Halloween Treat #05: Haunted House for Floors-N-Walls

“Haunted House” texture, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Floors-N-Walls

Info: An entirely unplanned treat! A simple “Haunted House” texture for the Floors-N-Walls set, complete with a fake-looking wrecked wall and fake spider webs with big fake spiders in them. It should work pretty well for toon figures too.

It’s not a huge prop, but there should be enough room for extra spider web props, a coffin, and maybe a couple attacking monsters, zombies, ghosts, or killer clowns.

Larger, non-postwork preview inside…

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Halloween Treat #04: Haunted House Poses M4/V4

Haunted House/Fun House Poses M4V4, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Michael 4 and Victoria 4

Info: A set of poses and expressions for terrifying your characters in haunted house/fun house/house of horrors type of settings. Twelve sets (singles, couples, single genders, mixed genders) and expressions.

Inspiration from Scared Bros At A Haunted House.

Most of the poses have a little leeway for shoes/floor and fingers/clothing, but minor adjustments may still be necessary. Also, adjustments will be necessary for some poses if figures are scaled up or down, are heavier, big-busted, or very muscular.

All poses load at default center. If you need to move the pose sets around in your scene, the easiest way to do so is to parent the figures to a null after posing and then move the null wherever you wish. Eye poses not included; it’s just better to adjust eyes for each scene and camera setting.

I ended up not doing all-in-one pose presets (pose and expression), nor did I make any mirrored poses. I could do so a little later on, if people think it would be useful. Please let me know if there are problems with the files or zip archive, and feel free to ask any questions.

Still working on the Genesis and Sadie/Sam versions…

More fun with Scary Cherry


Finally used that M3/V3 Skeleton bundle I bought ages ago!

Also, I have four other skin tone textures for Scary Cherry, I just haven’t had time yet to convert them to pz2 format. Gotta finish the pose projects first, especially since I’ll be off on a short trip in early October.

I really, really should’ve started all this earlier. Eek!

Edited to add (because I never seem to get posts done the first time, ha!) that my time management woes are partially due to marathoning episodes from Prince of Lan Ling:


A problem which will be compounded if new episodes for the Canal+ Borgia series hit Netflix in October:


I recently finished up Joseon Gunman, Luther, The Killing, and Copper — and Sleepy Hollow’s new season just began. And that new series Gotham looks intriguing.

I need more hours in my days!!

Halloween Treat #03: Scary Cherry Xtras

Gotta mix a little creepy with the cute!


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.



Also needed if you wish to use the included hair fits:

thumb_autumn th_troll-droll stt_thumb

Info: Six textures for RDNA’s old freebie Scary Cherry. It’s a porcelain/bisque-like doll tone. The first set is plain with a dirty option, and the second and third sets are cracked textures also with dirty options. (No blood splatter, though; that was done in postwork.) I included a few diffuse eye color presets for those who might want something beyond the default blue eye texture.

The hair fits aren’t perfect, but they get the job done. Please let me know if there are any problems with the zip archive or files.

Edited to add: Because I always forget to remind Poser users they may need to adjust the surface settings. I don’t own Poser, so I can’t check to see how my DS to Poser converter handles things like bump map settings, which need to be stronger than usual.

Previews inside…

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Treat #02: Pippin and the Candy Bucket

Halloween poses for Pippin, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.


figures_pippin-basket props_trick-or-treat-bucket-th props_hobby-horse

Info: Poses for Pippin using the candy bucket (and one pose with the hobby horse.) There are eight pose sets for the “Pippin vs. The Candy Bucket” theme, though they’re not really all that adversarial. 😛 As a bonus, I added four Trick-or-Treat poses, with mirrored versions, using a Pippin-scaled candy bucket.

A matching facial expression for each Trick-or-Treat pose is included, and also for those Pippin vs. The Candy Bucket poses where Pippin’s head is visible.

Pose #02 from the first set will need to have the candy bucket and hobby horse props parented to Pippin after the presets are applied, to the head and right hand respectively. A few of the other poses can have the candy bucket parented to Pippin’s head and/or hand. Parenting the bucket and Pippin to a null works too.

Applying the preset to the candy bucket for the Trick-or-Treat #02 pose is a little more involved:

  1. Load Pippin and the candy bucket (doesn’t matter if it’s the M4, V4, or K4 prop.)
  2. Apply the positioning preset for the bucket to the left or right hand, depending on which pose you’ll be using.
  3. Apply the hand pose.
  4. Parent the candy bucket to the corresponding left or right hand.
  5. Apply the #02 A or #02 B pose preset to Pippin.
  6. Apply the matching #02 Bucket pose.

Some adjustments may be necessary for shoes and clothing.

More previews inside….

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