More Halloween WIP stuff

What I started working on tonight. (Sorry for all the w.i.p. posts, but I love Halloween and I just have to do this. I can’t help myself or something.)

Jack and Sally for Bong and Bonga. Not quite there yet on Sally, who, btw, started out as a google search for “zombie color palette.”

wip-bong-jack01 wip-bonga-sally1

wip-bong-jack02 wip-bonga-sally2

I wish Bonga had eyelashes, but my attempt to paint them on was tragic so I’ll be skipping that. She still needs an additional face scar and maybe smaller eyes. These are non-commercial use because they’re recognizable trade marked movie characters, but still fun to play with. Bong makes a surprisingly good Skeleton King.

Pippin’s pose set is kind of themed as “Pippin vs. the Candy Bucket.” Little Pippin, big candy bucket…there will be misadventures. So far just rough poses with no refining.

wip-pip-vs-candy-bucket-01 wip-pip-vs-candy-bucket-02

On the left would be “Hey! Who turned off the lights?!” (or maybe Pumpkin Head Zombie Pippin, for the zombie fans.) On the right, it’s the terrifying Headless Horse-Pippin! This one is giving me grief; scaling the hobbie horse to fit Pippin’s short little arms is a challenge. Prop is AgeofArmour’s free candy bucket, scaled up to about 135%.

Pippin vs The Candy Bucket, #03
Pippin vs The Candy Bucket #04: “They’ll never find me here…”
Pippin vs The Candy Bucket #05 (I agree about Bucket; just look at that face!)
Pippin vs The Candy Bucket #06: Ooof! Bucket is heavy! (Or maybe Pippin is just dragging loot to a secret lair…)

Also did a little more on the Jack and Sally textures for Bong and Bonga, and also some fits for Bong:

temp-bong jack 01 temp-bong jack 02 temp-bonga sally 01 temp-bonga sally 02 temp-bong jack morphing hat temp-bong arachlace

Lowered the neckline a bit on the Bong second skin option and then added a larger head scar face option for Sally as well as smaller eyes. Fit the free RDNA Morphing Hat and Angry Man Hat to Bong, and AprilYSH’s Arachlace prop. That one is available here.

Pippin vs The Candy Bucket #07: Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

I’ll probably do one more like this, and then a few simple trick-or-treat poses with the Pippin-sized candy bucket.

Pippin vs The Candy Bucket #07: BFF
Pippin Trick-or-Treat #01: Ring that doorbell!

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