoo_animals-Chickens zoo_animals-el-burro zoo_animals-Farm Pigs zoo_animals-Goats + Sheep zoo_animals-Rabbits

Bovine Bonanza || Chickens || El Burro || Pigs || Sheep and Goats || Rabbits

Notes: Most of the petting zoos I’ve seen have been miniature farms with baby animals. El Burro is a static prop.

I came to DAZ and the Platinum Club in October 2007, and because of that I’m well set for animals. I acquired the Sea Life Pack 1 — and apparently parts of the Sea Life Pack 2 — for free. I also picked up the Safari Starter Bundle when it was still free, and it comes with an elephant, rhinoceros, panther/jaguar, zebra, pronghorn antelope, and the Serengeti environment for the Cyclorama prop. Somewhere along the line I also acquired — for free — the Mil Gorilla, Mil Big Cat LE, Bear, Camel, Chimp, Wolf, Eagle, Penguin, Morphing Python, Mil Cat LE, Mil Dog LE, Mil Horse LE, and Dragonfly. The latter is only in .daz format though and must’ve been part of some environment, like maybe that old V3 fairy scene.

ANYway, DAZ gave away a lot of stuff in the past.

FWIW, the RDNA Hummingbird is still under $5 and KenG, the Bird Man of 3D, has an awesome Ostrich (amongst a great number of other awesome stuff.) Bijan Studios at Renderosity has a small but nice selection of aquatic sea life and plants. Traveler at RuntimeDNA also has lots of sea life props, a large number of them in the Deep Freeze category and inexpensive. DAZ has so many critters that they have their very own category.

(One of these days, I hope to be able to afford the LAMH plugin so I can furry-ize my critters!)

Edited 08/15 to add more links/info: Lyrra pointed out in the comments something I missed as a DS-only user, which is that “all versions of poser contain all the content from previous versions — so if you have the newest poser you have the poser 4 animals in your runtime someplace.” The Poser 4 animals included a a lion and a cat, and there is a free map here to turn the P4 lion into a mountain lion/panther and a jaguar. Additionally, morph wizard Capsces has a free set that can change the P4 cat into a hare, raccoon, and fox (click on the floppy disk icon and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “9-Lives/Cole/Phoebe/Furrette/P4 figures” link and then go to the end of that page and download the “” file.)

Also, at 3DMenagerie, if you click on “Goodies” and then select 3D and Poser, you’ll find a bunch of animal-related freebies for the P4 animals and a lot of older DAZ animals. There’s a baby morph for the DAZ Rhino from the Safari Bundle, as well as an alternate adult rhino with a few extra morphs. The cr2 files for these call up the wrong path for the obj file, though — references the Zygote folder when it should reference DAZAnimals, so you’ll need to correct that before installing either rhino figure.

And last, but not least, Dollygirl pointed out to me that free fur presets for many of the animals included in this listing can be used with the free Look At My Hair Player from DAZ (which I thought was a video explaining how to use the commercial plugin, sheesh!) LAMH is for  DS4.6 only.


4 thoughts on “Freebie Spotlight: DIY Zoo #02

  1. Emperor Ken also has some animal related freebies tucked away at his site, as well as addons for various of his SBRM sets. There are also maps for the old poser 4 lion to make it into a mountain lion (panther) and jaguar.

    Capsces also has a morph/map set for the poser 4 cat ‘cat of 9 lives’ to turn it into a hare, raccoon and fox. Its hidden in the ‘other downloads’ at the bottom of the downloads page

    And just a note for your readers …. all versions of poser contain all the content from previous versions – so if you have the newest poser you have the poser 4 animals in your runtime someplace.

    Just in case you missed those 🙂


    • Thanks for the reminder, Lyrra. Poser-only stuff tends not to be on my radar since I’m only a DS user.

      Your comment reminded me that there are quite a few extras for the older Poser animals, including the lion, over at 3D Menagerie:

      There’s also a baby rhino morph for the DAZ Rhino from the Safari Pack, which I completely missed.

      I’ll wait a day or so and see if anyone else has a link to anything I’ve missed, then I’ll update the post.

      I wish Capsces had done a similar morph package for the Mil Cat and Mil Dog.

  2. Even if you don’t have the Look at My Hair plug-in you can still use any preset that was created for an animal like Lynn’s rabbit, Fox or Wild Dog. They all have presets here:
    and here is the free reader:
    There are a number of different animals in the list. You must have the model the hair was built around to successfully use the preset. The Meerkat is adorable and the squirrel’s tail is wonderful.

    • Oooooh, I did not know that! Will go download and check this out.

      A little late in responding because I’ve been marathoning a new- K-Drama on Hulu. I am easily distracted. 😛

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