Another Tile Lallapalooza

To help in repurposing various room props, a set of office and school-themed seamless tiles. All are 1024 x 1024, with bump maps. The previews are not full-sized; the tiles were resized to 200 x 200.


prev_floor-tilesDOWNLOAD FLOOR TILES

prev_walls-ceilingsDOWNLOAD WALLS & CEILINGS

prev_tiles01DOWNLOAD WALL TILES 01

prev_tiles02DOWNLOAD WALL TILES 02


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Info: Some of the more subtle textures in the Walls & Ceilings and Misc. Textures sets don’t show up well in the small previews, sorry! There are a lot of neutral colors so it’s easier to colorize them in the diffuse channel settings or in PS/PSP/GIMP etc., but I also did a little color-coordinating across the various sets.

The Misc. Textures set is mostly for finishing details. Public schools use fire-resistant building materials these days, but I included a couple wood tiles anyway. The privacy glass is the sort of thick glass that’s sometimes used in office doors…add “Jane Doe Private Investigator” or “Principal’s Office” text for a little more ambiance.

The mosaic tile sets also have a couple extra matching plain white tiles that weren’t included in the previews.

A few examples inside…

Richabri’s Floors-N-Walls with Simon3D’s School Daze props; desk and chairs at 150% scale
Blondie’s Backdrops Made Easy
School desk and chair, exported from DS4 to OBJ format, using metal and wood textures
Desk and chair from S3D’s School Daze
Desk and chair from S3D’s School Daze, textured for high school or college classrooms
Locker from Fast3D, diffuse color on the metal texture

These were all textured in quickie “on the fly mode” in DS3 rather than as texture maps.


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