REC Summery Food Tiles

examples shown smaller than actual size


Info: I wanted some basic summer-ish food textures — namely popcorn, peanuts, waffle cones, and ice cream — but didn’t have much luck finding any free ones. I did turn up a couple public domain photos of peanuts and popcorn, so I made seamless tiles with them. I ended up just making my own waffle cone and ice cream textures in Filter Forge (technically frosting presets, but they work okay as ice cream.) A bump map for the waffle cone texture is included.

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.


2 thoughts on “REC Summery Food Tiles

    • Oh, Filter Forge stuff isn’t hard work at all. Heck, it even has seamless tile maker! If anything, it makes my life a lot easier. 😛

      Actually, this reminds me there a couple tiles I should upload for use with the concession stand stuff.

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