K4 School Poses

Trouble in the Back Row


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

RequiredSchool Daze prop set

Info: A set of 12 poses for DAZ Studio and Poser, with mirrored versions, 12 facial expressions, and utility presets to move the chair and desk around as needed. Poses based on the default K4 and the School Daze chair and desk. Scaling K4 up or down will require some adjustments. Minor adjustments may also be necessary due to clothing.

All poses load at default center. Apply a K4 pose, the Move Desk Base preset (moves the desk forward for all poses), and then any relevant chair or secondary desk position presets. Parent desk, chair, and K4 to a null and then position them wherever you want in your classroom.

The facial expressions are simple ones and not matched to any particular pose.

K4 School Poses, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Mirrored poses too!

Presets previews inside…

Pose and utility presets


Examples: Miho Hair, Goya Hair, Elvira, Marissa, Children of the World, Bambini Boys, and Skateboarder with a shirt texture from this free add-on set.

Trouble in the Back Row: Mark, Skateboarder, Bambini Boys, shoes from Kaitey with textures from the M4 version, jeans from Cowpokes, Beach Hair, Duke Hair, Ethan/Emma, Eliza, Hoshi Hair, Teeny Jeans, Every Day Girls tee, shoes from Winterberry, Kenzi, Tayisha, Hr-064, Josie’s Jewels, M4 Casual Wear with MORE textures, Edinburgh M4, Goya Hair, Casual Leisure Shoes, and glasses from Short Style M3.

Edited to add that I think the conversation in Trouble in the Back Row went a little something like this:

Lexie: Mr. Fraser, I’m not sitting in my chair because THAT BOY farted on it!

Mr. Fraser: Niko?

Niko: 😈

Mr. Fraser: Ooookaaay.

Other Boy: ::annoyed look::

Other Girl: ::concerned look::


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