Looking for info in preparation for Halloween freebies

The plan is to make poses for V4/M4, Genesis, and Sadie/Sam based on the pictures from this very amusing post. So, a couple things:

First, I’d like to do a “Build-Your-Own-Haunted-House” freebie listing theme. I have some stuff that works for this, but suggestions are most welcome. Commercial suggestions OK too (like this Fun House Mirror prop set, which is sadly no longer available for purchase.)

I’ve made poses for Gen4 and Sadie/Sam before, but not Genesis. I’m hoping I can do the M4/V4 poses first and then convert them to Genesis. I found this utility, which looks quite handy. If any veteran pose makers have additional advice to share, I’d be very grateful.

I have something in mind for Pippin too, and maybe I’ll have time to do a few general trick-or-treat poses.

Halloween at REC Freebies this year will be all about poses because 1) I need to improve my posing skills and 2) posing characters for stuff like this is — for me anyway — the most time-consuming part of setting up a render scene (along with making all those Poser-only mats DS-friendly.)


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