WIP: Haunted House Poses

Started on these, since it was a lazy holiday weekend full of BBQs and way too much chocolate. First go-round, with not much fine tuning.

wip-hh-m4v401 wip-hh-sadiesam01 wip-hh-genesis

M4/V4 bases, Sadie/Sam bases, and Genesis base male and female shapes. The V4-to-Genesis pose converter utility from ShareCG worked very nicely, though fingers need adjusting. I seem to have lost the expressions in Genesis…not sure what I did there. I’m used to making pz2 and fc2 files, so I’ll have to figure out how to do separate body and face poses for Genesis.

wip-hh-m4v402  wip-hh-sadiesam02

A view of V4 and Sadie, looking a bit terrified too.

I’ll probably do a couple all guys, a couple all girls, and the rest mixed. 🙂

Edited to add: Next grouping; again, no fine-tuning yet and only the M4 base version so far:


I’ll put further updates inside…

Set 03, all base V4s (and all Morris’s Ethnique textures, except for poor Regina…ran outta V4s this time)
Set 04, all base M4s with LiquidRust/J.King’s Jayden and Derek textures (Jayden with some adjustments to the diffuse color.)

Fell a bit behind due to family stuff and an all-around busy week. Gah. I’m going to do one more set with 3 V4s, then a few more mixed/couple poses, and maybe — if I think I have time — a few scared bro singles. So far, I’ve made presets for the pose and then the corresponding expression.

I think I might also do all-in-one presets for those who don’t want to mess with separate presets. I built all the poses using only the V4/M4 base and their included expression/visemes, so this shouldn’t be an issue with any character dial morphs. Unless those dial morphs use expressions, in which case it’s probably best to either make your own expressions or allow for some adjusting.

From past pose-making experience, I’ve not posed everything to strictly align to the floor or where bodies touch, to allow for clothing and shoes. Probably adjustments will still need to be made re: this because clothes and shoes aren’t all the same, but hopefully only minor ones.

Some of these poses would be easier if the figures were scaled up and down, but I’m betting that’s not desirable for most users, who’ll want to control the heights of characters in their renders.

HH Pose Set #05, base V4s…middle V4 is being very squished! Claire and Kendra textures, over at DAZ

The last of the umixed ones. Onto a few more couples and mixies!

Pose Set #06, couple
Pose Set #07, couple
Pose Set #08, couple (last one!)

And the last of the M4/V4 couples. That last one…clasping hands are a pain in the butt. 😦 Something else I’ve discovered: trying to raise/lower the shoulders, especially with V4, leads to some scary bends. Thankfully, these are all hidden by clothes and camera angles. I’m using only the base figures here, but I’m wondering if this type of pose would look a bit better using the “Shoulder Shrug” dials in the Morph ++ sets…

Edited to add (as I talk to myself!) that yes, it’s easier with the “Shoulder Shrug” but I don’t know how to include just that dial from the Morphs++ sets without making a pose that resets all the character dial morphs. Ugh.

Pose Set #09, mixed (1 of 2)
Pose Set #10, a singlet! (1 of 2)

Almost done! One more mix set and one more singlet, and that’ll wrap up the Haunted House/House of Horrors pose set. I should have it ready for download by Monday or Tuesday. Making thumbs is a tedious thing…

Pose Set #11, mixed (2 of 2)
Pose Set #12, singlet (2 of 2)

And that’s a wrap! Done, finally. I also adjust the first pose set; slightly lowered V4’s let and made M4’s mouth wider. I made separate expressions for each pose, but I’m not sure how useful that really is. There are only so many variations on bug-eyed, drop-jawed expressions you can have before they start looking alike.

Anyway, on to my least favorite part of this: making preset thumbs. 😕


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