Free Diamond and Sir Guy expansion sets

A couple hard-to-find freebies for the Diamond and Sir Guy toon animal figures, both of which have been part of the Budget Wrecking (TM) deep freeze sales at RDNA. I found the links buried in a post at the old RDNA forum, which is now archived. Since freebies on archived forums — DAZ, sigh — can abruptly disappear, I thought I’d do a kind of PSA post:

Sir Guy Expansion – Turn Sir Guy into a raccoon, dog (a couple versions), lion, cat, skunk, and wolf. Textures included. Very cute, Disney-like set. And Sir Guy is attractively priced right now for $2.24.

Diamond Unicorn – Transforms Diamond into a unicorn, with cloven hooves, tufted tail, horn, and textures. Diamond is also attractively priced (at the moment) at $2.99.

While in the throes of a Plushies buying binge again this weekend, I noticed a bunch of Plushies-related products are now gone from the RDNA store. Wish I’d known so many of them were going to be deleted. Boo.


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